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Whispers is a place where you can tell other people your deepest fantasies, sexual confessions, stories, or encounters, all completely anonymously. Or you can read other people’s secrets. It’s a place to share secrets, dreams, and ideas.

If you like, you can leave comments on other people’s stories and fantasies. All comments are screened and will remain hidden until reviewed by a moderator.

You need not leave your name or email address; fantasies and comments can be completely anonymous.

What to share

You can share whatever you’d like to–sexual fantasies, sexual ideas, experiences, confessions, stories, whatever. Anything you choose to share is, if you want it to be, completely anonymous; we don’t even record your IP address in your submissions. You don’t need to leave a name, an email, or any other personal information if you don’t want to.

However, there are some limits. Legal limits and policies of our merchant account dictate that we can’t post anything involving sex with children, any age play, or anything related to bestiality, even if it’s purely fantasy.

Also, please don’t include full names, telephone numbers, or anything else that might be used to uniquely identify you in your fantasy. It pays to be safe.


All comments, like posts, are moderated and screened. They will be unscreened by a moderator, provided they’re on-topic and reasonably polite. In particular:

– No attacks, insults, or other impolite behavior will be tolerated. This is a space where people can share private fantasies and sexual thoughts in safety and anonymity.

– No spam. Period. Don’t even bother; spam comments are deleted immediately.

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