A Journal of Erotic Secrets, Fantasies, and Sexy Stories

(from: Kneeler)

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My fantasy goes back to my service days and the experiences I had during liberty in other cities.

One evening, I was with a shipmate, and we came across a nightclub that advertised “Exotic Dancers.” I think that this was a common term for a stripper back in those days and that was right up our alley. I remember the name of the club to this day; “Club Adlib”.

We decided to enter and scope things out although we were operating on limited funds after a couple of days of frenetic partying.

“One drink, and we’re out of here,” we agreed.

When Tom and I walked through the door, we were immediately enveloped by a darkened atmosphere, thick with smoke, and oddly quiet.

It was a break between sets for the entertainment and customers were sipping drinks and chatting. I’ve always had knack for examining a building interior closely and this place was definitely a throwback to the thirties. Ornate round plaster columns were symetrically located in the room, and it was a very large room, with decorative plaster cornices along all perimeters where the ceiling adjoined the wall.

Incandescent chandelier light fixtures provided some low illumination, creating a very comfortable ambiance and forcing one to pause and become accustomed to the darkness before stepping past the threshold.

At the far wall, directly across the room from the entrance, was a long, radiused bar made of dark wood which had a sheen created by years of tempering and buffing. Behind the bartender was a performance stage, the leading edge of which followed the same radius as the bar.

The room itself was tiered at the rear corners with a low rail along the edges.

We were quite sure that one drink was all that we would be able to afford here, it certainly appeared to be an upscale establishment and previous experience told us that cocktails would be pricey. We chose a table and sat down.

After hearing the price of the drinks from the waitress, we both decided to settle for a draft beer and we figured we could nurse those long enough to catch the next, and last, show.

The show began with a bawdy comedienne, a lady who appeared to be in her forties, with platinum blonde hair and a great delivery.

At one point in her act, she peered out into the audience, shielding her eyes with her hand, and pointed to us and said, “I see some seafood in the club tonight!”

We thought this was okay and, perhaps, a sign that things may get better after the show.

The acts followed with the “exotic dancers”, some who were marginal; none stripped past their bra and G-string though. We were told later that the city wouldn’t allow nudity. This was certainly a disappointment but we hung in there anyway.

The final act was also the signature act with the club star. She was a stunner and I sat wiht rapt attention and found her to be extremely sensual. She had the moves and the looks for this job and she knew it.

As the show ended, we were thinking about heading back to the ship when the waitress brought us two fresh drinks. I told her that we didn’t order them and we certainly weren’t going to pay for them.

“No worries.” she exclaimed, “These are from her.”

She was pointing to the comedienne who had opened the show who was just heading into the rest room. This was a break. Things were beginning to show promise and we were delighted to have a reason to hang around.

A few minutes later, she came over to our table and sat right down. I wish I could remember her name but I’ll just call her Phyllis. She engaged us in chit-chat and we thanked her for the drinks. She then asked us if we’d be interested in going to her hotel that night for a little party.

Are you kidding? We only had to exchange glances and I knew that Tom was as excited about that as I was.

At this point, the star of the exotic dancers came out of the dressing room, dressed in a sexy little cocktail dress with cutouts in the sides and Phyllis noticed me ogling her.

“Are you interested in that?” she asked.

“Absolutely.” I answered with eagerness.

She called her over to our table and introduced her as Randi Taylor and proceeded to tell us that Randi would also be attending the party.

This was looking better as each minute passed.

Randi sidled up next to me and Phyllis seemed to be attracted to Tom. He wasn’t complaining.

We all conversed for a few more minutes and then Randi announced that she was ready to head to the Hotel Wisconsin, just across the street, and have some fun. She practically pulled me out of my chair and the four of us headed out the door.

It was a cool summer night and Randi put her arm around me, asking me to keep her warm. She felt soft and smelled wonderful. I was becoming aroused from this attention and my hopes were very positive.

In the elevator on the way up to their room I had noticed that both the 8th and 10th floor buttons had been pushed, I thought that was curious until the car stopped at eight and Phyllis dragged Tom out of the elevator by his arm. This was her floor and that was the last time I saw Tom that evening.

As the doors rolled together, Randi faced me and put her arms around my waist. She hugged me tight as she tilted her head and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue forced its way into my mouth and she began to suck on my tongue, pressing her mouth on mine with such pressure that I thought I’d get a bruise. We locked together like this until the doors opened on ten and almost missed the floor, catching the doors just as they were closing.

I followed her down the corridor and she unlocked her door, entered the room and immediately went into the bathroom, telling me to make myself a drink. She had quite an assortment of alcohol on the dresser and I poured myself a Scotch and sat down in the chair near the window.

When she emerged, the light from the bathroom was behind her, accentuating the shape of her body and giving me a glimpse of her beautiful features. As she stepped toward me, I could see that she was wearing a gauzy dressing gown and through it I could see a sexy red bra and tight, lacy panties. I was now fully erect and very aroused.

She came directly to me, not saying anything, until she was standing inches from me and I had to cock my head back so I could see her face. I could also see her lovely body and feel her soft skin as I sat there, anticipating the best, prepared for anything.

“Stand up.” she whispered. I complied.

“I’m going to undress you.” she told me, “And then I’m going to take you to bed as my little slut.”

This surprised me a bit and she noticed, her mouth turned up at the corners and the tiniest of smirks was evident. I had never been told this by a woman before and although I had read some things about dominance, I was not experienced. This was the sixties and open sexuality had not fully awakened yet.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she removed my uniform. First, pulling my jersey up, raising my arms and sliding it free. I could feel her eyes upon me as she threw it aside.

