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(from: anonymous) Mind Controlled For Sex!

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I’ve had this fantasy for a long time, ever since someone in my acting class said he went to a hypnotist to help him get over his stage fright. I’ve had a lot of different versions of this fantasy. It’s the one fantasy I turn to when I want to make sure I can cum.

In the fantasy, I have decided to see a hypnotist for some reason. It doesn’t really matter why. I’m a little nervous when I go in for my first appointment. He greets me warmly as I go into the office. I see him checking me out. I have a nice body, if I do say so myself, nice breasts, not too big, toned legs that usually get a lot of looks. His office has a big leather couch, which I sit on.

He starts to put me under. I feel myself getting very sleepy. Pretty soon I am totally lost in his voice. When he sees how far under I am, that’s when he decides to make his move.

He gets up and comes over to the couch. “You will do whatever I say. You will have no control at all. You are not able to resist me.” I hear his words like from a long way away.

He comes closer. “Take off your shirt.” I try to resist but it does no good. My fingers are already unbuttoning it like they have a mind of their own. I strip out of my shirt.

“Now your bra.” Pretty soon my tits are exposed. He starts to fondle me with both hands. I try to push him away. “You are paralyzed,” he says. “You can’t move.” My body goes limp. I want to get away, but I just can’t seem to move.

“Stop! You can’t do this!” I say. “You can not speak,” he replies. Not a word. Just like that, I can’t say anything.

He stops fondling my tits so he can unzip his pants. I see with shock that he has a massive erection. I want to run away but all I can do is lie there limp. I am totally paralyzed and he knows it. “Open your mouth” he commands. I do it.

“You want to make me cum. My cum is the most delicious thing in the world to you. You will do anything to make me cum in your mouth.” All those things are suddenly true. I want to taste his hot salty spunk so bad. It’s all I can think about.

“You can move again. You don’t want to get away. All you want to do is make me cum in your mouth.” I know what he is doing to me, but that doesn’t matter. I take him in my mouth eagerly, I want it so bad. I suck him enthusiastically. All I can think of is how bad I want to taste his cum.

He gives it to me quick. When he starts to spurt, I slurp up his cum as fast as I can. The taste is incredible. I scoop what dribbles out of my mouth onto my fingers and lick them, it’s so good.

He zips his pants back up. I think that’s it but he’s not done, not by a long shot. “You are incredibly horny. You want to cum so bad that you think you might die if you can’t. You will do anything to cum right now.” His words come true.

“Get undressed,” he orders. “Masturbate.” I strip off what is left of my clothes. Instantly my fingers are down stroking my clit. My God, it feels so good.

“You can’t cum without my permission. Nothing you do will make you cum unless I say so.” My orgasm slips away. I move my fingers faster over my clit. I am dying for it but nothing seems to work. I can get so close but it just won’t happen.

“Beg me to let you cum.”

“Please let me cum! I need it so bad!” I am so desperate that I am almost in tears. “I have to cum! Please, please, please let me cum!” I can tell that he is getting turned on again.

“You are paralyzed again,” he says. Instantly my body goes limp. I am still dying to cum and now I can’t move.

He turns me over like a rag doll and bends me over the couch. I can’t move a muscle to stop him. He strips off all his clothes. From the corner of my eye I can see he is erect again.

“You can’t speak. You can only make moaning sounds. You want my cock inside you.” I start to moan in my need.

He grabs my hips. “You want this so bad.” I can’t say a word. I can only moan.

He shoves his erection in me. It feels so good! I am moaning like crazy. My body is totally limp. “You want my cum inside you. You want me to fill you up.” And I do, I really do.

He fucks me like that for a long time. I feel like a doll, totally unable to move. I am bound within my own mind. I want to cum, I want him to cum in me, but there is nothing I can do but lie there.

He fucks me harder. I moan louder. “Cum now! Cum!” he commands. I scream. He spurts inside me, just like I want him to, and I cum harder than I have ever cum before.

I think that’s the end. It is not, it’s only the beginning. He plants a bunch of suggestions in my mind. He tells me that no matter what I do, from now on on I can never cum without his permission. He also tells me that every day when I get home from work I will become incredibly horny and I will need to cum so bad that I can’t think of anything else. He says that I will strip myself naked and then call him on my cell phone.

He sets up an appointment for me. Every Friday I will come back to his office. He says that every Friday morning when I wake up I will look forward to the appointment all day.

His mind control works. Every day as soon as I get home I am instantly horny. I can hardly wait to get my clothes off and call him, because I know it is the only way that I can cum. I finger my dripping pussy when I am dialing the phone. I am so eager to talk to him that I’m shaking. As soon as he answers he hypnotizes me over the phone.

