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These pages describes how to make five different varieties of high-tech do-it-yourself sex toys.

The first toy is a vibrator is triggered by a radio transmitter, and has a range of about 25 feet; the second is a more sophisticated radio-controlled toy; the third toy is triggered by a pocket pager, and starts to run whenever you send a page to the pager. These projects can be built in an afternoon; the simple radio toy costs about $25 to build, and the pager toy costs about $12 plus the price of the pager (you'll need to have pager service, as well).

The fourth do-it-yourself toy is a vibrator triggered by touch.

The fifth toy is a beautiful, illuminated acrylic spreader bar.

You can also find other do-it-yourself projects, which don't require knowledge of electronics, scattered throughout the "ideas and scenarios" sections of this site.

Some examples of other do-it-yourself projects you can find are how to make a custom dildo out of ice, how to make a quick and inexpensive pair of vampire gloves and talon gloves, and how to make a zip strip.

Note: All of these projects assume you know a little bit about electronics, and know how to solder. The radio control toys are much easier to build than the pager control variety. For the radio toys, a simple knowledge of soldering and the ability to identify simple parts is all you'll need. Don't attempt to modify a pocket pager unless you're confident about working in very tight spaces and think you can solder on a tiny circuit board without damaging it. Electronic components are damaged by heat; use only enough heat to make the connection. With the pager controlled toys, it's helpful to use a soldering technique called "reflow soldering," where you coat the part you will be soldering with a layer of solder, melt a small amount of solder onto the board where you'll be connecting the part, and finally bring the two parts together and heat the connection with a soldering iron. Here are pictures of some parts you'll need:

relaySolid-state relay. The two leads marked "~" are connected to the sex toy. The leads marked "+" and "-" connect to whatever you're going to use to switch the toy on and off. These are available through most electronics supply stores.

diodeDiode. The end marked with the stripe is the cathode.


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