Next, my t-shirt yeilded easily as she repeated the action. As it exposed my nipples, she paid a little attention to them, sucking, licking….biting. I’d never experienced a woman’s teeth on my nipples and they became very hard and erect, even in their relative smallness. To this day, I writhe when my wife teases them and I bring back thoughts of that initiation by Randi.

After my t-shirt was off, she took her time exploring my upper torso. I felt fingernails lightly dragging across my back and stomach. I twitched as she found my tickle-sensitive sides. She took exceptional delight with this and tortured me with her prods and pokes for the balance of our evening.

Now, it was time for the lower part of my body and I was electric with anticipation of events to come. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of her body and the unrestrained sex that we were going to share. She slid my belt buckle open very deftly and unfastened the button, pulling the zipper deliberately and slowly, keeping her eyes on mine. The smirk looked positively devilish now.

As my trousers cleared my knees, she pushed me back into the chair and told me to raise my feet. Standing between my parted legs, she pulled of my socks and then took hold of my pant legs. With one swift motion, they were off. The coolness felt wonderful on my legs and I sat there in only my briefs, bulging with my erect cock begging to be released. I started to stand but she pushed me back roughly and told me to remain in the chair.

She then knelt, facing me, her head at my belly. Small kisses were planted across my skin and I could feel her hands below me, tugging on the waistband of my shorts. Instinctively, I raised my ass slightly to free up the bottom. She backed away slightly and pulled them past my thighs and down to my ankles. My throbbing dick sprang free and I reveled in it’s release. I wanted to touch it, stroke it and get ready for a wonderful fuck. Already, pre-seminal fluid had begun to ooze from the tip, clear and thick, and I knew I was not far from an explosion of ecstasy. She was delighted with my hard cock and gently raked her nails up and down the shaft send delicious feelings coursing through my body.

I desperately wanted to get into the bed and share the fun but she was not having any of that.

She quickly snapped her head to look up at me, “Not yet slut!”.

It was obvious to me that if she went any further with her exploration of my penis and testicles, I would come. I was so, so, close and holding back was almost impossible for me as long as she manipulated and played with my hot dick. And if she put her mouth on it….I was a goner. Her hands were up at my nipples again, pinching, tweaking, caressing. Once or twice, she caused me to twinge with her overzealous pinching.

She began to ask me, “Are you going to be a good bitch and let me eat you ALL up?”.

“Yes, I will.”. I wasn’t entirely sure how she meant that but I was in a state of extreme ecstasy and I couldn’t rationlize.

“You’re an obedient bitch and I like that very much.”

Then she began licking my throbbing shaft from the base to the tip, pausing at the hole to carefully lick out the pre-cum, tasting it as she eyed me from below, sensing my reactions to her passionate treatment. She would run her tongue all the way down my seven inches and lift my balls in her hand, kissing each one gently and placing the entire testicle in her mouth, being careful not to bite. This was obviously not the first time she had done this and she seemed to have an innate knowledge of the extremely sensitive nature of a man’s balls. I was gripping teh arms of the chair like it was the edge of a cliff, my nerve endings were sending signals of utter pleasure and delight to my brain, I was on the edge.

Now, Randi had my dick in her mouth, just the crown at first, but eventually, she moved down on it, sucking as she lowered her head. I could feel her teeth, gently scraping my cock and her fingernails tracing a route between my nuts and my asshole. This could not go on much longer and I feared that I’d be exploding at any moment. With my entire cock inside her mouth I must have been into her throat but she maintained pressure and wiggled her tongue around the shaft inside her mouth as she sucked.

“Randi, I’m going to come if you don’t stop.” I moaned.

She moved her head as if nodding to communicate to me that it was okay.

“Are you sure?”

Again, nodding very rapidly while increasing her movement on my dick. She was fucking her mouth with my dick now. Pumping up and down, piston-like, steadily increasing the tempo until she was breathing heavily from the activity. I began to feel that tingling pleasurable energy coursing from my groin up through my torso and the euphoria was drug-like in its power, I couldn’t stop it now.

I could see her eyes looking up to me and they seemed to have a glazed appearance, as if she were also nearing orgasmic feelings. But how could that be? I haven’t been able to touch any part of her body except her head. I couldn’t think anymore, just surrender to the epic release which was about to happen.

My breathing and moans signaled the climax and as my semen rushed up the inner shaft and into her waiting mouth, she began sucking very hard, as if trying to bring my juices out from deep inside by her own power. She was swallowing every hot, thick portion of the cum and I was writhing in erotic heaven, pumping my hips to increase the fucking action and intensify the pleasure.

And then it was over, I slumped into the chair, exhausted. I wanted to hug Randi and lay with her in bed, cuddling.

She wasn’t looking for that though, after licking me clean and smacking her lips to signify her approval of the taste, she stood and walked to the bathroom, telling me to get into the bed.

“It’s your turn to eat me all up when I return.” she said over her shoulder as she walked away.

I did as Randi asked and pulled back the covers on the bed, preparing to lay in it.

The cool sheets felt great against my body and I rested while thinking about the great sex I just experienced. Even though it didn’t include a chance at sliding my rock hard dick into a hot wet pussy, I still had a fantastic orgasm.

Thinking about this started to get me aroused again and I was glad because I had a feeling that Randi was going to demand more of me when she returned from the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later, she strolled back into the room and slowly approached the bedside dressed in a satiny robe which, I hoped, ahd nothing beneath it but bare skin.

She sat on the edge of the bed and placed her hand on my chest, stroking my nipples.

“Are you ready to pleasure me?”


“Yes WHAT?”

I didn’t understand.

“You’re to refer to me as MISTRESS……got it bitch?” she snarled.

I felt a tingle of pleasure begin to creep into my balls as I heard this and it excited me very much.

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied sincerely.

“That’s better, now…..are you ready to pleasure me?”

“Yes Mistress, I am.”

