Onyx, the Game of Sexual Exploration

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Onyx is a game of sexual exploration designed for two to six consenting adults. It runs on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux systems. Players perform all kinds of intimate actions, from mild to kinky. As the game progresses, so does the action! Play with people you are intimate with--or want to be!

Onyx is a computer board game. Move around the board buying up properties. If you land on a property belonging to somebody else, you must either pay rent or work off the debt!

You can work off the debt by being assigned fun, sexy erotic actions.

Look out for special squares! If you land on the Torture Chamber, you must draw a "torture card" with an erotic torture on it. At Center Stage, you are put on display; in the Random Encounter square, you will be assigned an erotic action with another player; and on the Fate squares, the luck of the draw dictates your fate.

You control the "spice" of the erotic actions, from harmless fun to wild, anything-goes kink. You choose "roles," which tell the game what kinds of actions you prefer to be involved in. If you don't like being tied up, just tell Onyx that you will not accept the "bondage" role.

Registered users of Onyx also receive a Card Editor program, which lets you modify the action cards, and create your own.

What do I need to play it?

You need a Macintosh running OS 9 or later (for Onyx 3.0), or OS X 10.6 or later (for Onyx 3.6); A Linux on i86 system running GTK 2.0+; or a Windows computer running Windows XP or higher.

How do I get it?

Onyx is available for free download. The free version can only be played on the mildest two "spice level" settings. Onyx can be registered by paying the $35 shareware fee. Registration gives you a serial number to unlock the full version, and it also gives you the Card Editor program, which you can use to create your own card decks.

How do I register my copy of Onyx?

You can register securely by credit card by clicking here.

Your registration information will be sent to you via email. Note: It typically takes 2-3 business days to send your registration!

If you have any questions, comments, or if you want to report a bug, send email to support@symtoys.com.



Onyx contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts. Some of the high-level actions in Onyx describe erotic actions like bondage and power exchange.


If you are under the legal age of consent or live in a place where this material may be restricted or illegal, YOU SPECIFICALLY DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE TO OWN OR USE THIS COMPUTER PROGRAM. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk; the author disclaims all responsibility for any kind of damage to your computer, your car, your refrigerator, or to anything else.

If you certify that you are of the legal age of consent and wish to receive a copy of Onyx, click below. To download a file, you may need to right-click on the link and select "Download Link to Disk" or "Save Target As..."

Download Onyx 3.6 (.tar.gz file)
Download Card Editor 3.6 (.tar.gz file)

You can download the older version of Onyx, version 2.5, at the legacy download page.


The only extra currently available for Onyx 3 is the Card Converter program.

The Card Converter program is for registered users of Onyx 2.0/2.5 who have created their own card deck files with the Card Editor. It will convert a card deck from the Onyx 2 format to the new Onyx 3 format. Note that you will still need to edit the card deck in the Onyx 3 Card Editor to assign roles, props, and so on.

Onyx 2 was not available for Linux, so
the Card Converter application is not
necessary for Linux users.

Onyx is (c) 1996-2013 Franklin Veaux; all rights reserved. Distribution of the unregistered shareware version is permitted as long as: (1) the distribution file is not modified in any way; (2) the distribution is complete and includes all associated files and documentation; and (3) no money is charged for the distribution.

Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Windows are trademarks of their respective owners. Onyx is a trademark of Franklin Veaux, licensed to SymToys.


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