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(from: Lori Sign) Spanking Rituals

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With my HoH Boyfriend there a big difference in what kind of spanking I am getting.

Maintenance or warning spanking are usually no specified number of swats, sometimes they are pretty quick but not all the time. Maintenance spankings for most part are medium to hard in strength. I have a safe word I can use, but I usually don’t because of stubbornness, pride or I am fighting it and trying to suck it up. Sometime he will get a egg timer, set it after I am over his knee and spanks me until it goes off. When it’s over I am usually doing what they call a spanking dance (arching my back, clenching up tight and hoping up and down while rubbing my burning backside) when he lets me up. But after that, that I get a discipline spanking. I feel so embarrassed being 20 some years old doing the spanking dance like a little kid but that is what I instinctively end up doing. Does anyone else do the spanking dance like that?

After one or two maintenance or warning spanking on the same subject, I get a discipline spanking. Before a Discipline and punishment I have to stand in the dame corner. After I am in the corner holding the paper with our agreement against the wall with my nose, he sets the egg timer and doesn’t tell me how long he set it for. Damn I hate that too, it’s the not knowing. It different time every time too. For Discipline and punishment spankings I have to wear jeans all the time to prepare and it’s always over his knee. He makes me take them down myself as sign that I submitting to my spanking. I have take them down to my knees but no further, he seems like that visually and it does limit my kicking a little even though I flutter my feet a lot. Discipline Spanking is usually given with no warm-up hand spanking, I don’t get a safe word to use and he usually uses an implement a belt, hairbrush paddle (hate the damn thing). It’s a high but specified number of swats, 60 plus but never go over 100 per our agreement. The hardest thing is that he doesn’t tell me how many I am getting. At this point it’s very hard to bend over his knee not knowing how many or when it’s going to stop even though I know it’s a specified number in his head.

Discipline spanking from the very beginning are as hard and fast as possible, no pauses between swats, and does let up in intensity until he reaches that specified number, its over quickly but painfully. Per our agreement, I reserve the right to have a pillow to bite on and put my face into and try to muff any hollering I may do. I can don’t have to be completely still but I can’t try to wiggle off, or put my hands back, if I do, the specified number starts all over, no matter how far into we are. I can flutter my feet but can’t kick too hard as to slip off his lap. Although, discipline spanking are hard to take with no warm-up on the bare ass and I am always doing that dumb spanking dance when it over. Sometimes I am crying and sometimes I’m not depends on my emotional state. I have a very high pain tolerance.

Punishment spankings are completely different. They always starts with a very long hand warm-up spanking, set that dam egg timer again. Than I have to stand in the dam corner and he set the egg timer and doesn’t tell me how long he set it for. But I can pull up my jeans and rub all I want as long as I hold the paper against the wall with my noise at all time. Than its back over his knee, I get no safe word and he always uses an implement usually a belt, hairbrush or switch (really hate that). Again, makes me take down my own panties and panties to my knees and no further. Most of the time he starts off slow and ends in a flurry which last for quite a while, like a fireworks show with the grand finally. I have to count, “1 sir, 2 sir. . .” until I reach my age than I don’t have to count anymore. He continues his slow pace but very hard. There is no specified number of swats, not specified time. He says a punishment spanking doesn’t usually start until I am crying; it doesn’t begin until I am at the point when I want it to stop, when I am right at my pain threshold. Then he starts a very long flurry (absolutely no pauses between swats and very hard). He beats the living daylights out of my entire backside, upper thighs to top part of my ass but avoids my tail bone at all cost. That is a signal to me to time stop fighting it and stop trying to suck it up and allow myself to give in to the spanking. When it over I’m a bawling, sobbing mess of cathartic crying, puffy eyes, tears streaming down my face, noise running and I am always am doing that dumb spanking dance when he lets me up. After, I stop hoping up and down he holds me and lets me cry it all out in his arms and we make up. Does anyone else do the spanking dance like that?

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