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(from: cupid) Derek and Dean

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The party raged around them, loud conversations occurring left and right. Derek eyed Dean, his pupils dilated. Dean motioned towards the stairs that led up to the bedroom, and Derek shook his head, looking at all the people that were still in their house. Dean rolled his eyes, and walked to the stairs, deliberately shaking his hips when he knew Derek was watching. Derek raced up behind him, no longer caring about what their party guests thought.

Dean turned when he heard Derek behind him, and quickly pressed his lips to Derek’s head, which caused Derek to grin. Dean then turned to go upstairs, but Derek grabbed his hand and pulled him into his arms. Derek then pushed Dean against the wall, and pinned his hands above his head. Dean’s grin disappeared as he registered the lust in Derek’s eyes. He leaned down to kiss Derek again, but Derek leaned in and started to kiss under his jaw. Derek then picked Dean up, wrapping Dean’s lithe legs around his waist. Dean bit his lip hard, trying desperately to keep in moans so the people downstairs wouldn’t hear him.
Dean heard Derek chuckle under his breath at his attempt to keep quiet. Dean glared at Derek, unamused, then smiled widely and pulled Derek’s hips into his, which made Derek’s eyes go wide when his hard dick rubbed against Dean’s. Derek glared at Dean then, and Dean laughed quietly. Dean then leaned down and pressed his lips to Derek’s, and Derek let go of his hands so he could wrap his arms around Dean’s waist. Dean wrapped his arms around Derek’s shoulders and kissed him hard as he rolled his hips against Derek’s, making him moan lewdly into Dean’s mouth. Dean pulled away quickly to shush Derek, but Derek pushed his hips harder against Dean’s, making him keen. He grinned at Dean, whose eyes narrowed as he stuck his tongue out. Derek’s pupils dilated once more, and Dean’s eyes widened as Derek crashed his lips back onto Dean’s and started to pull his deep blue dress shirt out of his pants.

Derek set Dean down and ripped his belt buckle off, and fumbled with the button on Dean’s tight-fitting pants. Dean huffed, exasperated, and shoved his pants down roughly, ripping the button off. Derek’s hand ran up Dean’s thigh, and Dean smiled widely. As Derek reached the top of Dean’s leg, he frowned, realizing he should have met the unforgiving barrier of Dean’s boxers. Derek looked up at Dean, who blushed brightly. He leaned down and whispered, “I didn’t put any on this morning. We were in such a rush to get ready that I completely forgot.” Derek’s hands were tight on Dean’s legs as he slowly processed what he had said. The realization that Dean hadn’t been wearing anything underneath his pants all day excited Derek even further. Dean grinned deviously at the pure lust that was pouring off Derek. He ran his fingers through Derek’s hair, and winked when he looked up at him. Derek pulled Dean close to him and grabbed his ass. Dean gasped loudly, then whimpered as Derek pushed his hips into Dean’s, his suit pants rubbing against Dean’s throbbing cock. Dean’s hands slid to his chest, then down to Derek’s belt, which he unbuckled slowly, watching Derek’s eyes slide closed in pleasure. He then unzipped his pants, and slide one hand inside, rubbing it against Derek’s cock. Derek moaned under his breath, causing Dean to suck in a quick breath, turned on by Derek’s vulgar mouth. Dean quickly pulled down Derek’s pants and boxers in one smooth jerk, and reached for his hard cock. Derek moaned louder than before, and Dean smiled as he slowly wrapped his hand around it. Dean then watched as Derek sucked on his fingers before reaching around and slowly circling Dean’s ass. Dean bit his bottom lip hard, refusing to let out a moan. Derek leaned forward and captured Dean’s lip between his, sucking softly as he worked a finger inside Dean. It was then that Dean moaned loudly, and tightened his hand around Derek’s cock. Derek growled under his breath, and kissed Dean hard as he worked another finger inside Dean. As Dean’s moans got quieter, Derek worked a third finger inside, watching Dean’s mouth drop open as he leaned his head back against the wall.

“Ready,” Dean whimpered. “I’m ready, Der.” Derek smiled as Dean pulled his pants the rest of the way down his legs with his feet, whilst rutting against Derek’s fingers. Derek guided Dean’s arms around his shoulders once more and pulled his fingers out as he picked Dean up. Dean wrapped his legs around Derek’s waist as he moaned at the loss. Derek traced his fingers around Dean’s mouth, and he opened his mouth to lather Derek’s fingers with his tongue. Derek then reached down and rubbed his hard cock, moaning quietly. Derek then guided his cock to Dean’s ass and pushed in slowly. He looked up to Dean when he was fully seated into Dean’s ass, and Dean nodded his consent. Dean threw his head back, moaning loudly as Derek pulled out halfway then slammed back inside. Dean’s eyes rolled back as his breath caught in his throat. Derek slid in and out of Dean, smiling at Dean’s loud moans. Dean wrapped his arms around his shoulders, and buried his face in Derek’s chest as Derek started to set a steady pace, sliding into Dean quickly, then pulling out slowly, making Dean feel every inch of him as he slid out. Dean tightened his arms around Derek as he started to plow into him faster and harder, Derek’s hands bruising on Dean’s waist. Dean’s moans started to get louder as he got closer to completion, and Derek’s pace started to become erratic. He suddenly slammed deep into Dean, and Dean froze, his eyes going wide and his jaw dropping. Then, Dean’s back arched and he yelled, “Fuck,” as his orgasm hit him hard. Dean tightened around Derek’s cock, and Derek moaned as he released inside Dean, his cum painting Dean’s insides. Dean moaned as he collapsed into Derek’s arms, his head spinning with pleasure. Derek wrapped his arms around Dean tightly as he slowly pulled out of Dean’s ass. Dean whimpered softly and shivered. Derek pulled Dean close, and started to carry him up the stairs. As Derek walked, he kissed the side of Dean’s head, and whispered, “I love you, Dean.”

Dean grinned, and said, “I know.”

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