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(from: BN) A True Spanking Contest

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A true story from what happen and I started dating my girl

A True Spanking Contest

Bill was just getting out of computer class and when the two girls approach him.
Bill: Hey, if it isn’t the competitive adrenaline girls themselves in the flesh!
Jill: Hey, Bill, we need your help with something.
Sam: Yeah, but we need your strict confidentiality and we are only asking you because you are the only one who we can both decide we can trust.
Jill: Its the opportunity of a life time for you but you can only trust you and only you.
Bill: I take it has to do with another competition you two conjured up again, some new adrenaline rush and another bet too.
Jill: See, he knows us all too well.
Bill: Well, this past summer, Sam father paid for Sky diving and scuba diving together and bet on who could swim to the closes to the biggest fish you can find. So what is it now, rattlesnake hunting and who is more fearless.
Sam: No sky diving was the fear bet. This time its a pain test. Whoever has the will power to take the most pain wins! We came up with the best and only way, and that where you come in.
Bill: I’m not sure what that could be but why don’t we talk about this at Starbucks, we can meet at the one down on Lincoln Boulevard across from the north campus at 3pm after my math class.
Jill: See you than!
Sam: Works for me, see in a few hours.
A few hours later, they meet at Starbucks. The girls got there first and got the most remote outside table. Bill showed, got his coffee and sat down.
Bill: Ok, what this about girls you were pretty cryptic about this bet on who has the most will power and something about pain tolerance?
Jill: We got a bet going about who can take the most pain without giving in or interfering. After many hours talking about we decided the only safe way to do that is with a spanking. Whoever can take the most, hardest and longest wins!
Sam: We thought about spanking each other but we decided that the only way for it to be fair is for someone else does it and we choose you.
Bill: Wait a minute you want me give you two a spanking, is that right? That sound a little kinky doesn’t?
Jill: Well, yes and no, that what we came up with to decide the bet and who wins. Will you help us.
Sam: Yeah, we bet on who has the most will power and the highest pain tolerance. So whoever holds out the longest and takes the most before crying wins. We can flip a coin to who goes first and time it and. . .
Bill: What a minute here there a lot more variables than that, first how do you determine what’s “crying,” means. That can be subjective and the only way to be complete far is to bare, no protection. Some pants or jeans can be more protective than say leggings etc. Setting a timer doesn’t make sense because what happens if you both make it until the timer ends and either one of you are “crying” what do you than?
Jill: You know that’s a good point, how do you determine it, if we both just hold out until the timer goes off and being bare wasn’t apart of it the deal either.
Sam: Well, you can always bail and declare me the winner, we already made the bet. I going to see this through and if that means be a little embarrassment to win, than the bet is still on as far as I’m concern. A bet is a bet! What will it be Jill?
Jill: Fine, I’m not going lose this one but how do we solve the timing issue?
Sam: Well, I guess it will be about will power too, whoever to take it until their crying win.
Jill: Absolutely not, do you know what your saying, I mean. . .
Bill: Wait, wait a minute girls. You two are a really off your rocker. Your talking about a real whoopin and what happen if you both have the will power to take it to until you two are both crying how do you decide who wins than?
There was silence for about a minute.
Sam: Well, whoever endures the most without interfering with the spanking and as the will power to take it until they crying and not bail out, wins. That way there are two factors.
Sam: Well, a bet is a bet, you can just buy my text books next year and I win the second part of the bet also and. . .
Bill: Wait, wait, I agree that is a little extreme. Beside, how would you determine enough is enough. How many whack is going to be enough. What would you propose I use anyways, my hand, a belt a paddle or? And how would you determine what you mean by crying.
Sam look directly at Jill. Before we decide anything else, are you going to capitulate and loose or are going to buck up and see who has the most will power and pain tolerance and still loose. Either way, I win!
Jill: No it doesn’t, fine, I’m in and you won’t win, a bet is a bet!
Bill: You two are completely crazy! You want me to give you both a spanking until you are absolutely crying and whoever holds out the longest without interfering win? You two can’t be serious?
Sam: Yes we are Bill and that’s why your the one we are going to trust.
Bill: Ok, let’s say I help you two absolutely crazy girls, how are we going to determine when enough is enough and how much is enough crying to ensure the bet is fulfilled?
Sam: Well, I determine that for Jill and she will determine that for me. . .
Jill: Ok, no way, absolutely no way! That isn’t going to happen; you aren’t determining anything for me. In fact, I’m not getting that kind of lickin in front of you anyways, Sam. We have to let Bill decide when enough is enough and determine when stop.
Sam: No way, I’m not doing that and. . .
Jill: Well, I guess it will be a bet of who has the will power to trust Bill to make that determination.
Bill: Ok, you two stop it for a second! First, since I’m the administrating this bet, let me interject some fairness into this bet. First, leaving it to my discretion as to when enough is enough is the only fair thing to do, if you two are really serious. Second, giving you separate spankings on separate days makes sense too. Its the only way to be fair.
Sam: Than who decides who win, Jill?
Bill: Well, I guess you’ll both will have to trust me to decide which one of you won since I’m the one giving you the whipping.
Jill: Ok, that fine with me but she can’t know I got mine until you declare the winner.
Sam: Same here.
Bill: Ok, now that settled, we have a few more details. What should I use my hand. . .
Sam: A paddle!
Jill: No a belt!
Bill: Ok, lets not start fussing again. Sam what kind paddle? Jill what kind of belt?
Sam: A ping pong paddle with the rubber surfaces.
Jill: A big thick wide leather one.
Bill: Ok, Ok, how about both, we’ll use a ping pong paddle to start with and than I’ll use my belt, to make it fair?
Jill: Fine with me
Sam: Ok, sure what not
Bill: So just so we are all clear, Sam you tell me what you believe we agreed too and than Jill you either agree with what she said or we we clarify again.
Sam: We both have to take the spanking until we are really crying like when we were kids in order to qualify to win. Whoever takes the most without interfering or bails out loses automatically.
Jill: And it’s up to Bill to decide when to stop not us and he gets to determine the winner not us because he will spanked us separate days confidentially, but what if we both endure both things.
Sam: He will have to count the number swats until we like throw our hands back, rollover, bail out or interfere in anyway. That will be the determining factor.
Bill: And unfortunately the way to make it fair is to be bare, no protection. I start off with a specified number swats with the ping pong paddle and than my belt, to make sure it the same one, until you are bawling and until I decide when to stop.
Jill: You can start with your hand before ping ping paddle.
Bill: I agree, I’ll start off with my hand. We can set a egg timer for a specific time, say 30 second a minute whatever we decide before the paddle.
Sam: Fine, three minutes
Jill: No way, one minute
Bill: Ok, ok, stop it, you two! No more fussing. Lets two minutes, that a medium between the two of you.
Sam: Done
Jill: Oh alright, but how many are we going to get with the paddle, since its a specified number?
Sam: Well, I feel we should get. . .
Bill: Sam, you have decided enough, why I don’t decide how many and you both will get. I assure you, that you will both get the exact same amount. Than, if you both make it through that, I will be counting in my head as I use the belt.
Sam: Fine, ok but how many?
Bill: Before you two start fussing again, how about I don’t tell you that way you’ll just have to find out than. I’ll decide how hard, how many, how fast and when. I assure you both that I will make sure you both get the same spanking as possible. I have nothing in stake here. Remember its a test of will power, pain tolerance, and trust. Now, I’m going to have to be assertive and direct with you two. I’m going to have to be in charge if I’m really going to do this, agreed. In fact, I still can’t believe you both are going to allow me to do this to you both.
Sam: Agreed
Jill: Me too, I guess, but we have your promise, you won’t tell anyone and you won’t try to take advantage of us since we are going to have to be bare?
Bill: I promise, I will not take advantage of either one of you and this stay strictly between us. So when do you two want to do this show down?
Sam: Today Jill and Monday me.
Jill: You don’t decide when I’m getting mine, how about you today and. . .
Bill: Ok, Ok stop it! Boy, maybe you two do need a good spanking after all. I’ll tell you what we will all meet at my place in one week from this Friday. You both can call or text me and arrange your ass beating separately and I will not tell the other person if and when other got their whoopin. I will declare the winner when we meet again and not before, agreed?
Jill: That sound good to me.
Sam: Works for me too.
