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(from: anonymous) Job Interview

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Usually I am confident and don’t let anything rattle me. But not this time. For some reason this job interview is making me nervous. Maybe because it’s the perfect job. Good pay, good benefits. I am feeling nervous when I stop at the office building. It is a tall skyscraper downtown. I look at the directory on the first floor. The company is all the way on the top.

I ride the elevator to the top floor. The receptionist in the front office looks at me with a smile. “Ah, are you here for the 2:00 interview?”

“Yes, I am,” I say.

“He is running a little late. His afternoon telephone conference ran late,” she says. “Will you please sit down? Would you like some coffee?”

I say yes and sit down. She gives me a cup of coffee. He is running really late. I sit there long enough to finish my coffee. I’m starting to think the interview is going to be postponed when the receptionist finally says “Mr. James will see you now.”

She leads me to his corner office. It’s huge, with floor to ceiling windows on two sides. Mr. James stands up from behind his desk. I can’t believe it. He’s gorgeous! He has blue eyes and blond hair and he’s really buff. He’s wearing an expensive-looking suit that looks just amazing on him.

He shakes my hand. His handshake almost makes me melt. I’m feeling like a girl about to be asked to the prom. He tells me to sit down. Then he picks up some papers from his desk. “It says here you have an accounting degree, is that right?”


“And you have been with your current firm for seven years?”


“Why are you leaving?”

“I want to work at a place where there is more opportunity. All of the people at my current firm are relatives of the owners.”

“I see,” he says. “It says here you have experience with overseas clients?”


“Good.” He seems pleased. “That’s excellent. Take off your shirt. Are you acquainted with foreign traction reporting requirements?”

I am not sure I heard him right. “What?”

“Take off your shirt. Bra too please. Foreign transaction reporting. Do you know the regulations?”

“But.” I am almost too flustered to speak. “My shirt?”

He looks at me with those gorgeous eyes. “I need to know that you are someone I can rely on to do what she is told. Are you that person?”

My head is swimming. I can’t think. I want to do what he says but I don’t know why. I unbutton the shirt I’m wearing. I set it down on the desk. Then my bra. My breasts are completely exposed to him. He looks at me like he’s waiting for something. I’m confused for a minute. Then I remember. “Oh! Yes. I am familiar with the regulations.”

“Good.” He nods. He is acting like it is the most normal thing in the world to have me sitting here like this. “Do you have auditing experience?”

“A little bit,” I say. I am feeling very strange now, like I have had too much wine. What was in that coffee they gave me?

“Take off your skirt and your panties. Shoes and stockings too. What is the largest client you have worked with?”

I feel like I am in a dream. I strip. “My biggest client was a one point two million dollar account” I hear myself say.

“You will be working with much larger accounts here.” He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo. “Put this in your pussy.”

I take it from him. I am not sure I heard him right. I still feel drunk. I really want to please him.

He is looking at me expectantly. “You may lean back and put your feet on my desk if you like.”

I do. I put the dildo between my legs. I am shocked to find out I am wet down there. I put it in slowly. He is looking at the papers on his desk.

“Why do you think you would be a good fit for this firm? he asks me.

I am moving the dildo in and out. It is hard to talk. “I uh! I am very detail oriented and uh! I pay close attention uh!Uh! To all my work and uh! Uh! Uh!”

“Do you want to cum? he asks me.

“Uh! Yes, I do! Very much!”

“Very well.” He nods. “You may cum.”

“Uh! Uh! Thank you, sir!” I can’t believe what I’m doing. Why am I doing this? Did they drug me? What is going on? I want to stop but it feels too good. I cum so hard I think I will pass out.

He gets up and stands behind me. He puts his hands on my breasts. He is squeezing and groping them now. I never want it to stop. “Do you have any questions for me?” he asks me. I can only think of one.

“Will you fuck me, sir?”

He gives my breasts a final squeeze. “If you are a good employee and you work hard.” He goes back behind the desk. “You’re hired. Don’t forget to put your clothes back on.”

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(from: anonymous) Being Neighborly

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This is a true story:

I have been in my apartment for about three month before a 23 year old woman moved in from out of town. She was a red headed Irish girl, fairly petite but only about 5’3 tall. I was 6′ and in great shape myself because I was a personal training and nutritional counselor at the local gym after finished college degree as a nutritionist. Her name was Lori and got a job at the local hospital as nurse. At first we only met in passing. She worked four days on and three day off or something like that. Than we started having tea together, I didn’t drink and neither did she. Other times we took turns paying for delivery or cooking. We had committed to to be just friends. Best friend to be specific. Its been about a year and were got pretty close as friends but nothing more.