“Good, you learn quickly.” she replied, “You’re going to do whatever I tell you, right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“If you’re going to be my little slut, you’ll need to dress like one”, she said, “Now, STAND UP!”

I put my feet on the floor and stood up. Immediately, she was behind me and I could feel her hands come around me and I felt something against my waist. I looked down to see her putting a garter belt on me and she was already fastening the hooks to close it. A quick adjustment and it was complete.


I lowered my ass to the bed and obeyed. My cock was at full erection now and throbbing with anticipation. I wanted to come for a second time that night and I knew that it would be good.

Randi lifted one of my legs and produced a black nylon stocking from her robe pocket and began sliding it up my leg. The feeling of her hands on my thighs was enough to send waves of excitement up my back. As she stretched the stocking to meet the garter clasp she gave me an impish grin and completed fastening the stocking to the garter straps.

“You are going to be one hot little bitch when I get through with you.”

“Yes Mistress, whatever you want, I’ll do anything you ask.”

Her hand reach down and grabbed my stiff member, pulling on it roughly, she told me that she would make me her sex slave and use me to please her in any way she chose. I could feel her fingernails digging into my cock, giving me just a little pain to let me know she had control. I exhaled with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

She finished up the other leg and had me stand so she could admire her handiwork, slowly walking around me, smiling and adjusting the hose. I felt somewhat ashamed at that moment but also was overcome with a desire to serve her, to be her slave. I knew she had me right where she wanted me.

“Now you’re ready to be my slut.” she intoned, “Get in bed, on your back.”

I was finally going to taste that wonderful cunt and I couldn’t wait to taste her hot juice. I’d lick her clean and bring her to multiple orgasms.

She dimmed the light and approached the bed. As she stood by the bedside, she began to slowly open her robe and slide it off of her shoulders. I could see that there was no bra beneath but I didn’t have a glimpse of her breasts yet.

“Are you ready to eat me all up slave?”

“Yes Mistress”

“You’d better do a good job or you’ll suffer the consequences”

“Yes Mistress, I’ll try my best”

She was smiling that evil smile again as she knelt on the bed and let the robe fall to the floor.

I was now staring at a beautiful woman with very small breasts, probably what a preteen girl would have, and as I lowered my eyes I spied a partially erect cock! “She” was a “He”! I was shocked and Randi must have sensed it because she got this puzzled look on her face.

“What’s wrong”, she asked, “You must have known about this when you came into the club?”

I found it difficult to speak, my mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts. Curiously, I was not angry or disappointed, just surprised.

I told her that I had no idea and I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out. She laid beside me and grabbed my cock, looking directly in my eyes. I was still erect so she knew that I wasn’t repulsed by her cock. As she slowly stroked my dick, she reminded me that I had promised to please her and eat her all up. I was aroused again and I told her that I’d try to comply.

She grasped my hand and pulled it down to her dick and told me to stroke her, it felt hot to my touch and fit my hand almost as if it were my own. I began to lightly pump my hand on her dick and felt it grow to fully erect in my hand, hot and rigid, just like my throbbing member.

“See, you know how to make a girl feel good.”

Her hand was off of my dick now and she moved to shift position. She knelt and straddled my upper body, placing her cock within an inch of my mouth. I could feel its warmth on my chin and I knew it was my turn to bring her to a climax. I had sucked a friends cock when I was in grade school but this seemed different, somehow more erotic.

“Okay slut, it’s time to earn your keep, you had better eat me good or you’ll be punished.”

“Yes Mistress.”

That was the last time I would be able to speak. She raised her body slightly and pushed her cock forward to my waiting mouth and slowly, deliberately, filled me up with her sexuality. It was a good fit inside my mouth and I was able to slide the entire length of that bulging dick into my cavity. It was wonderful! I wanted to taste all of it and suck her dry. She was obviously excited and her moaning was evidence of that. Her balls were slapping against my chin and I brought my hand to them and very light caressed them. I knew that this always excited me so I guessed that she would like it too. As her moaning increased, so did her thrusts and I was getting a taste of her pre-cum, oozing from the tip of her dick, tasty and hot. I could raise my free hand and feel her girlish little breasts, tweaking her nipples much the same as she had done to me. The tits were soft and supple and the size was exciting to me.

“I want to fill you up with my juice slave”, she moaned, “You should be ready to swallow because I don’t want to see any come dripping down your chin.”

I could sense that she was getting close and I helped her machine-like pumping by grabbing her ass and pushing her body to me, forcing that hard cock into my mouth.

She began to shudder and I prepared for the flow of semen. Ready to take all of it down my throat.

Then, she began to cry out with pleasure and I felt her cock begin to pulse with the orgasmic reflex as the hot, thick semen filled my mouth and found it’s way down my throat. She came in huge, thick loads and I had to swallow rapidly to keep my mouth from overflowing. I sucked hard as it was pumping out and tried to force out more of that delicious syrup.

She stiffened as the feelings of pleasure overcame her and then slumped, resting on me and holding herself against the bed headboard. We were both sweating profusely from this activity and I felt her slide the penis from my mouth. I maintained suction to clean all of the juice from her cock as it backed out. I took it in my hand and gently licked it, cleaning her with my tongue.

After the intense experience with Randi’s cock in my mouth, I rested for a bit and she made her way to the bathroom again.

I mulled over what had just happened and found that I had no regrets, I had enjoyed every second of the event and also was very happy about my newly awakened submissiveness. Replaying the entire episode made me feel alive and very interested in what would follow. I was sure that Randi had something already in mind and that she was simply freshening up for a return trip.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom and I could see in the dim light that she had changed her attire. As she neared the bed, I could see that she had put on a black leather bustier which pushed up on her very small tits and enhanced their appearance. The nipples were just peeking out at the top edge and the garment was form fitting and simply clung to her small frame.