They all went their ways from the meeting feeling and thinking different things. He just couldn’t believe what they both asked for him to do and got himself into. He never spanked anyone in his life. He was a twenty-two year old college students in his third year of studying computer science. They were twenty and twenty-one and studying to be teachers. He was rather turned on by the idea of seeing their bare behinds but wasn’t really into inflicting any kinky thing like spanking. But he determined that if they met with him, he was going do everything he could to keep his side of the commitment.
It was Thursday and he got a text from Sam.
Sam: Are doing anything tomorrow evening?
Bill: After my work out at the gym. Should be home about 6.
Sam: You want I come my place at 7, order delivery dinner and watch a movie?
Bill: Yeah, so you want to get your ass beating too for the bet than too?
Sam: Yeah, might as get it over with, off on Saturday to recover.
Bill: Roomates?
Sam: Gone for the weekend visiting her brother.
Bill: I’ll see you than, be careful what you ask for. I like Chinese food.
Sam: See you than
Bill: Ok
After Bill got home from the gym, he went home took a shower and went to Sam’s apartment. He had a gyms bag with a ping pong paddle in it. He knocked on and she let him in.
Sam: Am I going to be safe? I have to warn you I have a black belt and if you try anything except what we agreed too. . .
Bill: You are safe and I promise I will only beat your ass, not take advantage of you.
She exhaled deeply and said
Sam: I knew we could trust you. Did Jill get her ass beat yet?
Bill: If she did or didn’t, I’m not telling you. Are you really going to go through with this?
Sam: Yes, I’m can afford paying for her text books all next years etc.
Bill: Ok, where do you want to start?
Sam: Can we sit on the couch first. Can I sit on your lap and hold me for a few minutes. Not in a romantic way but just so I can feel secure. I just want to held for a few minutes.
Bill: No problem, I’m in no hurry.
He sat down on the couch and she sat in his lap and laid her head in his chest. She was about five feet five inches and fairly slim with a flat stomach. She was wearing jeans, a polo and she put on her cute little bikki panties with red flowers on them. He must have just held her for a good half an hour to forty-five minutes. She than sat up and made eye contact with him.
Sam: How long have we been friends?
Bill: Oh, about two half years or so. I meet you the same I meet Jill.
Sam: Are you ok with this?
Bill: Yeah, I guess, I have to admit though, I’ve never spanked anyone before but I going to do my best to do my part.
Sam: Well, I may regret this, but I don’t want you to be afraid, I’m pretty tough and I’ve had my share of whoppin growing up, but non as an adult.
Bill: Me too, just remember you two asked for it. I hope you won’t be angry with me afterwards. And I’m not going fight with you to corporate either.
Sam: As long as you don’t try anything else, I won’t be angry with you. I’ll be complicit, I know the second I don’t, I run the risk of loosing. How shall we do this?
Bill: Let me get my egg timer and. . .
Sam: Oh, I got one too. I just want to get a pillow from my room first though, ok.
Bill: That’s fine and bring your egg timer too, I have an idea, and I’ll get a chair from the table and bring it in here if you don’t mind.
Sam: Ok
She got a pillow from her room, stopped by the kitchen and grabbed her egg timer. He grabbed a chair and brought it to living room.
Bill: Ok, as you know its only fair if it bare. Now, I’m going to set my egg time for exactly two minutes more than you’re going to set yours. You will have the amount of time you set your timer to get your jeans and panties all the way down to your knees and only to your knees and lay over my lap. If your not over my lap in the allotted time it will be considered interfering with the spanking since you are setting your own timer to get ready. When your timer goes off I’m going to begin spanking you as hard and as fast as I determine. The spanking will continue for two full minutes until my timer goes off. You can kick a little but per our agreement you can’t put your hands back and or roll off in attempts to interfere with the spanking in anyway. You’ll just have to take what I decide to give you in that two minutes, agreed?
Sam: Yeah
Bill: You can expect that your entire bottom including upper thighs are all targets. Now, how long are you going to set your timer for?
Sam exhaled and thought for a second.
Sam: Ohhh, I guess I’m setting for two minutes.
Bill: Ok, I’m setting mine for four.
He sat down on the chair in arms reach of coffee table behind him.
They both picked up their timers and twisted them at the same time. He took both timers and set them down on the coffee table facing his away from her sight.
Bill: Ok, drop ’em, Sam, the only to be fair is be bare, completely bare.
She exhaled deeply and looked at the timer she set. She slowly pulled the flap of her belt free from the loop and pulled it to the right to get the buckle undone. She hesitated. She began rubbing her backside.
Bill: Its will okay, I seen it all before. Now get ’em down, you only have two minutes.
Sam: I know, I know, its just. . .
Bill: I know, I know, but you made the bet, the timer started and you can bail out if you want and. . .
Sam: No, no, I will, I will
She glance at her timer that was facing her and began undoing the bottoms of her jeans. She started pushing her zipper down slowly.
Sam: Is it going be really hard at first?
Bill: You’ll have get you pants all the way down and get over my lap and find out. Come on now, the way its fair is for it be on the bare, push them down Sam.
She hooked her thumbs on the inside of her jeans and slowly pushed them down her knees, pick the pillow off the floor and handed it to Bill as she stepped towards him. He took the pillow and said.
Bill: Panties come all the way down too, drop ’em!
Sam: Ok, ok, I know, I know, I will
She swallowed hard, glance at the timer and it was almost down to a minute left. She slipped her whole hands on the inside of her panties and started pulling out on the elastics band but not down.
Bill: Sam, you ok, you still want to do this?
Sam: Yeah, I am. Well here it goes, I just have to win.
She inched closer to Bill and slowly pushed them to knees. She didn’t really come all the way up. She only stood up enough to bend over his lap. He gave her the pillow and adjusted her squarely on his lap.
He instantly got turned on. Her bottom was all white, she had a clear bikki tan lines which petty much outline her bottom. He rested his hand on the center of her butt feeling both cheeks. Her bottom was so smooth and and white. She clenched up involuntarily and when she did he could see the slight muscular indentation of her butt cheeks. She had some cute little freckles on her bottom. He was enjoying his view of her bare ass.
Bill: I have to yell you Sam; you have some cute little freckles on your cheeks. Nice tan outline too, are you ready for me to tan your hide.
She clenched up tight and wiggled a little. She felt a little embarrassment and humiliation being bare from her waste to her knees like that, especially in that position.
Sam: Not particularly
Bill: Well, I can’t tell you I’m not but either but as soon as that timer goes off, I’m going to set your fanny on fire.
To her it seemed like forever, she was just laying there pants and panties to her knees over his lap bare ass. She could feel his hand on her bottom. She was conscience of the cool air in the room on her bare backside. She was feeling apprehension and embarrassment at the same time. At that moment she couldn’t believe what she got herself into as she hugged and gripped the pillow like a teddy bear. Laying their waiting in that positions and trepidation of the spanking. Oh, it seems like forever she was just laying there over is lap.
Than unexpectedly the timer went off. He started spanking her medium force but rather quickly. The rapid fire swats sent her a little shock and awe of pain. She gripped the pillow hard and started fluttering her feet a little. She was only about thirty seconds into the spanking.
Sam: Oooooo, oooo, ooooo, how much is left, how much is left, Ooooooo, ooooo
He was just spanking away.
Bill: Until it goes off, hang on. . .
He was smacking her entire backside, upper cheeks, center and all around the sides of her cheeks. She was getting starting to get pretty red, she was now fluttering her feet a little faster. After about minute her entire backside was red he decided to ramp it up. He began spanking her as hard and fast as he could. She was really gripping her pillow hard now. She was just about to start hollering when the timer went off. True to his word he stopped immediately when the timer sounded.

He helped her up. When she stood up she instantly threw her hands over backside and rubbing frantically. She started stomping her feet as if she was in an Indian war dance. She was stomping around and turning about rubbing like crazy. Seeing her cute backside and everything else was such a sight to see, but she was actually doing a spanking dance, right before his very eyes. She stomped around for a good twenty seconds or so before she came to herself and realized he was watching. She so embarrassed because her jeans fell her ankles and her panties were still at her knees. She quickly turned around facing away from him as she quickly pulled her panties and jeans back up. She got her belt all buckled up and slowly turned and started walking back as she was still rubbing her ass.
Sam: Fuck that hurt. You spanked me really hard.
He patted his thigh and said
Bill: You want to sit down?
She sat on his lap and barrier her face into his chest.
Bill: Well, its a spanking it suppose to hurt but its far from over, you still have to that paddling and than my belt.
Sam: I know, I know, can I just have a few minutes?
Bill: Yeah, we can wait for a few but there will only be a minute or so after I paddle you before you get a good long does of my belt, alright?