We were pretty opposite in a lot of thing. She very anal about everything and at time seem to be a bit wound up. I’ve never seen her cry, she was a prideful and very self-reliant, in fact, she was too self-reliant for her own good. Never asked anymore for help but willing to help others. She seemed very controlling. This of course was a big turn off for me. Which is why I was ok with just being good friends. I help her get a membership at the gym I worked at. We had a routine of having dinner or enjoying a movie at either her place or mine at least once a week sometimes twice. Something we just went out and had coffee. In past year she had a boyfriend but broke up with him after 4 mounts. We were pretty close but not romantically involved. More like a special brother and sister at heart.

One day we decided to order Chinese delivery at my place when I got off. When I got home, I called her and told her I was ready for her to come over. We decided to ha e some tea as we waited for the delivery came.

“Mike, can I ask you a personal question?”
“Yes, what do you want to know?”
“Did you ever get a spanking when you were a kid?”
“Ahh, yeah of course, I got a good hiding when I needed it.”
“Hiding? Is that what they called it, ah?”
“Yup, we got it good but we ever did the same thing again, that’s for sure.”
“Yeah, we got them too.”
“Why do you ask?”
“Well, I want to ask for your help but I’m not sure how you ‘ll take it.”
“Well, if I can help, I’d be happy help. What is it?”
“Well, its like a dam, sort of. Imagine a dam holding back an entire lake and the waters are pressing against the wall of the dam. You want that dam to burst and release all the pressure but you can’t do it yourself. Now if you knew for certain, there was a way to alleviate that pressure and let the water flow and couldn’t do yourself and knew someone else could, wouldn’t you ask for help. Especially if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would benefit and help you?”
“Well, yeah, if I needed help, I asked for it. So what you getting at Lori?”
“Well, you see, pretend that the water are feelings that are trapped behind that dam. And the dam is a tenaciously over protective nature that’s made of walls that doesn’t come down very easily. Its holding back the all the feeling and that its just building and building up worse and worse. The only way to break through the outside of the dam is chip away at it until it crumbles. You know what I mean?”

I was quite sure where she was going but I got more curious but I really wasn’t getting it.

“Yeah, I can understand that, so you want to break a dam that you build or rebuild one?”
“No silly, I need help breaking it down. Would you help me?”
“Help you, how? You said that the water are feeling, right?”
“Yeah, you see, I’m not a nice person sometimes, and I can be overly controlling and bitchy at times. I get over confident at times and start treating other badly. At times it feels good and I blame them but then I get all this guilt about what I did. I sometimes need to be taken down a notch in life. Sometimes, I have to have a good cry. It can be very cathartic you know. I learned in nursing school that some type of deep tears releases toxins, pent-up emotions, and easing stress. Crying that is authentic and mortal is a means of helping ourselves release stress and simply feel better. Crying is the body’s reaction to something external. It’s a beautiful thing. On top of that is. . .”
Ok, she was missing me, it sound like she was building a case for a jury or something. I just had to interrupt her.
“Ok, ok, I get it, crying is good for us, I don’t know all that medical stuff but I get it. So what does that have to me. What does that have to with this dam inside you, isn’t that what you referring too, right?”
She got a little quiet, I wasn’t sure what to do. I put my hand on hers. I just wanted to fix it.
“Mike, like I said, I can be bitchy, and sometimes I’m not nice. This comes from a swell of emotions that are all dammed up inside. The dam is made of strong stones of pride and unwillingness to let myself be venerable to others. See, I’ve been here before and a roommate of mine help before but she lives somewhere else. I’ve made a lot of friends since I moved here but none of them, even some of girlfriends aren’t as close to me as you. So, as uncomfortable as it, inside, I am going to try to trust you. But I’m afraid you will think I’m crazy.”

We’ll, really was curious at this point. Still didn’t know where she was going with all this.

