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(from: Lookin4U) Someone to Play With

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My fantasy, that really gets me off, is about finding someone for myself and my husband to play with. We go out searching one night at all the bars, and then we see her. She has a cute smile with a wholesome face, nice perky tits, a good ass. I point her out to my husband. “What about her?” He nods yes.

We watch her for a while. When it looks like she is not there with anyone else, it’s time to make our move. I walk over to her. “Buy you a drink?” She looks surprised at being hit on by a woman, but says yes. We chat for a while. I flirt some with her. After a few drinks, I tell her, “my husband thinks you’re really cute! I think you’re cute too.” I point him out. “Let me introduce you.” He comes over so we can all talk. I can see in her eyes she is nervous but interested.

We talk until closing time. “Why don’t you come home with us?” She says yes. On the way out to the car I am touching her arm. I can tell how excited she is.

When we get home I am all ready to go. I am so wet! We don’t waste any time. I start kissing my husband. Then I turn to her. “Wy don’t you kiss him too? He is a good kisser. I promise you will like it.”

They start kissing. When I see her start to get into it I turn up the heat. I start to kiss her neck and put my hands on her tits. We both are making out with her. We can see how excited she is getting.

Then it’s time to crank it up. I kneel down on the floor to pull down my husband’s pants. He is still making out with her. I put his cock in my mouth and start to suck. He starts to take off her clothes. Pretty soon she is just down to panties. Her perky tits are exposed for us to view.

When he is good and hard I stand up. “Why don’t you let him fuck you?” She gasps when she looks at his cock. My husband is very well endowed. “It’s okay,” I tell her. “It looks scary but you can do it.”

We take her to the bed. I take her panties off and lie her down so her head is in my lap. I am touching her all over. “He will be gentle” I promise. She gasps when my husband starts to go into her. I love how it feels when he first goes in. I am running my hands all over her tits. He is gentle, just like I told her he would be.

When he is all the way inside her, I hold her hands. He starts to fuck her for real. She is screaming with ecstasy while he is pounding her. I keep hold of her wrists. I am looking down at her getting pounded by my husband.

Then they both cum together. I have to hold her down tight. She is completely crazy, flailing around with ecstasy.

My husband pulls out of her. “My turn!” I say. I start touching her all over, putting my fingers in to see how drippy she is. I kneel down between her legs to start licking. She is still going crazy, moaning and jerking around.

My husband is ready to go again. He pushes into my pussy. Now I am the one screaming. I am still licking her and he is pounding me good. We all three cum together and then we collapse in a tangle. “What are you doing next week?” I say. “Same thing!” she says. “But next time I want to lick you.”

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