Sam was breathing heavy and starting to calm down.
Jill: Ohhhh, ok
They waited for about twenty minutes.
Bill: Alright, its time to finish this, go to my gym bag and get the ping pong paddle.
She slowly went to bag, received the paddle and came back and handed it him. He took the paddle and reached down and picked up her pillow.
Bill: You know the deal Sam, its only fair if its bare. Get your jeans and panties down to your knees. Your going over one knee now and no more stalling, pull them both down at the sometime.
She slowly started undoing her belt again. Got her button unsnapped pushed her zipper down and hooked her thumbs on the inside of her jeans and panties. She inched forward and hesitated.
Sam: How many am I going to get with that thing.
Bill: The exact same amount as Jill got or will get.
Sam: But its a specified number that’s what we agreed too.
Bill: Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you. Remember this is a bet also a bet of trust too. Your going to have to trust that I’m going to give you and Jill the exact same. You just need to get your pants down and get over my knee.
Sam: But how many is that going to be.
Bill: I have a specified number in my head but as far as you are concerned from here on out its as many as I deem necessary now drop your drawers and get over.
As she was pushing them down to her knees in one push she inched towards him.
Sam: Still wish you tell me how many I’m getting though, I don’t like not knowing.
He handed her the pillow and she turned over his knee.
Bill: Well, lets fine out.
Being over one knee, she was pretty much bent in half and right where her cheeks meet her upper thighs were pulled a little tight. Her bottom was all red except her thighs. He rested the paddle down right on her sit spot.
Bill: Ok, I’m going paddle you good, I’ll let you up you can rub it all out but don’t bother pulling your pants back up. Your going right over the side of the couch and get my belt, understand?
Sam: Ohhhh, yes sir!
Bill: Hmmm, I like that sir stuff. Now you keep your hands out of the way until I’m done. Now you say start and we’ll get this underway.
She hesitate for a few seconds. He tapped her backside a few lightly pats.
Bill: Sam…
Sam: Ok, ok, start!
He raised the paddle. He determined to give her fifty good hard and fast as possible right over her sit spot and upper thighs. Making twenty-five on each thigh. She began kicking and hollering.
Wack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack
He alternated each side as he was whacking away hard and fast.
She was gripping her pillow hard and harder. Her knuckles turning white she was squeezing so hard. He turned her upper thighs and sit spot bright red. He was only half way done and she was being very vocal.
Sam: Ouchie, Ouchie, Ouchie, how many more, how many more, Ouchie, Ouchie, how many morrrrrr
She was fluttering her feet like crazy.
Bill: Until I’m done, now hold be still!
whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack
She was trying to stiffened and clench up as much as she could being over one knee. She was hollering like crazy. He reached his fifty and let her up. She was doing that spanking stomping dance again. She was stomping around for a thirty second this time. She was about to pull her pants up.
Bill: No, no, Sam you leave them down in a minute your going over the side of the couch.
She began to slowly hobble over. He bent down and picked up her pillow and placed it on the couch where she could reach it after she was over arm of the couch. As she was hobbling over, he began to undo his belt. She reach him right about the time he was pulling it from his belt loops. She head the enviable sound. She swallowed hard when he folded it in half.
Bill: Over the side of the couch now Sam. This one is going to be different. I will be counting them in my head but only to keep track. This is going to be the real deal though, no more specified time, no more specified number of swats and no more holding back. This belt spanking isn’t going to stop until I say it stops, understand?
Sam began to lay over. She had to pull herself up a little, the arm of the couch was a little higher than her waste.
Sam: Ohhhh, yes sir.
He laid the belt on her red bare ass she speaking out load but to herself.
Sam: I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.
Bill: Ok, here we go, a no-holds-barred belt whoppin. You need keep your hand out of the way and stay in position. The second you try interfere I’ll stop counting, but that doesn’t mean it over. Remember, you have to be crying or you don’t qualify to win. As long as you don’t bail out and take it until I decide to stop you have a chance to win your bet. And I’m not going to stop until you are way past crying. You might want to cross your legs. You can buck, clench, kick, scream and holler all you want. If rollover, get out of position, put her hands back or interfere with spanking in anyway you run the risk of losing, understand?
Sam began breathing harder and clenched up a few times. She crossed her legs. Hugged her pillow closer.
Sam: Ohhhh, yes sir.
With that he raised the belt from her bottom took aim and brought it squarely across the upper part of her bottom.
It left a fiery line across ass. It flashed white in contrast to already red backside for a second before quickly leaving a deep red welt. When made connection she stiffened and clenched up as tight as she could. He gave her a few seconds to recover and laid into her backside with and real zinger.
Just about had the same reaction. He let her recover and waited until she relaxed again. He went on like this for about twenty-five good hard and slow licks and letting her recovery completely before next one. Each time he saw the flash of white in her bottom before leaving a darker red welt. He than decided it was time ramp it up a little and give her a set of five right in succession with no pauses between swats.
Sam: ouhooooo, ouhoooo, ouhoooo, no so fast, not so fast, ouhoooo
She clenched up and remained stiffened through the entire five stokes and started fluttering her legs like all get out when she relaxed. After he let her fully recover, he let her have another set of five.
Still the same reaction. He gave her one more set of five.
She had the same reaction, begging for it not go so fast. He was now at forty whacks. He decided to raise the bar again as he give her a set of ten, one right after then the other in rapid fire succession.
Sam: Oucieee, ouchieeee, ouchieee, no, no, slow down, slow down, ouchieee, ouchieeee, ouchieee
He gave her a few seconds to recover. Than let have it again with another ten that exploded across her upper thighs.
Sam: No, no, no, not fast, not fast, ouchieeee, ouchieee, ouchieeee, ouchieee
Her waited a few seconds. Her ass was all kinds of dark red. He was now up to sixty whacks. He stops the set of ten and decided just to lay into really hard with a slower but a continuous pace.
Bill: Hang in here Sam.
With one every second and half or so he laid into her.
Sam: Ooooooo, Oooooo, OK, OK, OK, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeeeeee
When he reached seventy he threw her arms out straight and balled up her fists as she was kicking and squirming with every whack. When he got to ninety-one, she couldn’t take it anymore and she threw her hands back and started rubbing and protecting bottom.
Sam: Ouchoooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo, I lost, I lost, I lost, I lost
Bill: Sam, you didn’t necessary loose. You will only loose if you stop here. All it means is you are at you pain limit. Now move your hands Sam.
She was just rubbing and repeating herself.
Bill: Sam, if you don’t move your hands I’m going to assume you bailed. So what’s it going to be. Move your hands or bail out?
She slowly moved her hands and gripped her pillow again hugging it tightly. He let her have nine more hard and slow ones. His intent was to get to a hundred, than move to the really hard and fast rapid ones with absolutely no time to recover until she was sobbing out of control.
He paused and let her recover for a second or two.
Sam: Ouchoooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo, ouchoooo, ouchooooo
Bill: Alright no more holding back. No sense trying fight it anymore Sam. With that said he cut loose with such rapid fire whacks as hard and as fast as he could.
Sam was screaming out her words.
There came a point she could make full words. She bite into her pillow.
She barrier her face in the pillow trying to muffle her screaming. She was now just making long long bursts growling type scream from her pillow with every whack of the belt, as her body bucked, stiffened and relaxed involuntarily, she was clenching and unclenching, her legs kicking like crazy when she wasn’t clenching.
He wasn’t letting up. He was just criscrossing the belt on her entire backside, upper and lower butt cheeks, center, sit spot and upper thighs. She was screaming in immense pain.
He was spanking the living daylights out of her. She finally stop fighting and just laid there sobbing. He decided to give her a few more for good measure.
He stop and just let her cry and cry. Her entire backside was a deep color red and covered with welts. She was hiccup crying out of control. Bill put his belt back on walked around her and gently put his hand on her back and started rubbing.
Bill: It over Sam, its over, you did it.
He gently help her to her feet and held her. He led her to lad down on the couch after he sat down. She hobbled around putting her head in his lap. Her eyes were all puffy and red, tears streaming down her face, noise running and she couldn’t make completely words because she was hiccup sobbing. She was crying for a good half an hour or so. He was just stroking her hair and head until she calmed down. Than she careful got pulled her pants back up, wiping her noise and tears with one hand and began to rubbing her bottom with the other hand, as she was getting her breathing under control.
Sam: I did it, I willed myself to take it and gave into it didn’t I?
Bill: Yes, you did, you took one hell of a spanking.