She had black nylons held by a garter (similar to mine) and no panties. This left her cock exposed in a semi-erect state dangling in front of her as she walked to the bed. It made me want it again, I yearned for her to place it in my mouth again and allow me to suck her to another orgasm.

Her face was blank except for an intense gaze into my eyes and it was just then that I noticed a case or small bag in her hand. That caused curiosity to creep in and I now wondered what was in the case.

She sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed my cock which was immediately responsive to her touch and, amazingly, sprang to life in a few seconds. She squeezed it as it grew and smiled at the power she exhibited over me.

“You see, slave”, she said, “I can make you hard with a simple touch.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“And you don’t mind, do you slave?”

“No Mistress”

“Are you prepared to give yourself to me bitch?”

“Yes Mistress, I want to be your slave”

“Oh, we’ll see about that”, she intoned, “You must pass the tests I have ready for you first.”

She removed her hand from my throbbing cock and unzipped the case on her lap.

I could tell from the size of it that there were many objects inside and she was intent in her search for the item that she wanted. She then pulled out something rather small that was made of leather but had metallic parts too. I noticed that it had snaps, the kind that are used on jackets that fasten together. It also had shiny, chrome rings.

“This will make your cock a slave too and you’ll be under my control.” Randi told me.

She then placed the object, which I now know was a cock and ball harness, on my genitals, looping the leather straps under my balls and sliding the steel rings onto my cock, down to the base. Due to my erection, this was difficult and she used some lubricant to slide the rings down. The cold steel felt odd around my dick but I didn’t move, fearful of causing pain to my balls.

As she snapped the leather pieces together she had to get close to my cock and she gave it a little kiss when she was finished, she seemed proud of her work and that little trademark smirk of hers had returned.

“There! Now your cock is mine!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now, raise your legs and hold your knees back against your chest”

I obeyed and clasped my hands around my legs holding them as far back against my body as possible exposing my backside to her. This was a particularly vulnerable position and I truly thought that I was about to get a fucking from Randi’s hard cock.

She told me to raise up my ass and she tucked a pillow beneath me to tilt my body up at the lower part. This reinforced my opinion that I was about to get fucked in the ass by a beautiful she-male. I wasn’t too afraid because she wasn’t extremely thick in her cock and I had some youthful experience with anal action, mostly fingers.

“Okay, now lower your legs and keep them spread as wide as possible.”

“Yes Mistress”

She came up on the bed, on her knees, directly facing my harnessed cock which had now assumed a fully erect state and was throbbing from the excitement and the restraining pressure of the cock rings. My head was propped up on a pillow and I had a pretty good view of her as she took out a tube of lubricant and moved her middle finger to my unprotected asshole. Her other hand went to my balls and held them out of the way while she deftly spread my ass cheeks slid her lubed finger, ever so slowly, into my waiting hole. The lube was cold and I flinched a bit at first but she was deliberate and I could feel the finger gliding up into my waiting asshole. She was watching me now, sensing my reactions, and she could tell that I was taking this finger fucking real well. It felt like a small cock, searching for the deepest part of me, slight pressure but nothing painful. When her finger was all the way in she began to massage my prostate gland and that drove me crazy, the feeling was almost like I was coming or perhaps pissing but nothing was coming out of my cock, just these electric feelings of pleasure coursing through my body and radiating everywhere.

“This is just the beginning bitch, you’ll get a proper fucking later”

The finger was now moving in an out in a fucking motion and the muscles around my anus were reacting to the pressure and contracting with every movement. Faster and faster, she picked up the tempo until she was rapidly pounding my ass like a dog in heat. I began to help her along by moving my hips into her hand as she thrust deep inside, just like I was a slut, getting a good fucking and loving every minute of it, yearning for more, begging to be pounded.

My balls could feel her other hand, nails slightly digging in, massaging, increasing the throbbing of my cock which was eager for attention so it could explode and release it’s hot load.

I moved my hand down in an attempt to stroke my dick to climax but she wasn’t having any of that.

“Slaves don’t pleasure themselves without their Mistresses permission!”

“Please Mistress, may I masturbate?”


I was in agony now. I had a dick that was aching from pent up energy and a finger in my ass, creating wonderful sensations while it fucked me, but unable to come. That was torture.

Randi slowed her motion and massaged my prostate again for awhile before slowly pulling her finger out. As it slid out, I felt this sense of loss from the lack of pressure, I wanted it back.

She wiped her hand on a wet washcloth and dried it with a towel and started pulling something out of her bag again. This time I recognized it immediately…..a butt plug. A tapered, conical device about six inches long. At the base, there was a flat pad which kept the plug from going too far and the shaft narrowed to allow it to remain in place.

“Now that we’ve got you little pussy ready and lubed, this will stretch your tight cunt to create a perfect fuck hole”

Randi lubed the device and began inserting it into my “cunt”, as the taper enlarged, I felt a lot more pressure due to the 1-1/2″ diameter at the wide part and this was testing my pain threshold. I wasn’t sure I could take it. But lust as I began to ask her to stop, it was past the wide diameter and my hole accepted the narrow shaft easily. It was in place and I felt as if I shouldn’t move.

“There slave, you’ve been a good little bitch and taken this plastic cock pretty well”, she mocked, “I think you’ve been fucked before, haven’t you?”

“No Mistress”, I lied.

“Well then, you were just made to fuck weren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress”

“I think you deserve a reward for being such a pliable slave”, she said, “What do you think?”

“If you say so Mistress”

“Yes, that’s right cunt, only I will say if you deserve it”

I wondered if she would reward me by allowing me to jack off, my cock needed a good come.