“So, how did you ex-roommate help you and how can I help you?”
“Well, after good hard cathartic sob, I felt so centered, focused and I felt better about myself and started treating other better too. I just needed to have that release. That dam was removed so that I don’t feel so bottled up inside. You understand that, right?”
“Of course but what does all this mean, how I help?”
Letting out a deep sigh she said, “Ok, here we go! I know your going to think I’m crazy. . .”
Getting confused and a little frustrated as she seemed to be beating around a bush.
“Lori, what, what can I do to help?”
“ok, ok, I need you to help me cry!”
“Help you cry?”
“That right, and I don’t mean a few tears, I mean help me break that dam inside me and let it all out. I meaning sobbing. So I can have that release and cry until I am completely drained emotionally. Also, I need you to be there and let me cry while holding until I regain my composure. This is a intimate position though for me. Because, I have trust issues and I know I have trust someone and you’re my closest friend I have here. I know it may sound crazy but I going to go crazy if I don’t. You are also the most mature person I know who I am willing to trust help me.”

I couldn’t believe what she saying. She wanted me to help her cry. Wasn’t sure how I could, I mean, I had no idea where she was going and what she was going to propose How would be able to help her.

“So, how could I help you cry? I mean how did your ex-roommate help you. What did she say or do to help you cry that deeply?”
“Well, I needed someone I could trust explicitly. Someone, who I believe wouldn’t try to take advantage of me and that venerable position. I would trust you if you would be willing to help me and. . .”
“Ok, ok, Lori, how do you propose I help you cry and how did you friend help you a few years ago?”
“S. . .sh. . . She, well, I mean, I asked her to hmmm. . .I let her. . .”
Now, I was getting frustrated with her hesitation.
“Ok, I asked her to give me a good spanking.”
“A spanking, you have kind of a kinky side to you, don’t you?”
“No, not like that, I mean, I hate spanking especially ones like that. But I do know the befits that come afterwards. Its hurts like hell, and I had bruises and blisters for a few days. But I was so centered and complete release from the flood emotions that was bottled up as I cried it all out. Crying is a release, a way to purge negative emotions that are bottled up and vomited upon others. Sometimes you just need a good blistering to take you down a notch in life. I know what I’m say maybe strange or extreme but, Tracy helped me before so I know its what I need. Would you be willing to help me?”

I sat back in my chair in shock. She wanted me to spank her to tears. I’ve never spanked anymore before. I wasn’t into hurting women. On the other side, I felt a little aroused by the idea. I was in conflict. But now she got my attention.
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(from: anonymous) My wife takes me

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I come home from work. My wife is there on the couch. She’s wearing sexy lingerie. Her hair and makeup are done. “Come here,” she tells me, “I’ve been waiting for you.” She comes over to me and kisses me. “I’m so glad you’re home. Let e help you get more comfortable.” She takes off my clothes. She kisses me again. She starts stroking my cock. “Do you want to fuck?”

I can only nod. “Oh yes.”

“Good.” She picks up a collar and puts it around my neck. “What are you doing?” I gasp. “Shut up,” she says. “You said you want to fuck.” She puts a leash on the collar. “Let’s fuck.”

“What are you doing?” I ask again. I’m getting mad but also incredibly turned on. My cock is rock hard. “Shut up” she says again. I am totally in shock. My normally sweet, nice wife, doing this to me!

She yanks on the leash. “On your knees.” She forces me to my knees in front of her. Then she lifts the lingerie. She is wearing a strap-on under it! I can’t believe what she is doing. “Suck it,” she says. “Get it all slobbery.” She forces it in my mouth. Both hands are on my head. “That’s right.” She fucks my mouth until it is covered in drool.

She pulls it out of my mouth. “What are you doing?” I say. “You can’t do this!” She just smiles. “That’s enough talking out of you.” She puts a ball gag in my mouth. “It’s time to fuck.”

I can’t believe any of this. She pushes me on my hands and knees. She gets behind me. Before I know what’s happening, she starts fucking my ass. I try to scream but the ball gag stops me. I try to struggle but she yanks on the leash. There is nothing I can do but take it.

She starts stroking my cock while she fucks me. I am more turned on than I’ve been in my whole life. I cum so hard I black out. When i come to my wife is kissing me. “You like being my rump boy,” she says. I can’t deny it.

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(from: anonymous) have it my way

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You are usually in charge. I like it that way. But not tonight. Tonight I am in charge.

We start like we always do. You are kissing me. The way your hands are on my body I can tell you feel frisky. I let you undress me. You suck on my nipples and squeeze my boobs. Your hand keeps going between my legs. I push it away every time. You are surprised. usually I let you do whatever you want. “Go slow” I say.