Sam: Did I win, did I take more than Jill. How many did I take before I threw my hands back.
Bill: You will have to find out a week from today at my place.
Sam: Oh come on, I took my ass beating, the least you can to is tell me how many did it take before I interfered?
Bill: I’m not telling. But I have a lot more respect for you than I ever had before though.
Sam: Why
Bill: You follow through with this bet and you did take it. Its takes a lot of will power to take a whoopin like that. But I am not saying anything until next week?
Sam: Oh, ok, I just know I won, I couldn’t count anymore when you started with belt. That thing stung like the dickens.
The rest of the night went well. They ordered food and watched a movie.
Two days later Bill got a text from Jill.
Jill: Heard you were a perfect gentlemen when you gave Sam her licking?
Bill: She told you ah?
Jill: Yeah, all she told me is that she was able hold out until she was crying really hard and you didn’t try again else.
Bill: Well, I will only confirm what she said
Jill: How many did she take before interfering or did she interface?
Bill: Not going to say until Friday when we all meet.
Jill: Speaking of meeting can we make plans?
Bill: You ready to get your lickin
Jill: Yeah, I might as well, don’t like the idea but a bet is bet.
Bill: When were thinking
Jill: I’m off on Wednesday so I was thinking Tuesday evening?
Bill: I can make that happen if you want, what time?
Jill: Around 6:30
Bill: That will work, your place or mine?
Jill: Mine
Bill: Roommates?
Jill: She working from 5 to 11, she won’t be around
Bill: Ok, do you have a kitchen timer there
Jill: Yes, we have one
Bill: See you Tuesday evening.
Jill: Ok
On Tuesday Bill got off early and his skipped gym work out. He grabbed a bite eat and went to Jill place. She let him in and went over to the couch and sat down.
Jill: Well, Sam said you didn’t take advantage her in anyway. She been harassing me to tell her if I got licking yet and if I how many I got before interfere.
Bill: She’s been asking me the same thing. I told her she’ll just have to find out on Friday.
Jill: I appreciate that, you do keep your word don’t you?
Bill: Well, always try too, that’s the way I was raise, a man always keeps his word.
Jill: Did she really hang in there until she was crying really hard?
Bill: Well, I guess I will only confirm what she told you. Yeah, she willed herself to take until she was a an absolute sobbing mess, like when she was kid.
Jill: Guess I’m going to have to do the same thing ah? I won’t pretend though, I’m a little concerned about being vulnerable towards you like that. Will you hold me afterwards?
Bill: If that’s what you need. Yes absolutely. You sure you want to go through with this?
Jill: Yes, I have too, I can’t afford to buy her text books next year.
Bill: Is it just one semester or the whole year?
Jill: The entire year, summer and both semesters.
Bill: You shouldn’t get into bets like this, you may end up getting hurt some days.
Jill: Yeah, I know, its going to hurt tonight that’s for sure
Bill: I mean permanently get hurt.
Jill: I know.
Bill: Now you know I may be a little assertive but its only to help you get through it and stay in the right state of mind. I have to be in charge, I’m the administrating the spanking. Have your resolved yourself to take it?
Jill: Yeah, I understand that and yes, I have.
Bill: Where do want to get your ass beat, in here?
Jill: No, I prefer to be my room, if you don’t mine?
Bill: You want to go to your room?
Jill: Yeah, that where I got all my licking when I was a kid. I would feel more comfortable in my own room.
Bill: Well, do you have a chair that doesn’t have arms in your room.
Jill: Yes, it pretty big size room and I have a chair. I even went and got a ping pong paddle from Wal-Mart.
Bill: You really want to be in your room?
Jill: Absolutely
Bill: Ok, let go let me get my kitchen timer from my bag.
Jill: Oh, I have one you don’t need to do that.
Bill: Yes, I do we need two of them, I will explain when we get there.
Bill got his timer from his bag, Jill got hers from the kitchen and they walk down the hall to her room. She was wearing black leggings and a long pink tee shirt. She was only five feet three inches tall and very petite more so than Sam. She was half a Irish red head, so she too was pretty fair color. They got into the room leaving the door open. He saw the chair went over to it pulled it out and sat down. He faced it away from her desk but close enough to reach the surface to put the timers on. Jill was quit nervous and she was already rubbing her backside.
Jill: Well, I guess this the moment of truth. How do you want to do this, why did we need both timers.
Bill: Before we start I want to be sure you know what’s going to happen. What do you remember what the bet was?
Jill: Well, I have to take a licking until I am crying really hard and I have to try to hold out as long as I can. I can’t interface with the spanking or I loose the bet.
Bill: And the only way to be fair is to be bare. I want you to take you pants and panties down, all the down to your knees but no further.
Jill: Yeah, I don’t like that idea. Did Sam really do that when you spanked her?
Bill: Yup, for all three of them. My hand, the paddle and my belt.
She swallowed hard
Jill: Ohhhh, yeah, I guess, its just I’ve never been with a, hmmmm, I mean, I haven’t. . .
Bill: I understand Jill, its all good. I promise you I won’t do anything here except beat your ass, nothing more.
Jill: Well, I guess we asked for it didn’t we and our bet was to trust you. So what’s with both timers?
Bill: Ok, well, I’m going to set my timer for exactly two minutes more than your going to set you’re. However long you set your timer for, you have that much time to get your pants down and get over my lap. When your timer goes off, mine will be exactly two minutes left. That when I start spanking you with my hand and its will not stop until my timer goes off. You can pull your pants back up and you can have twenty minutes break. After that you go over my one knee and I paddle you good. After a brief minute or so, than I use my belt.
Jill: Well, that doesn’t sound so like a good evening to me. But than again I have to go through with it if I’m going to win and we did ask for it.
Bill: I have a question though.
Jill: What
Bill: Sam leaned over the side of her couch for her belt spanking but we’re in here. Where do you want to lay over, do want to go in the living room over the couch.
Jill: No, I want to stay in here. I’ll lay over the side of my bed, with my legs dangling over the side.
Bill: Are you sure?
Jill: Yes, I get my licking in here. I have my personal reasons.
Bill: Ok, how long are you going to set your timer for?
Jill thought for a minute as they both pick up their timers.
Jill: I guess three minutes.
Bill: Ok, I’ll set my timer for exactly five minutes. Ready to twist?
They both twisted the same time. He took both timers and set them opposite side of the desk to where she would bending over his lap so that she could see it. But facing her timer towards her so she can see how much time she has remaining to get ready.
Jill: How come they have to be so far down?
Bill: Well, first that’s exactly how far Sam had take hers down and you can ask her about it later. Second that will make sure your entire backside is bare, including your upper thighs which will be targets also. Thirdly, it may hinder some kicking if they are bunched up at your knees. Lastly, I personally prefer them to be that far down. Since I am the doing the spanking I get to have my preferences also.
Jill: So are you turned on by beating our butts.
He gently put his hand on her hers. In a soft friendly voice, he replied.
Bill: No, but I do get turned on my see your bare behinds and I would hope that you think that’s normal. If you got to see my bare behind you’d be turned on too. And no, I’m not into this spanking thing but you two are the ones who made the bet and you two came to me. Jill, we have been friends for two years or more, I’m just doing my part.
Jill: Yeah, I guess so. Its just I’m a little scared, I haven’t had a spanking since I was tens years old.
Bill: Well, I guess its time to change that, its only fair if its bare. You need to drop ’em to your knees and get over my lap, the timer is ticking away.
She looked over to the timer. She had two minutes left. She pull her shirt up and hooked the inside of her leggings.
Jill: Ohhh, I don’t like this part of our bet, why did I agree to being bare.
She slowly pushed her leggings down to her knees and stood up, it was obvious that her panties were still up but he couldn’t see them because of her long shirt that came down half way to her knees.
Bill: Jill you need to get your panties down too and all the way down.
She was rubbing her backside in anticipation.
Jill: Do they really have too, I mean. . .
Bill: Yes, it’s only fair if it bare, now come on, get ’em down.
Jill: Ohhh, it’s really embarrassing, I mean did Sam really. .
Bill: Yes, Sam got hers on bare ass; however, you can always bail out. I have nothing at stake here. I just promised to be fair as possible. Its a crazy bet, I certainly won’t think of you any less. But Sam did take her spanking and she qualified to win based on the rules of the bet. Do you want to bail out?
In a very sobering voice, she put her head down and said,
Jill: No, I can’t afford it. I have to win.
Bill stood and and offered her a hug. She put her arms around his neck, he hugged her for a second or two. He let go, lightly patted her hip over her shirt.