“Okay bitch, I’ll give you a little something that I know you enjoy”

She then proceed to straddle my shoulders and put her hard, hot cock at my mouth, she was so turned on that I could see the pre-cum glistening at the hole, oozing out. So, this was my “reward”, she would allow me to suck her off again.

“C’mon slut, do your thing and you’d better do it good, I want to drop another load in your mouth”

She pushed forward and pressed her cock on my lips forcing it into my mouth. I took it in and felt it’s hot, bulging presence fill my mouth. She began a fucking motion and slowly pulled it almost completely out of my mouth, resting the tip just inside and then slowly pushed it all the way back in until I was swallowing it. Then, increasing the tempo a little bit at a time, she fucked my mouth.

I could look up and see her hands hanging onto the headboard while she rocked back and forth, thrusting hard like my mouth was a cunt, giving her slave the reward that he deserved. She began to tremble and moan and I knew the end was near. Then her cock began pulsing with the involuntary spasms which accompany orgasm, she was moaning loudly now and her face was contorted with her eyes shut tight. I felt the first spurts of hot thick semen in mouth and then more copious amounts as she came in waves, banging the bed against the wall.

The come oozed down my waiting throat as it filled my mouth and she slowed her movement until finally her orgasm was complete, her entire load of come in my mouth as I sucked on her dick hard to try to vacuum out the remaining drops. I squeezed her shaft lightly to see if I could extract any vestiges of her sweet syrup.

She was drained, physically, emotionally and sexually.

And I was satisfied that I had extracted such a wonderful climax from her but remained a captive, both anally and genitally. A prisoner of her whims.

Randi slid her body down on mine so that her head rested on my chest, she was exhausted and I didn’t want to disturb her. Her skin felt wonderful against me and I took in her scent and placed my hands on her head, softly stroking her as she drifted off into sleep.

I was feeling the effects of both the butt plug and the harness and the pressure was making me slightly uncomfortable especially since I was feeling the urge to piss. I told myself to hang on for awhile so Randi could rest.

She began to stir about half and hour later and she raised her head slightly to look at me and smiled. She looked satisfied and content.

“How long did I sleep?”

“About 45 minutes”

“Oooooh, that felt good, I needed it”

She gave me a few small kisses and got off me to stand on the floor and stretch. Her girlish body looked positively beautiful, the nubile tits were so cute and perky and I wanted to lick and suck them again. Her cock was flaccid now and dangled in front of her as she moved.

Off to the bathroom again in her nakedness. I watched her ass cheeks flex as she walked away from me. I heard the toilet flush and then the shower start.

“Come in here bitch”, she shouted.

“Yes Mistress”

I trotted to the bathroom and found her testing the water temperature as she stepped into the tub.

She drenched herself under the spray until her entire body was soaked, rubbing the water into her hair and over her little breasts.

“You’re going to wash me now slave and you’d better do a good job.”

“Yes Mistress”

I found a shampoo bottle and began to pour some into my cupped hand. I began to wash her hair, creating mounds of soapy foam that rolled off of her shoulders and down her body, tracing the contours of her flesh. My fingers were lightly massaging the soap into her scalp, cleaning every inch of her hair.

My harnessed cock and plugged ass were creating more discomfort now and I wanted to ask Randi if I could take a break and piss, I was unsure of the consequences though so I continued with the task at hand.

With her back to the shower, I tilted her head back to rinse the foam from her hair, running my fingers through her blond tresses to straighten the tangles.

“Ahhhhhh….that feels marvelous”, she whispered.

“Now, continue with my body”

“Yes Mistress”

I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up my hands to begin washing her body. This was going to be a stimulating event and I knew that my cock would stiffen but I also realized that my urge to piss was increasing and the two things would not merge well.

Her wet flesh was glistening and I began at her face as she shut her eyes tightly and tilted her head back for me. My fingers danced across her features and massaged as they touched every square inch of her beautiful face. Turning her toward the shower spray, I directed the water to her head and completely rinsed it as she slowly rocked it back and forth.

Lathering my hands again, I began at her shoulders and worked my way down to her nipples, anticipating the supple feel of her chest, I was already getting hard and my dick was beginning to strain against the confines of the leather and steel which captured it. As I felt her budding little tits, shudders course through her body and she moaned softly with an acknowledgement of pleasure. I lingered at her nipples to slowly encircle them with my slick fingers, tracing the outline of her aereolas and marveling in the softness and texture of her skin. Her little nipples swelled slightly and responded to my manipulations. Randi’s breathing became deep and slow and her eyes were shut as if to signify that she was in a trance. I wanted so desperately to kiss and suck those beautiful mounds but I wasn’t about to break her rules. I continued washing her body, front and back, tenderly kneading and tracing her muscles and structure. I was now approaching the lower areas and as I relathered, she spoke, “Leave that for last, do my legs and feet first.”

I complied and fell to my knees, feeling the renewed pressure from the device in my ass. My cock was stiff with arousal now and I hoped for relief soon, both pissing and coming.

From her feet I worked my way up each leg to the tops of her thighs, almost continuing to the skin between her ass and her balls but stopping short as instructed. Her cock was semi-erect and just inches from my face. I think she purposely shifted her stance to tempt me with it and it was working. After rinsing her again, I was now at the pleasure zone, the place where desired to be, fully enthralled with my newfound desire for cock, ready to fill myself with her juices once more, if instructed. I spread her ass cheeks and slid my hand between those tight, plump little mounds and slid it downward until I felt the rim of her hole, her cunt, unexplored territory for me but I was intrigued none-the-less. I teased the center of her asshole a bit, barely breeching the entrance, forcing it to yield to my finger slightly but not daring to push forward. She had her hands against the wall and she was stretching back, stiffening her legs, almost begging me to invade her glory hole and give her a fucking with my finger. I thought that she was lowering her defenses, changing her demeanor from the Mistress to a softer lady, one who wished to be fucked.

