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(from: anonymous) Surprise

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You call me up lat at night. “I have a surprise for you. Meet me over at my place in an hour” you say. “Oh, and one more thing. Wear something sexy.” I don’t know what you are planning but I am already wet. I spend a long time figuring out what I want to wear. Should I wear the short shorts you like so much? Or should it be the negligee you got me last Christmas? Finally I decide on the black dress with the open back. You like how short it is. Stockings. The necklace you like. My little Mary Janes. Then I am ready.

When I get over to your place all the lights are out but the porch light. I am feeling nervous when I ring the doorbell. You open the door. You’re wearing that business suit I like so much, that you were wearing when we met. You kiss me. “I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” I ask.

You take your hand from behind your back. You are holding a long ribbon of black cloth. “Is that it?” I ask. “Not exactly” you say. You put it over my eyes and you tie it behind my head.

I can’t see anything. You lead me into the house. “Here she is” you say. “She is beautiful” I hear someone else say. We are not alone! I jump with surprise. You put your hand on my shoulder. That voice sounds a little bit familiar, but I can’t quite recognize it.

“Does she know?” the voice asks.

“No” you say. “We talked about her fantasies. But she doesn’t know.”

“Know what?” I ask.

Your hand on my shoulder pushes me down until I am on my knees. Something touches my lips. It’s a hard penis! But I don’t know whose!

Now your hand is on the back of my head, pushing. I take the hard cock in my mouth. I do not believe what is happening! Who is it in my mouth? I keep sucking. The penis gets harder. I hear groans. Then he starts to cum! The cum hits the back of my throat. Just then you slip the blindfold off. I look up. He is still cumming in my mouth. I can not believe my eyes! It’s …

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  1. Blaise311 November 10th, 2016 5:29 am

    I have to say this is a favorite of mine. The writer is not only grammatically skilled, she is talented in her delivery of the whole story. In my opinion, the simplicity in the author’s style of writing gives a good indication of her traits as a woman. I see elegance, grace and etiquette come natural to this author and the best part of her style is she puts the fantasy in the readers hands to continue it as their own. That ending was a gift to the reader and that was a nice “surprise”! I hope this woman takes her writing seriously and continues to produce high quality literatur, congratulations!

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