Bill: Let give you that chance too shall we. Now unfortunately, I have to tell I can’t hold back any, you know that right?
Exhaling deeply a few times.
Jill: Yeah, I know, I don’t expect you too.
She inched closer to him and slowly raised her shirt and hooked her thumbs on the inside of her forth of July, red white and blue panties. She slowly push then down to her knees stood up, her shirt covered everything but she still felt very embarrassed. She felt the cool air hit bare skin and her bottom formed goose bumps all over. She stood there with her hands behind her in a protective posture. She swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths. With trepidation in her voice
Jill: Is this one really going to hurt?
Bill: A spanking is a suppose to hurt, you will get the same hand spanking as I gave Sam, nothing more and nothing less.
Jill: Ohhh, alright
She slowly leaned over and laid across his lap. He readjusted her to ensure she was more squarely in position. He carefully and slowly pull her shirt up all the way up to her lower back revealing her naked backside, from her lower back to her knees. He was so turned on when her bare ass was revealed, it was so beautiful and smooth. He could see the indentation of her muscular cheeks also. She was much more petite and slimmer than Sam. With her flat stomach skinny but muscular legs, her legs formed perfectly into her behind. Her bottom was a little smaller and whiter than Sam backside too. But she didn’t have a nicely cute tan outline that Sam had. He placed his hand on her bottom and she twitched at his touch.
Jill: How much time is left on my timer. He reach back picked it up and said.
Bill: Little over a minute.
Jill: So I’m going be laying her across your lap bare ass like this for a full minute?
Bill: Yup, a full minute. But I would be wrong if I didn’t tell you that you have a beautiful backside.
Jill: Really? You really think my bottom is beautiful?
Bill: Of course its beautiful! Your very beautiful girl.
There was an long silence.
Jill: Is this two minutes going to be really hard?
Begging the issue he gave her some advice.
Bill: You need to make sure you keep your hands out of the way and not interfere with this spanking. You can kick your feet a little but you don’t roll off. Part of the bet is controlling yourself, no matter how much it may hurt. I’m not going to fight with you to stay in place. You might want you to cross you feet, it might help. Either way, you need to brace yourself.
She twitch her bottom as she clenched up for a second. She crossed her feet.
Jill: Ohhhhh
It seemed like forever she was just laying their over his lap. There was a brief silence and the timer finally went off. He started right in with spanking her really fast. He was using medium force but she stiffened up and started yelling right away.
Jill: Oooooo, ouchieeeeeee, Ooooooo, ouchieeeeeee, not so fast, pleaseeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, how much longer, how much longer
Bill: Stay still Jill, its going to continue until the timer goes off.
After a good solid minute he started going full force and speed. She immediately began yelping and yelling more. Her feet were fluttering, her backside was turning a bright red. He made sure even outside of her cheeks were all worked over. After another minute the timer went off and he immediately stopped and let up.
She instinctively stood straight up, arched her back pushing her hips forwards, stiffened like a board, clenching her butt as tight as she could, throwing her hands over her both cheeks holding her shirt up so she could rub her bottom like crazy, she was hopping up and down as she was turning about. He just couldn’t believe it, she was actually doing the spanking dance too but differently, she was hopping up and down I stead of stomping around. To him she looked so cute. He got so turned on watching her hop up and down all clenched up and rubbing her cute like bare red ass like all get out. His hand stung a little and he was shaking it out as he was watching her do her spanking dance performance.
When she stop hopping up and down, he stood up and held our his arm to hold her. She hobbled over and barrier face into his chest as she was rubbing her bottom. He held her for a good minute or so. She stepped back enough to pull her cloths back up.
Jill: Shit that hurt, I mean that really hurt!
Bill: I’m sorry but a spanking is supposed to hurt especially that one. Sam got the same exact spanking and. . .
Jill: Bill, I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying that it hurt alot. I’m going to get a bottle of water from the kitchen. You said I have a few minutes before we start again right?
Bill: Yes, that right.
She was about to turn and go to the kitchen when she stepped forward and threw her arms around Bill’s neck.
Jill: Thank you for holding me and not trying anything else. I appreciate it. I know that its going to get worse, I brought this on myself. I maybe be small but I made of tuff stuff myself, you’ll see.
She went to the kitchen got some water and came back. They both sat on the bed. Their was silence for a few minutes.
Jill: If that timer hadn’t gone off, I wasn’t sure how long I could’ve hung in their.
Bill: Well, I’m sure you could’ve taken a lot more than you give yourself credit for.
Jill: So how many I’m getting with the paddle?
Bill: The exact same as I gave Sam.
Jill: Oh, come on, we all agreed it would be a specified number of swats?
Bill: Yes there is a specified number and you’re just going to have to take wherever that number is.
Jill: So why won’t you tell me, you can’t expect me to take whatever; I got to know when it’s going to stop?
Bill: Jill, who really decides when I the spanking stops?
Jill: Well, you decide according to our bet, but there still a limit with paddle and. . .
Bill: Yes, there is limit, I know the specified number but when I pull off my belt, as you are concerned there will be no specified number, its going to be unlimited swats. Isn’t that right?
Jill: I guess so but I just want to know how many so. . . .
Bill: Jill, basically from here on out, as far as your concerned, you just have to take whatever I decide. After all, that’s what a real spanking is anyways isn’t. Its the not knowing that makes it a real spankings now doesn’t it?
Jill: Well, I guess so, ohhh, it really going to hurt isn’t?
He gently place his hand on hers, he said,
Bill: I’ll be there for you Jill when its all over, I promise. Now I didn’t tell Sam either and to make it fair, I can’t tell you.
Letting out deep breath in a pouting tone.
Jill: Fine but your not going to make me cry with that thing.
He didn’t even respond. They just sat there in silence for about twenty minutes as she drank half a bottle of water.
Bill: Well, you ready do get this over with?
With all kinds of trepidation she replied.
Jill: No, but I guess I might as well get this over with. I have to, I just have too win.
Bill: You can, you just have hold out as long as you can.
Jill: I know, I’m never going make a bet like this again, ever that for sure.
Bill: Well, I guess you could consider this as punishment for making the bet.
Jill: Well, that certainly one way of putting it isn’t. Ok, how do you want to do this one.
Bill: Well, you get the paddle, we go back to the chair and you put yourself over my knee. After your paddling you can have a few seconds to composure yourself. If your crying or not your still getting my belt over your bed.
She swallowed hard exhaled deeply.
Jill: Ok, I’ll get the paddle.
She went to her dresser slowly opened it. She picked it up and slowly went back Bill who was already sitting down. She handed him the ping pong paddle and just starred at him. He took it and tapped his hand with it.
Bill: Good, this is exactly like the one I paddled Sam with.
Bill He reached out and tapped her leg with it.
Bill: Ok, you know deal, its only fair if its bare. Get ’em down, your going one knee now.
Jill: I was thinking maybe you can help me?
Bill: How?
Jill: You can you scissors lock my legs so I can’t kick much? You can also hold my arm in position so I can’t interfere?
Bill: Absolutely not, you need to keep yourself from interfering. That would be cheating. You have to stay in position willing, you can kick all you want as long as your legs don’t get in the way of the paddling. You have to keep your own hands from flying back willingly. I am not going to hold you down, restrain, fight with you or force you to take your spanking. I didn’t hold or restrain Sam and I’m not going with you.
She sat down on his lap and threw his arms around his neck.
Jill: I can respect that, I knew we can trust you and. . .
Bill: And you young lady are stalling.
Jill put her head down and leaned into his chest. In a very sobering and guilty voice
Jill: Yeah, I am stalling. I’m just afraid I won’t win.
Bill held her tight for a second and softly said,
Bill: I know Jill but there’s only way to find out is to accept what coming and do your best to keep from crying and from interfering as long as possible.
She nodded as she exhaled again.
Jill: You right, only one to fine out. Your going to do your part I know. Maybe this is a punishment for making this dumb bet. If my father were here, I think he most likely bust my backside too. Might well, let you do in his place ah!?
Bill: Might was well. Now, will you stand up bare your bottom to so I can give you a good paddling in your fathers place, as you put it?
In a sober and committed tone
Jill: Ohhhh, yes sir!
She stood up went to his right side.
Jill: Bare? To my knees again?
Bill: Yes, its only fair if it. . .
She finshed his sentence
Jill: . . Bare yeah, I know, I know, I figured
Bill: And yes, take ’em down to your knees but no further and drop ’em both at the same time, no more stalling.