“Go ahead bitch, massage my cunt, push your finger in.”

“Yes Mistress”

I forged ahead, sliding in easily with my soapy finger, encountering no resistance from her. She must have had enough activity in her ass to stretch the muscles and create an easier entry. My finger found it’s way deep inside until my knuckles were against her body and I found her prostate and began to massage it. This brought her cock to a full erection and it stood almost horizontally from her body. I placed my other hand on her ball sac and lightly, gently, massaged and caressed them, as I would prefer someone to do the same to me. I pulled slightly on her sac, watching her balls press against the thin membrane of the pouch. My finger was now increasing the rate of friction on her prostate and also creating a short fucking motion in her ass.

“Oooh…slave-bitch, you’re doing a good job….keep it up and you’ll be richly rewarded”

“Yes Mistress”

I continued my finger-fucking of Randi’s hole, exciting her more with each stroke. I could feel her shivering with arousal and both of our cocks were rock hard, ready to deliver. My cock was ready to put out piss immediately and I felt the stirrings of an orgasm too.

“Stop….now continue with my shower before we run out of warm water”

I removed my finger, watching her little brown-eye wink shut as the tip was out. She was not only getting an external bath, her cunt was now clean too.

She rotated slightly to face me again, her cock was so stiff, the veins were straining at the shaft skin and the head was swollen and reddish, it was ready to burst and give up it’s creamy nectar. I fingered some pre-cum from the hole and tasted it’s goodness and promise of better juice to flow.

I soaped up and began my job again, moving both hands from her navel down to her cock and between her balls and her thighs, fingers meeting at the back, very near that hot hole of hers. She would shudder each time I passed by her crotch, sending electric sensations up through her body. I know it felt extremely good and she was probably going to climax as soon as I grasped her cock to finish my job.

“You bitch, you’re making me feel too good, too soon….if I come you’ll be punished

“Yes Mistress Randi”

I understood what she meant but I wondered how I could wash her straight shaft without causing ejaculation.

As soon as I began to grab her stiff dick, she told me to stop. I obeyed.

“Get up slut! It’s time to dry me off”

I took a bath towel from the rack and began patting her down with it, soaking up all of the water from her glistening skin. She turned for me so I could easily get every inch of her until I was complete.

By this time I was fidgeting from the urge to piss and she noticed me looking at the toilet.

“What’s the problem slave? Do you need to use the facility?”

“Oh, yes Mistress Randi, may I?”

“I suppose you’ve earned the right to pee, besides, I don’t want you wetting the bed”

“Thank you Mistress”

“I am going to watch you though…it better not inhibit you”

“No Mistress, I know I’ll be able to go”

“Good bitch….I am going to hold it for you too, I’ll control the flow”

“Yes Mistress Randi”

As I faced the toilet she came around to one side and grabbed my cock, semi-erect now but still harnessed. She told me to start. I let lose a strong stream and immediately felt relief. Then she squeezed the base of my cock with her thumb and finger, hard, making it almost impossible to release the piss.

“What’s wrong asshole, why did you stop?”

“I can’t go when you’re squeezing like that”

“Well, I thought you were a strong bitch….I guess I was wrong”

The constriction was now causing me some pain along with the discomfort from the pressure and I was losing my hard on.

“Okay, okay…..I’ll let you get the rest of your pee out”

“Thank you Mistress”. And the flow resumed, sweet relief, almost as good as coming. I finished up my duty as she watched and she took the last few drops of golden liquid on her finger tip and brought it to my mouth.

“Here, clean yourself up slut, lick this off of my hand”

I was repulsed by this but did as she told me. I realized that I was becoming a total slave to her and would be submissive as long as she wished. There was very little taste to teh urine and such a small amount that it didn’t really mean much, but she got delight from the fact that I did what she demanded with no hesitation.

She led me now, pulling me along by my cock. This touch brought me back to a semi-hard state and I hoped that I’d be allowed to come soon. My balls ached with pent up arousal and I was badly in need of satisfaction. Her hand on my cock, firmly grasping it, pulling me toward the bed again, was creating shivers of anticipation again. Her touch was dramatic.

As she reached the bed, she turned me around to face the bedside.

“Alright slut, it’s time for the ultimate gift for your Mistress, Do you know what that is?”

“I think so Mistress”

“Yes……you know what I’m talking about. But first we need to remove that plug. Your little cunt-hole should be stretched pretty good by now. Just in time to accept my cock”

She pushed me forward, face down on the bed. My legs were hanging over the side and my knees on the floor. When she removed the plug, the pressure change was so remarkable, I almost wished it was back in, I actually felt a loss. But I knew that her hot cock was about to replace it and deliver a steamy load in my ass.

So, this is it……I’ll be hers after this. Totally hers. I’ve let her take me in every other way and this act will seal the deal…….

So, I’m conflicted in my feelings now….part of me is eagerly anticipating the fucking I’m about to get but another is creating some trepidation over this act. My weak, submissive nature takes over though and I come to the realization that Randi is going to take me and I’ll comply.

Just then…Whack!…her hand meets my ass with substantial force. I jerk involuntarily and then begin to feel that burning sensation that accompanies a slap on the flesh. She was spanking me, I hadn’t been spanked since I was a little boy but I remembered immediately how it felt, just like that.

“You need some discipline slave. I’m going to warm up that ass before I fuck you”

Then …..Whack!…..another on the opposite cheek. I wondered how long this would continue.

“Are you feeling that bitch?”

“Oh, yes Mistress, I feel it”

“Good….you need to know who’s in charge here”

“Yes Mistress”

She was rubbing my ass now and I tensed at her touch because I thought another slap was coming. My cock was still hard, aching for release, and my arousal level remained high. This was a whole new twist in the relationship and I knew I had to endure it or risk alienating Randi.

