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(from: anonymous) Job Interview

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Usually I am confident and don’t let anything rattle me. But not this time. For some reason this job interview is making me nervous. Maybe because it’s the perfect job. Good pay, good benefits. I am feeling nervous when I stop at the office building. It is a tall skyscraper downtown. I look at the directory on the first floor. The company is all the way on the top.

I ride the elevator to the top floor. The receptionist in the front office looks at me with a smile. “Ah, are you here for the 2:00 interview?”

“Yes, I am,” I say.

“He is running a little late. His afternoon telephone conference ran late,” she says. “Will you please sit down? Would you like some coffee?”

I say yes and sit down. She gives me a cup of coffee. He is running really late. I sit there long enough to finish my coffee. I’m starting to think the interview is going to be postponed when the receptionist finally says “Mr. James will see you now.”

She leads me to his corner office. It’s huge, with floor to ceiling windows on two sides. Mr. James stands up from behind his desk. I can’t believe it. He’s gorgeous! He has blue eyes and blond hair and he’s really buff. He’s wearing an expensive-looking suit that looks just amazing on him.

He shakes my hand. His handshake almost makes me melt. I’m feeling like a girl about to be asked to the prom. He tells me to sit down. Then he picks up some papers from his desk. “It says here you have an accounting degree, is that right?”


“And you have been with your current firm for seven years?”


“Why are you leaving?”

“I want to work at a place where there is more opportunity. All of the people at my current firm are relatives of the owners.”

“I see,” he says. “It says here you have experience with overseas clients?”


“Good.” He seems pleased. “That’s excellent. Take off your shirt. Are you acquainted with foreign traction reporting requirements?”

I am not sure I heard him right. “What?”

“Take off your shirt. Bra too please. Foreign transaction reporting. Do you know the regulations?”

“But.” I am almost too flustered to speak. “My shirt?”

He looks at me with those gorgeous eyes. “I need to know that you are someone I can rely on to do what she is told. Are you that person?”

My head is swimming. I can’t think. I want to do what he says but I don’t know why. I unbutton the shirt I’m wearing. I set it down on the desk. Then my bra. My breasts are completely exposed to him. He looks at me like he’s waiting for something. I’m confused for a minute. Then I remember. “Oh! Yes. I am familiar with the regulations.”

“Good.” He nods. He is acting like it is the most normal thing in the world to have me sitting here like this. “Do you have auditing experience?”

“A little bit,” I say. I am feeling very strange now, like I have had too much wine. What was in that coffee they gave me?

“Take off your skirt and your panties. Shoes and stockings too. What is the largest client you have worked with?”

I feel like I am in a dream. I strip. “My biggest client was a one point two million dollar account” I hear myself say.

“You will be working with much larger accounts here.” He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo. “Put this in your pussy.”

I take it from him. I am not sure I heard him right. I still feel drunk. I really want to please him.

He is looking at me expectantly. “You may lean back and put your feet on my desk if you like.”

I do. I put the dildo between my legs. I am shocked to find out I am wet down there. I put it in slowly. He is looking at the papers on his desk.

“Why do you think you would be a good fit for this firm? he asks me.

I am moving the dildo in and out. It is hard to talk. “I uh! I am very detail oriented and uh! I pay close attention uh!Uh! To all my work and uh! Uh! Uh!”

“Do you want to cum? he asks me.

“Uh! Yes, I do! Very much!”

“Very well.” He nods. “You may cum.”

“Uh! Uh! Thank you, sir!” I can’t believe what I’m doing. Why am I doing this? Did they drug me? What is going on? I want to stop but it feels too good. I cum so hard I think I will pass out.

He gets up and stands behind me. He puts his hands on my breasts. He is squeezing and groping them now. I never want it to stop. “Do you have any questions for me?” he asks me. I can only think of one.

“Will you fuck me, sir?”

He gives my breasts a final squeeze. “If you are a good employee and you work hard.” He goes back behind the desk. “You’re hired. Don’t forget to put your clothes back on.”

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