She started breathing heavier and slowly reach up under her shirt and hooked her thumbs on the inside of her legging and panties, than hesitate again. and looked at Bill.
Bill: Calm down Jill, I haven’t even touched you yet, now take a deep slow breath and get ’em all the way down and get over my knees.
She took a deep breath and pushed them to her knees, stood up just enough to put herself over his left knee. Being only five three, she was pretty much bent in half. He adjusted her a little, raised her shirt up and put the paddle against her sit spot where her upper thighs meet her butt cheeks.
Jill: Ohhhhh, not there, not there, ohhhhh
Bill: Brace yourself Jill, stay in position and keep hands in front of you. This paddle is coming hard and fast, hand on!
She crossed her legs and folded her fingers together.
Jill: Ohhhh, not fast, not fast, please.
whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack
He interrupt her mid sentence alternated each side of her upper thighs and sit spot hard and fast. She immediately started kicking like crazy.
Jill: Ouchieee, ouchieee, ouchieee, slow down, slow down, ouchieee, how many more, how many morrerrr, Ooooooo, ouchieee, ouchieeee
Bill: Until I’m done, now stay still!
whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack,
Jill: Ouchieee, ouchieee, ouchieee, no more, no more, ouchieee!
She stiffen straight as board and clentch up as tight as her body was balancing over he knee as she could through remaining swats
whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack
He stopped at exactly fifty and let her up. Just like before, she stood straight up, arched her back, pushed her hips forward, throw her hands over backside, rubbing like crazy and started hopping up and down and turning about. She was doing that cute little spanking dance she does. Her upper thighs and sit spot were all bright red. She must have dancing for at least and solid thirty seconds, this time. When she managed to stay in one place she looked into his eyes. As she was still rubbing like crazy she said,
Jill: Dam that stung like crazing
Bill stood up and slowly started to undo his belt, she heard the jingle of his belt buckle as he was unlatching it loose.
Bill: Well, now its going hurt, lets go over to bed. You need to lay over the side. You might want to grab a pillow, everyone of these are going to be full force.
As she was slowly hobbling over, knowing that she had submit to it. In a very hesitating tone
Jill: Oh man, the belt, please not so fast, don’t hit so fast
Bill pulled the belt from the loops. She now felt the full trepidation of what was going to happen.
Bill: You don’t decide that, now get your cute little behind over the bed and pull your shirt up. I’m going to blister your backside until see fit.
She hobbled over to where he was, he folded the belt in half and motioned for her hobbled over to the bed. She was still rubbing like crazy holding her shirt up. She slowly started to inch her way over to the bed as he followed her. He looked down at her behind as she was trying rub it and hobble forward as much was she could with cloths down to her knees. Oh, he got so turned on. She stopped and turned around threw her arm around his neck and hugged him.
Jill: You’re right, you know, I deserve whatever I get, I shouldn’t have been betting with Sam like this and get sucked him her craziness.
He hugged her back and said
Bill: Well, I’m glad you realize that, but lets this over with, come on your behind has a date with my belt over the bed.
She stepped back look at him
Jill: I just got win, you are cute.
Bill: Not sure what that means but the more you stall the more thinking about padding you again.
Jill: No, no, ok, ok, I’m going, I’m going
She turned around and started hobbling over again. They reach the bed and he walked to the other side of her. He lifted the belt up so she can see it.
Bill: Ok Jill, this is it, I’m going take this belt and blister your backside until I see fit. No more specified time limit and unlimited swats. You take a pillow and whatever you think you need and lay down off the side of bed. If you really want to win, don’t interfere. Don’t put you hands over you backside, roll over and keep your legs out of the way. The longer you hold out without crying and interfering the better your chances are of wining this stupid bet. Now if you end up interfering, remember that doesn’t mean you lost. All that mean is that you no longer need to try holding out and you can allow yourself to give in and allow yourself accept it. But remember I decide when the spanking stops not you, and I’m going keep my commitment, I won’t stop until you are I see you are crying for real like when you were a kid. Any questions?
She swallowed hard and shook her head no.
Bill: Ok, I don’t won’t anymore stalling now please lay down pull your shirt up to the middle of your back, laid down and brace yourself if you want a chance to win your bet.
Exhaling a deep breath, She reached back pulled her shirt up as high was she could to the middle of her back. She inched forward leaned over to grab a pillow, hugged like a teddy bears and laid down on her stomach. He laid the belt down across her bottom. She twitch when she felt belt and tucked her hands underneath her to keep them out of the way.
Jill: Ohhhhh, please not so fast, not so fast
He didn’t even respond to her. He lifted belt and brought crashing down across upper part of her ass.
Jill: Ouchieeeee, ouhooooo, shit, shit, ouchieeee
She immediately started fluttering her feet like crazy. He let her recover and waited until she stopped fluttering. Than brought another one down.
Jill: Ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, that hurts, that hurts, not so hard, not so hard
He waited again until she recovered. Just like with Sam he laid into until one at a time and waited until she fully recovered until he got to twenty-five. After that he started with set of five in rapid fire succession.
She kicking like all get out after the third one.
Jill: Ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, not fast, not fast, ouchieeeeeeee
He let her recover until she stop kicking.
Jill: OK, OK, OK OK, no more fast ones, not fast ouchieeeeeee
Bill: I’ll decide how I spank you not you
She was twisting back and forth as she was fluttering and kicking her feet widely. She was now at forty and it was time give her set set of ten hard and fast.
Jill began twisting and wiggling in all direction. Kicking and screaming as the sliced across her ass with tremendous pain.
Jill: No more, no more, slow down, slow down, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee, ouchieeeeeee
He was now up to sixty, this was happening all so fast. Burning welts appeared on her backside and she wasn’t interfering keeping her arm underneath her chest as she was squeezing her pillow harder and harder. He paused and let her recover for few seconds. She was breathing hard but wasn’t crying.
Bill: Ok, hang in there Jill, these are going be slower but non-stop.
Allowing her a second in a half between swats he was crisscross the belt down starting with her upper thighs and working his way up the upper part of her cheeks.
With every whack of the belt she kicking and like a banshee. He was up to eighty and he kept going really hard and pausing every second or two. At seventy she pulled her arms out straight and started gripping the blankets so hard her knuckles turned white. When she got to eighty-five she was hammering her fists on the bed, trying so hard not to intervene. She was getting to her pain threshold but she was so determined hold out. Again he was going get up a hundred and than cut loose with the fast and furious non-stop ones until she broke into full blown crying and sobbing.
CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .CRACK. . .
At number ninety-eight she rolled over, curled up a little and throw her hands over her ass trying to rub out the fire that was blazing in her backside.
Jill: Ouoooooo, ouoooooo, no more, no more, I can’t take anymore, ouoooooooo
Bill: Ok, ok, you’ve reach your limit. Now, roll back over and push past it, I’m not done yet.
Jill: Ouooooo, ouoooooo, no more, no more
Bill: Well, from here on out your not suppose too. Now its time to stop fighting and given in it. You can bail out if you want but you won’t quality unless you continue. What you want to do.
Jill: Ohhhh, ouoooo, ok, ok, just a second
Bill: No, no more stalling, turn back over Jill or bail out, we’re not stopping until I decide remember. Now turn over.
She slowly turn back over but still rubbing her backside frantically.
Bill: Jill, move you’re hands, get them out of way.
She move them slowly slid them in front of her and he gave you the last few slow one.
CRACK. . .CRACK. . .
She stiffened her body and clenched up tight as tthe last one fell. He let her have a about five to six seconds to recover.
Jill: Ouchieeeee, ouchieeeee, ouhooooo, ouhooooo, ouhooooo
Bill: Ok, Jill time to let go
Somehow Jill instinctively knew he was going to really tear into her. She pull her pillow closeer, tucked it half way underneath her. Now with pauses between swats, he came down as hard and fast as he could
Jill immediately stiffened straight as she buck and was clenching and unclenching involuntarily.
Jill: Ouooooo, ouoooooo, ouoooooo, not fast, not fast not fast, ouoooooo, ouoooooo, ouoooooo, ouoooooo
Now she was kicking and bucking like all get out. She turn over again and threw her hands back rubbing and holding her ass. Tears started come down her face.
Jill: Ok, ok, I’m crying, no more, no morrrrrrrr, ouoooooooo, ouoooooooo, ouoooooooo, ouoooooooo
Bill: Turn over Jill, you don’t decide when it’s over. Unless your going to bail out turn over, this is what your here for, we’re almost done, you getting as much as I deem necessary now turn over.