The spanking went on for about fifteen minutes, alternating cheeks, she watched for the reddening which was inevitable and marvelled at the nice color which she had created with her punishment of me.

“Okay slut, I think you’ve had enough for now”

She told me to get up on the bed, face down, ass up, and I felt her follow me. She positioned me from behind and I could feel her hands pulling my legs apart, creating an open area. She teased my balls from behind and tested my cock to see how hard it was, it was almost like being inspected for acceptability.

I felt her fingers tracing a path between my cheeks and pausing at my hole, gently testing the resiliency, prodding and poking while her other hand spread my cheels apart to give her a good view. My cock was throbbing again and those feelings of euphoria travelled through my body, I was ready for her and longed to feel her inside me.

“Well bitch, are you ready for this?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Good, I’ve got a special treat for you”

Her hands left my body and I could her her doing something behind me but couldn’t get a glimpse of her. I thought perhaps she was getting some lubricant…or at least hoped she was. Then, I felt her finger on my hole, my cheeks opened again and the cold sensation of the lube.She was pushing it in now and I felt the slippery gel coat my glory hole, preparing it for something larger. She fucked me with her finger for a bit and I moved my ass against her hand, helping with the fucking motion, accepting the finger eagerly, feeling it massage the walls of my “cunt”. Oh, it was sublime, I wanted more and I could do this for a long time, it felt that good. Then, her finger was removed abruptly.

“Okay slave, now for the treat. You’re going to love this.”

I felt her hand spreading my ass cheeks apart once more and suddenly heard a low humming noise. Then the feeling of something very hard and plastic touched my crack, she was moving it around to find my hole and I felt vibrations. She had a dildo and was going to fuck me with it! That must be my “treat”?

“I’m going to get your little cunt prepared for a real fucking with this so you’ll be ready for my cock”

I felt her pushing the dildo inward now and my hole yielded to her pressure, stretching open to allow the tip of the vibrator to enter me. The vibrations were transfered to my crotch and I was bombarded by tingling sensations in my balls and cock. This was a new experience and I was overwhelmed with emotions. This must be how a woman feels when she masturbates with a vibrator. What a feeling. As the dildo plunged deeper into my ass, it touched my prostate and sent a giant wave of pleasure throughout me, I could sense that my cock was as rigid as it could possibly be and I was writhing with arousal.

“Ooooooh, I can see that you are liking this. Aren’t you bitch?”

“Ohhh, yes Mistress….yes.”

She was beginning to pump the fake cock in and out now, twisting the vibrator as she pumped it. Her other hand was now tickling my balls and alternately raking up and down my hard shaft, sometimes pausing at the tip to scoop out my pre-cum. She would also give me solid whacks on my ass cheeks occasionally and giggle as I jerked from the sporadic assault. Faster and faster, she was fucking my glory hole roughly now, positively raping me.

Her arm must have tired because she slowed the action abruptly and removed her other hand from my crotch.

“I think you’re ready now slave and I’m hard as a rock so it’s time for you to please your Mistress”

“Yes Mistress Randi, I’m ready to please you.”

I could feel her moving up towards me and then her skin next to mine. One hand went to my crack again to spread the cheels and her fingernails felt glorious on my skin. Then, as she pushed forward, I felt the head of her dick probing my crack for the entry that would give her the pleasure she desired. Then, the head of her hard cock is against my rim, opening the cunt-hole and finding it’s way inside, she’s moving very slowly, either wickedly enjoying the suspense or taking it easy on me. As the ridge of her cock passes my rim, I feel the pressure ease a bit and now her hot, stiff shaft is sliding in. I can handle this even better that the dildo and the butt plug due to her smaller cock size and I feel confident that I can provide her with the pleasure she has been waiting for all night.

“Ahhhhhh….now you are pleasing me slut. Your tight little pussy feels good on my cock”

“Yes Mistress, and you feel perfect inside me”

Shes beginning to breath deeper now as she pushes all the way inside me, I can feel her balls against my skin, soft and warm. She brings her hand beneath our bodies and pulls on my sac, stretching it and fondling my testicles, rolling them around in her hand.

As she begins to fuck me, she decides that I deserve more spanking and I feel her hand, slapping against my ass but not as hard as before, more playful now, perhaps because she is erotically charged and just wants to let me know she’s in charge.

“Fuck me bitch. Fuck me good. I’m going to give you a load of my hot juice, deep inside your little cunt-hole”

I comply and begin moving in rythym with her thrusts, pulling away as she pulls outward and then meeting her next deep thrust with my energy pushing toward her. Both of her hands are now on my thighs, hanging on as we move together, machine-like, fucking hard.

“Ohhhhh….get ready bitch. I’m close. I want to hear you tell me when you feel me come”

“Yes Mistress….I will”

Randi’s moaning is getting louder now and consistent, I know she’s going to burst soon and I’m ready for her climax, to accept her load of creamy semen deep inside me.

“Ahhhh…..I’m ready….I’m going to come slave”

“I want you to fill me up Mistress. Do it….come inside me. Please.”

With a shudder of pleasure, I feel her cock pulse and then the sensation of her hot cum spurting into my chamber. It feels wonderful and she is grunting with each flow of her juice as she climaxes into me.

“I feel you Mistress….I feel your cum inside me”

“Oh my god bitch….you did well. I’ve emptied all that I have in you.”

She is laying the upper part of her body on mine and her sweat is melding with mine. I can feel her cock shrinking to semi-erect size inside of me. I want her to leave it in for awhile, so I can feel her goodness as long as possible.