You slow down. You’re licking and sucking on my nipples. Your hands are all over me now. You are hard as a rock. You roll me over on my back. “No” I say. I push you away again. I get on top of you. “Like this” I say. I start rubbing myself on you. I don’t let you in. You are groaning. “Please” you say. I love hearing you beg. “Please, I can’t take it!”

I let just the tip in. You try to push in all the way. I don’t let you. It only makes you crazier. “Please!” you keep saying. Laughing I tell you no.

Finally I let you all the way in. You want to start thrusting. I don’t let you. I make you go nice and slow. I can tell how much you need it. You are begging for more. I let you start pounding me. Then right before you cum, I stop. You keep begging, but it only makes me smile.

“I want you to cum in my mouth” I say. I start licking your shaft all the way down to your balls. You are groaning like crazy. I tease the head with my tongue. I love the wild look in your eyes. I am stroking you with my hand, licking all the juices off you.

Finally I take you in my mouth. I pump you with my hand while I suck. Your cock is so hard in my mouth. “I’m going to cum!” you groan. I suck harder. You cum in my mouth screaming. I suck out every last drop.

I kiss you deep. I’m still holding your cum in my mouth. My hands are on the sides of your head, holding you so you can’t get away. I make you taste it on my lips and tongue. We both swallow your cum.

Then I lie on my back. “My turn” I say. I push your head down between my legs. You lick my clit. I tell you to put your fingers in me. I am holding your hair and screaming your name. I cum all over your face. Then we kiss for a long time. I can taste my juices on your lips.

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(from: anonymous) Talk dirty to me


I want my boyfriend to talk dirty to me. He is a wonderful guy, but doesn’t understand why I like dirty talk so much. He thinks it isnt respectful enough.

I want him to tear off my clothes and talk dirty to me. I want to hear him say I am his. I belong to him, his dirty slut. His whore. His fuck toy. I want him to hold me down and tell me all the dirty things he wants to do to me in explicit detail. It makes me wet hearing what he wants to do to my body. I want him to say how much he wants me. It makes me feel sexy.

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(from: Freddy) Watching

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I have never seen a girl masturbate. My girlfriend is too shy to touch herself in front of me. I want to watch a girl touch herself. I want to watch her put her hands all over her tits and down between her legs. I want to look in her eyes when it starts to feel really good. I want to stroke my cock and see the pleasure on her face. I want to watch her finger herself until she can’t take any more and she screams. Then I want to kiss her softly and tell her how beautiful she is.

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(from: anonymous) Creampie


I love the feel of cum shooting up inside me. My boyfriend is totally paranoid about getting knocked up. He won’t ever fuck me without a condom. God how I miss being filled up with cum.

I have fantasies about a dozen guys all fucking me. Every guy cums inside me. I love thinking about a dozen creampies all at once. Being overflowing with cum. It turns me on so much.

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(from: anonymous) the machine

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I have fantasized about it for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have added details to the dream. What started out very simple has become complex.

The machine has a chair. In the bottom of the chair there is a hole. In front of the bench is a control panel with many dials and switches. The machine is built for pleasuring me. When I want pleasure, I take off my clothes and sit in the chair. The controls let me tell it exactly what I want. Vibration or no? Hard and fast or deep and slow? When I have decided what I want, I press the button labeled “start.” A dildo comes through the hole and into me, giving me just what I need to cum.

The machine also has other features. There are straps on the chair. If I want, I can program in a time. When I press start, the straps lose around my wrists and my ankles. There is nothing that will stop the machine from doing its job until the time runs out.

Sometimes, I imagine setting the controls for maximum vibration and penetration. I set the timer for a long time, much longer than it will take me to cum. Then, I take a deep breath and press the button. The machine doesn’t care how much I scream or cry. It will hold me there, and fuck me, and I can’t make it stop.

There are cups on the machine, connected to hoses. They are sized to fit over my breasts. The machine can stimulate my breasts as it fucks me, on days when I want extra stimulation.

When I am in a daring mood, I sit on the chair a little bit forward so that my ass is over the hole. The machine doesn’t care. It will fuck whatever part of my body I want it to.

The machine has another feature. There is a dildo on the front, below the controls. This is controlled by a switch. It has two modes.