Jill: I’m crying, I’m crying, I’m crying already
Bill: Yes, but you’re not bawling and you haven’t stop fighting it. Now get your ass back up and turn over! This isn’t over until I say its over!
Jill: Ooooooo, yes sir, ouooo, not fast, not fast, Ouoooo
Bill: Turn over and move your hands or quit now.
She was breathing heavy as she slowly turned over
Jill: Ok, ok, yes sir, ouhoooo, ouhoooo, ok, ok, pleaseee, ohooooo, not fast
She slowly move her hands and grabbed the pillow again. Tucked her arms underneath her. He let her have again hard and fast.
Her mind went into panic mode, she just bit down on the pillow as hard as she could trying muffle her screams. She clench up tight again. After she relaxed she start kicking again. She repeated that cycle every seven or so swats. It wasn’t long before she too began the load long bursts screaming and she lost all ability to make words.
She finally stopped bucking and tears were streaming down her face. Than she was clenching up so tight she started shaking, almost vibrating. She really trying to fight it and it was obvious that she was now at her absolute limit. She started really of crying and as she was screaming into her pillow with intense pain. He was determined to push her into sobbing freely as they agreed too. He was still bring the belt down as hard and fast as possible focusing on the center of ass now.
She finally broke into sobbing. He could believe how much it took for her to finally let go. He decided to give a few for good measure.
He stopped and she just laid there weeping in hiccup crying. He put his belt on and sat on the bed next to her and started rubbing her back. Her entire backside was dark crimson and welts all over some parts had bruises. She must have weep for a good thirty minutes into her pillow. Than she rolled over and tried to speak but she was still hiccup crying.
Jill: D. .di. . .did. . .I. . .w. . .wi. . .win
She started coughing. She just couldn’t quite talk still. Her throat was horse from screaming, tear running down face, noise running, eyes were all puff and red from crying so hard. She managed to pull her legs up on the bed, move the pillow to his lap and just lay there. He stoked her head and was just there for her until she completely calm down. She was completely exhausted. Still laying her head in his lap and finally able speak coherently.
Jill: Thank you for not taking advantage of me and for helping me push through the spanking. To be honest, I didn’t feel, I could will myself to stay with it until I was at the point of really crying like that without quitting.
Bill: You’re welcome Jill. You came to me and entrusted me to be impartial and fair. I should be the thanking you two. I sorry your behind is welted up like that.
Jill: Its ok, I’ll live, beside I was fighting with it even though I didn’t have too. You know, I’ve valued our friendship but I feel so much more closer to you. By the way, did I win? I promise, I won’t tell Sam if I did.
Bill: Sorry, I’m not going to say until me meet, I gave my word.
Jill: A man who keep his word. I sure hope I won, you’re cute and honest.
Bill: What does that mean?
She careful stood up and got her cloths back up as carefully as she could, her backside was so sensitive. She trying to gently rubb her backside.
Jill: Oh, nothing, we tell you when we all meet. Hey, I appreciate you coming over but I’d like to be alone for a little while now. Maybe we can go out sometime.
Bill: Alright
He got and she escorted him to the door. She gently grabbed his arm to turn him around. She slowly put her arms around him and gave a huge. He embraced her back.
Jill: You real beat my ass good you know?
Bill: You asked for it, you know?
She let out a snicker of laughter as she let him go, wiping some left over tears from puff red eyes.
Jill: Yeah, well, I should be careful what I ask for, it could be a pain in ass.
Bill: It sure can be. Goodnight Jill.
He left and went home.
Thursday came and it was the day before they were suppose to meet and Bill texted them in a group text.
Bill: Hey, sorry we are going to have to postpone our meeting until next Friday. I have to leave town for a week, family stuff. Nothing bad but I leaving on a flight early in the morning.
Sam: Ohhh, at least tell her that I won and she lost.
Jill: Sam, we don’t know who won for sure.
Bill: Ok, stop, don’t fight using text. We’ll meet next Friday and I’m not saying anything until than.
Sam: Fine
Jill: Ok
It was murderous on the girls having to wait another week. The following week came and agreed to all meet at Bill’s place. The girls came in and both were nervous. Sam had been antagonistically towards Jill and trying to convince her that she won. Jill was starting to believe her but didn’t want too, she trying to hold out hope. They all sat down at the dining room table take sharing some soda.
Bill: Ok, ladies, first, I want to thank you both for entrusting me and including me into you bet. You both took one heck of a ass whoopin. Now, do I also have permission to speak freely about your individual whoopin with the other or do you just want me to declare the winner.
Sam: Oh, no, I want her all the details about her whoppin and how she lost.
In a defeatist tone and looked downwards.
Jill: Yeah, might as well as long as it stay between us.
Sam: We might as well also tell you something too. We both decided that whoever losses has to leave and go home immediately. So the winner get to spend the rest of the evening with you.
Bill: Jill is that right?
Jill: Yeah, it has to do with the second part of the bet. I guess Sam will explain later.
Bill look at Sam
Bill: Sam, can I tell Jill about your whoopin?
Sam: Yes, you can, I trust her to keep it between us. Besides she leaving soon anyways.
Bill: So sure of yourself are you?
In a confidential and arrogant tone
Sam: Yup
Bill look at Jill
Bill: Jill, can I tell Sam about your whoopin
Jill: Yeah, I guess it doesn’t matter.
Sam: So who won?
Bill: Jill, you took one hard licking and you did the cutest little hoping dance after the hand spanking and the paddling. It wasn’t that I was taking pleasure in your pain but it pretty dare cute. I’m sorry that. . .
Sam interrupted him, threw her arms up in the air like cheer leader shouting
Sam: I knew it, I knew it. I get free text books all next year. I knew she couldn’t take more than me.
Bill: Sam, settle down, I didn’t say she lost or won yet.
Looking back at Jill
Bill: Jill, as I was about to say. I’m so sorry I whipped you so hard are you fully recovered?
Jill: Yeah, I’m all healed up. I’m ok
Turning to Sam, he said.
Sam: You too took one heck of an ass whoopin. You too did this cute little stomping dance after you took the hand spanking and the paddling. I sorry to you too that I ended up welting you backside so bad. Are you ok also.
Sam: Yeah, I healed up fine too.
Looking at both of them.
Bill: I would to think you learned a valuable lesson not to make such stupid and extreme bets. But again, I was privilege that you two thought you can trust me.
Sam: So who won?
Bill: Ok, you two have a lot of will power because you both took took your spanking until you were were bawling and crying incoherently. Now you both eventually interfered and threw your hands back and stopped the spanking. The winner only won by seven licks of the belt.
Sam: And that would be me!
Jill put head down
Bill: Sam, stop interrupting!
Bill look at Jill and lifted her head.
Bill: I so sorry Jill you. . .
Sam threw her hands up again
Sam: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it
Bill: Sam, will you please be stop interrupting me or do you need another whoopin to remember how to use manners?
Sam: Ok, ok, I’m sorry
Looking back at Jill who was almost ready to start crying
Bill: As I was saying. Jill, you took the two minute hand spanking, fifty hard whacks with the paddle and ninety-eight extremely hard whacks with the belt before you interfered. But you should be proud of yourself, you pushed through and endured until you eventually gave into it. You did take one heck of a licking.
Looking at Sam
Bill: Sam, you too should be proud of yourself. You pushed through too until you gave into it also. You took the two minute hand spanking and fifty hard whacks with the paddle. But you two finally interfered with the belt spanking at ninety-one extremely hard whacks. Which makes Jill the winner of the bet.
Jill looked up in surprise and let out a big sigh of relief.
Jill: I won?
Sam: No way, no way
Bill looked directly into Jill’s eyes.
Bill: You won indeed
Sam: She only wins two out six times. I can’t believe it.
Bill: Well, believe it and I guess according to your bet, I guess we have to say goodnight, Sam.
Jill spoke up, now more confident of herself.
Jill: Yes, it does, I won fair and square.
Sam looked at Bill
Sam took a deep breath
Sam: Well, a bet is a bet. I trust you will still keep this bet and all the details between us?
Bill: Absolutely, no one and I mean no one will hear about it. What was between us stays between us. You have my word.
Sam: Well, you think maybe we can go have coffee sometime?
Jill: Sam! Goodnight
Sam got up and from the table and Jill and Bill did too. Sam walk around the table and gave Bill a hug.
Sam: Well, a bet is a bet, thanks you for your discretion, you know you can be a real pain in butt sometimes, you know that.