He makes me do all kinds of things. He makes me stand naked in the window and expose myself to the neighbors. He tells me I want to do it and I do. He makes me masturbate openly while I beg him to cum. Sometimes he lets me and sometimes he doesn’t. He commands me to fuck myself with a bottle while I moan for him over the phone. He tells me to take dirty pictures of myself and send them to him. Every Friday he hypnotizes me and uses my body for sex. He makes me tell him all the things I don’t like to do and then he makes me want him. His control over my mind is complete.

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  1. SlavePaul June 13th, 2011 10:23 pm

    To Whom It may Concern,
    I found your story to be highly erotic, rather kinky and oh so deviant!! It even made my lil winkie prance and dance, and at my age, I thank you for the thrill!! Bravo!!

    However, the reality of it is, even if you are professionally hypnotized, you can’t be made to do ANYTHING against your will. YES, tons of ideas can be entered into your mind, but you can NOT be make you kill Presidents!!! Trust me, things DON’T happen in real life as the do in Hollywood!

    Now mind control is a completely different subject matter. Again, NO you’re NOT gonna kill Presidents. However, through the power of positive reinforcement can be trained to willing accept things you find comforting!! It can be highly titilating and such a great motivtor that it will easily help allow your behavior to altar, subconsciously. That’s because you believe in what you see and feel. NOT because someone else is programing your mind, with out you knowing about it.

  2. Miao~Mao Xing June 2nd, 2013 2:15 am

    I need hlep form a good hypenotist for reprograming my gray matter xing thing I have to trust the preson and I have serious trust issues to. I’m incapable of and or unwilling to trust humans and human-oids also bcoz of history of abuses and so. For other reasons I’m interested for tapping into my psyche. Maybe few know Who or the Doctor can do it even tho there are more of course out there not everyone SEES seeing outward inwardly or somesuch mysteria magicka type metaphysical magnetic timeless time leapery astral projection shifting of shapes bending of waves and slip sliding through thin veils of worlds and at times when slight riifts or delicate perfect slices in the intricate complex fabrics of time choose to appear only then to seamlessly mend said rends faster than we can measure after oursafe passages through time’s mind-bending mysterious treasure so yes i need help and no i’m not “mental”! i merely suffer from the tendency to use run-on sentences and quitevdeliberately…otherwise also i am indeed quite overly analytical with a wanton-wistfulness a daydreamy way of flowing wordage strung and hung together if you don’t like it then wth ever. I need i Want a master of many crafts to help me find the keys to long forgotten doors and unkown of hiding places…or hell, pick some locks, come push to shove, and if the trust pans out? Then yes we’ll see where else to travel like spinning wheels of chakras light and a snake ascending upwards to reach and wear it’s crown, then flee fly flying freely fast a volcanic rapture of blissfulness when thoughts and scripts and plot like twists and agendas cease to be, and who knows any longer where they begin or they end or for that matter same goes for their lover just being being here there now floating in space out of minds in joined one perfect union of aligned spinning wheels energy working flowing chi in conjunction auras aglow spiritual pure i am you and you are me and you and i are one this i can do in my mind’s eye dr. Who??? Can too tele~pathy er well hrm…sex magick but pure potent powerful ….still it takes all kinds of um…tho one must greater care take to guard one’s spiritual aetheric energetic auric field’s and resources one thing i’ve learned through studies of varying kinds particulary of certain eastern religions and their related texts practices vedic gi gong energy healing modalities hinduism …etc. chakras…theoretically mostly tho i’ve learned from wrong judgements and mistakes. It is said that having sex with even just one person just one time leaves that person’s energy to a degree or a cling-on, if you will, of their auric energetic field on you, attached to you and your auric energetic field like perhaps a potentially icky case of ectoplasmic goo…that stays with you for like 8 months or thereabouts up to. So if this holds true, you might wanna not do icky energy ppl and/or ppl who may not necessarily be so but who may do others who gots it. So diseases and psycho killers and stalkers and shit maybe ain’t all to worry about. Jest sayin’. Detours way off the official hwy. Bcoz I took an exit and it didn’t have the right hwy. access routes to get back on track right. Away. Otay. Oh. Btw. I need hlep. With. Hip Gnosis one days many. My ereptile has a lazy eye and its doing the shaky shaky Maryanne the Maenad thing. Sometimes. Or so I thnik.

  3. Steve December 30th, 2013 9:11 pm

    I love it, this story is awesome, he could even send her to friends etc

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