In practice mode, I suck on it. It has sensors that sense speed, friction, and suction. A red light comes on. The light turns green when the machine thinks I have had enough practice. It is programmed with the response of a human male. I suck until the green light tells me I would have pleasured a man.

In fuck mode, I just put my head in the head rest and let it fuck my mouth. sometimes, I set the timer and switch on fuck mode. The straps close, and the machine fucks me, mouth and pussy.

It has other features as well. There are little nubs to stimulate my clit and warm jets of water to simulate cum.

The machine is not the only thing I fantasize about. I have regular fantasies, too. But the machine has been in my dreams for years. I would pay a lot of money to have it in real life.

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(from: DirtyMan) Watch us

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I am a married man, 36 years old. My wife is 32. She has a great body. Nice tits, firm ass. We have a great sex life. My wife has a wild streak in her. She likes to try all sorts of new things.

My fantasies lately have all been about having other people watching us fuck. It excites me thinking about other people seeing us that way. Men and women both. I picture myself leading my wife into the room. The people are all already there, sitting on chairs around the bed. Maybe drinking cocktails.

“Honey,” I say, “come meet our guests. They are here to see you fuck.” I can tell she is already getting turned on. There’s this look she gets in her eyes when she’s ready to go.

I stand beside her. “Say hello,” I say. “Hello,” she says. I unzip her dress and pull it down suddenly. She isn’t wearing anything underneath. She yells out in surprise. Our guests can see her perfect body. Her firm nipples stand out like points.

I start squeezing her breasts. She starts moaning. Our guests all watch. I talk to them about my wife, telling them all about her in great detail. “She gets really wet when she is turned on,” I say. I shove my fingers into her twat to show them. “She likes how her juices taste” I say, putting my fingers in her mouth. She is really moaning now.

I pull down my pants. “Honey, show them how much you like to suck cock.” She gets on her knees right away and starts sucking me. “Look how much she likes it,” I say. “She likes to swallow too. Sometimes I tell her not to and make her let all the cum drip out of her mouth instead.”

The guests are getting pretty hot and bothered by all of this. Some of the women start stroking the men through their pants.

I am also getting hot and bothered. Just when I am about to cum, I tell her to stop. I make her use her hand instead. She jerks me until I blow it all over her face. I tell her to show our guests what she looks like with cum on her face.

Then I tell her to get on her hands and knees so she is facing them. “She likes it doggy style” I say. “Watch.” I start fucking her doggy style with cum all over her. Our guests are getting so hot that some of them are starting to do things too. There are women stroking men and men fingering women.

“Cum for our guests,” I tell my wife. “Let them hear how loud you scream.” She does, having a huge screaming orgasm. I cum right after, blowing my second load inside her.

I’m so hot having all these people watch us that I just keep going. I roll her over on her back and fuck her that way. I let them watch me fuck her gorgeous tits. She is just as into it as me. We are both just going at it like two school kids. Our guests are too. By now there are people fucking and sucking all around us.

When we are finally done my wife puts her dress back on and refills all our guest’s cocktails. We chitchat for a while and then send them home. “Meet me in the bedroom for more,” my wife says.

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(from: anonymous) Tied

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I am a 26 year old female who loves bondage. I love everything about it, from the feel of rope on my skin to the way it feels to be completely helpless. I used to have a boyfriend who tied me up all the time. He taught me a lot about bondage. Right now I’m single, which means I have to tie myself up. Self-bondage is fun, but having someone to tie you up is more fun.

I have a fantasy I would like to share with you. There’s this guy I know who lives in the same building as me. He’s beautiful. He has brown hair and these amazing piercing blue eyes. He looks like he would be amazing in bed.

Whenever I tie myself up, I like to fantasize about him. I start by taking off all my clothes. I get in the middle of my bed and start wrapping ropes around myself. I think about him creeping up the fire escape and peering in through my window. He sees me naked on my bed, touching myself, tying myself. His beautiful eyes look at every part of my body.

He waits out there until I’m nicely bound. He sees I can’t get loose easily. And he likes seeing me this way. He opens the window and lets himself in. I’m too startled to say a word. He just starts taking off his clothes. I’m so stunned I can’t speak.

Then his hands all over me. I can’t do anything. I can’t cover up or get away and he knows it. He says how much he wants me, and since I’m bound and naked he’s going to have me. I’m a present all wrapped up for him.

We have sex all night long. I’m bound the whole time. He does anything he wants to me, and I let him. I tied myself up for him.

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