About SymToys

SymToys is a place that offers free do-it-yourself tutorials and ideas for exploring all kinds of fun, interesting, creative, and kinky sex.

It started out as a collection of some of Franklin's do-it-yourself sex toys. Another early project was the popular computer sex game Onyx, which you can download and try out yourself. After all, sex is fun, and tech can make sex even more fun!

It has grown over the years to include pages with kinky sex ideas to help jump-start an exploration into some fun and unusual sex activities; you'll find tutorials on everything from bondage to making latex fetishwear, along with sexual role-playing ideas and a whole lot more.

We also offer the Map of Human Sexuality, a large poster showing the various types of sexual fetishes as a fantasy map of the world of sex.

SymToys is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. As time goes on, we hope to introduce more do-it-yourself sex toy ideas, sex games, and other fun stuff to liven up your sex life.

Here you will also find Whispers, an anonymous blog where you can write about your secret sexual fantasies or read other people's fantasies.

All of this is created, maintained, and run by Franklin Veaux. You can find out a lot more about some of my other interests (like polyamory, BDSM, transhumanism, and more) at my sprawling companion site, or find links to my other projects at franklinveaux.com.

We're also working on a number of new ideas and tutorials, so keep checking back with us from time to time!


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