Bill: Yeah, well, like I said, I appreciate you trusting me, next time be careful what you ask for.
She walked the door and opened it. She look at Jill.
Sam: Congratulations Jill. Good luck.
Than she drove home.
Jill turned and look at Bill.
Bill: So you want to tell what’s going on here.
Jill: Can we go to the couch and talk.
Bill: Sure
They both went to the couch he sat down and she sat down in his lap and put her arm around him. She was sitting up and made eye contact.
Jill: Well, you see, Sam and I both liked you. The second part of the bet was whoever won would have a chance to date you without interference from the other. We’ve had our conflicts over boys before, and it only ended up pushing him away and caused some division between us and we didn’t want that to happen again.
Bill: You mean to tell me that you made that bet and took that lickin just to have a chance to date me?
Jill: Well, that and get free text books all next year.
Bill: Well, you didn’t have to put yourself through all that to be my girl. I would’ve dated you before going through that.
Jill: You mean we can be an item, you’ll be my boyfriend?
Bill: Absolutely, I’d to love date you and it would have been you anyways. Sam is a little too bitchy for my taste, in fact, I think she deserved the lickin she got. It wouldn’t do any harm if she one now and than.
Jill let a big sigh of relief.
Jill: Just promise me that if I ever make a stupid bet like that, I give you full permission to bust my behind again. Well, in fact, as long as you’re not angry you can bust my behind if do anything that will hurt our relationship or get to bitchy for own good. But I made a promise to my dad, before he died when I was 14, that I wouldn’t fool around until I get married, if we make it that far, is that a problem?
Bill: That’s not a problem, no fooling around until we get married, if we do. Now, you’re giving me permission to spank you good if you do anything that can damage our relationship? What about what if I think you’re doing something that is unhealthy for you too. And no, I would never spank you in anger, but is that what you really want?
Jill: Yes, I always wanted a real man who keeps his word and there was just something that stored up inside me what I submitted to that lickin. And if you going to be my boyfriend, I guess you would have permission to keep me check. I don’t want to be bitchy towards you or make you look bad. It just might work. Beside, after that lickin, I felt so centered, it was like I got a while new fresh perspective on life. So yeah, I give you permission.
Bill: Even if you disagree?
Jill: Well, I guess I’m going to have to trust you. But before I want to be able to talk first and I’d like to be warned first so I can avoid it.
Bill: Well, now that you are my girl. I guess the first thing is, I don’t want you to be betting with Sam anymore. That was a very stupid bet and betting with her is unhealthy for you.
Jill: But I got free text books all next year and we also talking betting on. . .
Bill: No more betting with her!
Jill: Is that a condition to dating you?
Bill: No but if you do, I give you another whoopin like you got before.
She was trying to think of a way to get away with it.
Jill: How about. . .
Bill: I mean it.
Jill: Ooooo, ok, ok, I won’t bet with her but what about. . .
Bill: No betting. In fact, now that I’m your boyfriend, I think that I’ll give you a warning right now. I’m going to give you a warning spanking with my hand to show you how serious I am about.
She swallowed hard
Jill: Ooooo, that’s not necessary
Bill: I think it is, I’m not going give a whoopin just a good han spanking as a warning.
Jill: Ohhhh, how many minutes?
Bill: Oh, there going to be no time limit now that your my girl, but a warning spanking is only going to be with my hand. Come on lets go over to the chair, I want to make sure you know how serious I am.
She sat there on his lap staring into his eyes for a second. She than gave him a long passionate kiss. Afterwards she said.
Jill: A warning spanking are only going to be with your hand?
Bill tapped her backside.
Bill: Only if you promise to do that cute little spanking dance you did.
Jill: Oooooo, that so embarrassing, you like seeing me do that, ah?
Bill: Well, it was pretty cute
Teasingly, she said,
Jill: Well, I guess, but your going to have spank hard enough to make me do it. If you do, I do that hop around little longer on purpose.
Bill: As long as you summit to it.
Jill hug him and kissed him again, than made eye contact. She winked at him and said,
Jill: Ok, I’ll do the dance longer if you it’s only a warning spanking and if you promised it’s only with your hand.
Bill: Really?
Jill: Cross my heart, hope to cry and make it sting in my behind!
He laughed and they both got up and went to the table.
Bill: So you’re really ok with this discipline thing in our relationship?
Jill: As long as its ok, we don’t fool around until we get married if it come to that? Your the man and you have to be the man. You have to be in charge, there’s just something that feels right about that and if you need keep me in check, I can’t think of any better way.
They got over to the dinning room and he turned a chair around.
Bill: Now you know even though it’s only a warning spanking with my hand, its still a real spanking, right?
She gave him a hug and another long kiss. She was also getting turned on inside.
Jill: Yeah, I know, but can you at least start off slow?
Bill: Yeah, we can start off slow but that means its going to last longer, you know that right?
She nodded her head. He sat down. She was waring jeans and tank top shirt that went down to her waste.
Bill: Are you really completely recovered from a few weeks ago?
Jill: Oh, yeah, I heal fast, I’m fully recovered.
Bill: Ok, drop ‘em
Jill: Oh, Bill does have to be that way, can’t you. . .
Bill: Jill, a warning spanking is still a real spanking. And especially now that I’m your girlfriend, all spanking are given the same way. That means pants come down for this spanking and all other ones. The only way to give a spanking is with your britches down.
She swallowed hard
Jill: Oooooo, and let me guess, to my knees?
Bill: Yup, to your knees and no further and no exceptions, get your bitches down Jill.
Jill: Ooooooo, I don’t like this part.
She slowly pull the flap of her belt out from the loop and started pull it to the right to unlatch the buckle.
Jill: How many am going to get?
Bill: There’s no time limit this time, no specified number, your going to get as many I deem necessary, until I think you have been sufficiently been warned. That’s what a real spanking is, Jill. A real spanking doesn’t really start until your are at the point that you are wanting it to stop. Now, this only a warning spanking so I’m only using my hand but I hear you been betting with Sam again after today, I’ll use my belt again and blister you good until you can’t sit down. Now, I promised you that I would start off slow and I will, I always keep my promise.
She unbuckled her belt and started unbuttoning her jeans. She slowly pushed them down to her knees and stood up in Captain America panties. And began inching her way closer to him.
Bill: Jill, panties come down too, for this spanking. All spanking are completely bare.
Jill: I know, I know
She got as closer to him as she was biting her lower lip. She hooked her thumbs on the inside of her panties. Hesitate again.
Jill: Ooooo, all the way down?
Bill: Yes, all the way to your knees, spankings are always completely bare bottom.
Jill: Still wish, I knew how many
Bill: Well, as you said, cross your heart and prepare cry, because this going to be stingy to your behind.
She bent over and gave him another long kiss.
Jill: You know, your cute and funny aren’t you! I’ll take it now that you’re my boyfriend. I’ll even be sure to do that dance for you longer since you like it so much and. .
Bill: And you are stalling aren’t you?
She exhaled deeply
Jill: Yeah, I am
Bill: Well, might as well get this over with. Drop your draws and get over my lap.
She pushed them down to her knees and laid across.
Jill: Oooooo, not so hard ok!?
She laid over his lap, her jeans and panties to her knees and she was completely bare ass. He adjusted her more squarely and rested his hand on her smooth white bottom.
Bill: Well, I’ll say again, especially now that your my girl. You have one gorgeous backside.
Jill: Thank you Bill, you know you can just admire my backside instead of spanking it?
Bill: I’m not even going to comment on that. How about I do both!? Now this is going to start off medium strength and slow. Than move to hard and fast as it progress. Now, this spanking to warn you not to be betting with Sam anymore and to make sure you know I’m serious. Its still a real spanking, which means it isn’t going to stop until I decide it stops not you, is that understood?
Jill: Ooooooo, yes sir
Bill: Now brace yourself, here we go. I don’t want you betting with Sam anymore and I mean it
He raised his hand. . .


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    Jesus christ! That was amazing!

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    That was funny and entertaining to read. Was this really a true story. Did you two real take a real spanking lime that and do that spanking dance like that? It was great

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    That was so amazing. “Spanking dance performance” that was cute. I would love to be in Jells place and get a “real spanking” like that someday. Just the power of surrender and to be able to willing do that, I need a guy like that.

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    This story was wonderful. Needs some proof reading but to have that power exchange is very intoxicating. Now that truly was a spanking contest. I with I could find someone who would be willing try this contest out. I would do it just to see if I could actually will myself to do it. Spanking dance was funny, absolutely loved it.

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