Then she is pushing away from me and her dick is quickly removed. I get that sense of loss again, from the void created by her removal. It was good, real good.

“Roll over big boy”

I turn my body to lie on my back, seeing her again in her nakedness. I’m enthralled by her supple curves and tiny breasts, she looks girlish at the moment and I almost forget that she has been dominating me for hours.

“So, you’ve been such a good little “girl” that I should probably reward you with a little gift”

“Whatever you say Mistress”

She reaches for the lubricant and my immediate thought is that she’s going to put the plug back in. Instead, she places it on the bed and reaches for my cock, unsnapping the harness and then rubbing some lube on the shaft so that the rings will slide up. I’m instantly fully erect and her hand feels so damn good.

“Feel better?”

“Yes Mistress, but I would wear it again for you”

“Your damn right you would….if I tell you to!”

“Yes Mistress”

“Here, give me your hand”

I reach out to her with my right hand and she turns it palm-side up, squeezing a generous glob of lube into it.

“Now, I want you to bring yourself to orgasm”


“You heard me…..start jacking off, I want to see you come all over yourself. Now!”

So, this was my reward. She’s allowing me to masturbate. Slightly disappointed but still yearning to shoot my load, I begin sliding my hand up and down my shaft, getting it slippery and hot. I’m no stranger to masturbation, I’ve enjoyed beating my meat for years.

“Now, listen to me…you will NOT come until I tell you…understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

“If you begin to feel that you’re too close to turn back, you’d better back off and tell me”

“Yes Mistress”

She is rummaging through her case again and she brings out a shiny glass rod, about 1/4″ in diameter. It’s about four inches long and has a knob-like swelling at one end and a flat top, sort of similar to a large nail with a blunted point. I’m very curious but maintain my stroking on my stif dick. She is putting some lube on the rod and watching me while she sits on the bed side.

She then moves between my spread legs, on her knees facing me and flashes one of those mischievous grins, looking directly into my eyes while she holds the rod just inches from my dick.

“Stop for awhile”

I cease my pumping and watch her eyes move to my crotch.

“This will enhance your pleasure you little slut, now hold still”

She has the rod positioned at my dick-hole, touch the tip and just pushing the opening a little. I’m scared now, thinking that she will be inserting this thing in my cock.

“Here we go. Relax.”

The bulb on the tip of the rod begins to disappear down into my urethra, I can feel it as it slides down. In seconds she has inserted this thing into my cock and I have not resisted. I feel oddly grateful for it too. It is not causing any pain but I can feel it in there.

“Now bitch…continue jacking that cock”

As I grasp my shaft, I realize that when I squeeze, I can feel the rod’s shape inside my dick and I learn not too close my hand too tightly. I begin stroking again, gently moving my hand, feeling the pleasure course through my veins once again. The placement of the rod titilates me and I get a new sensation in my dick from it.

“When you are getting ready to come, you must ask my permission. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress……I won’t be able to last too long now”

“Wait for my command!”

“Yes Mistress”

She reaches for the flat top of the rod and begins to spin it between her thumb and finger and I can feel the end of it as it turns, I think my pre-cum is backing up due to the rod as I can feel pressure inside and she starts to pump the rod in and out of the hole, just slightly. With this movement and my stroking, I’m filled with different sensations.

“Mistress….may I come now?”

“Not yet slut!”


“Not YET!!!”

I slow my strokes to almost a stop, if I jack myself much more, I’m a goner. She’s still fiddling around with the rod, never taking her eyes off of it, almost like a child with a new toy.

A few minutes elapse but it seems like hours, excruciatingly long hours. I’ve got to come soon.

“Please Mistress….I am going to come”

“Well, you HAVE been a good slave so far, so perhaps I may allow it. No, wait for my command while you beg me for it and I want to hear a sincere plea while you stroke the hell out of that cock. Understand?”

“Oh, yes Mistress….I’ll follow your orders, PLEASE let me come!”

“What are you going to do with it bitch?”

“Whatever you wish, but I need to come….Please?”

“Soon, bitch, soon. And I’m going to catch it in my hand so you’d better be accurate”

“Yes Mistress, I will. Please let me come?”

“You really want to come for me?’

“Yes…yes, I do Mistress”

“You’re at the threshold, aren’t you?”

“Yes, and I can’t hold back any longer”

“Okay…….NOW!….I want your hot load in my hand NOW!’

I pick up the tempo and feel teh beginning tingling that signals my orgasm, it spreads throughout my being and makes me shudder. Then it begins to rise, the involuntary spasms start to allow the semen to escape from deep inside. She’s holding the rod in now, while I furiously pump my cock.

“Ohhhhhh….I’m cumming Mistress, I’m cumming….Ohh”

As the juice begins to rise up, it’s constricted by the rod and I’m feeling the orgasm but I can also feel the load building up inside, strange feelings intermixed but I’m too deep into my orgasmic state to care and I continue until I know I’m drained, squeezing my shaft to milk out all that I can but realixing that the rod is prohibiting that.

“Good boy, good boy….I’ll take over from here.”

Randi removes my hand and grabs my cock, she squeezes from the base and as she work her way up, the rod is sliding out and behind it, the majority of my creamy load. She smiles as she collects the hot juice in her cupped hand and I can feel a pleasurable sensation as the pressure is slowly released from inside of my semi-erect dick. I strain to watch and can see the semen oozing from the tip of my cock, filling her hand.

As the rod falls out she works my cock like shes milking a cow and gets every drop out, into her hand.

“Now slave, for the final part of your reward…I’ve got a tasty treat for you and I want you to clean my hand completely”

“Yes Mistress”

With that command, she brought her cupped hand to my mouth and fed me my own cum, slowly forcing me to lick it until all of it was cleaned from her palm.

“Good boy…..I wonder what we can do next time!”

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