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Onyx FAQ

I want to register Onyx. When will my serial number arrive?

When you register Onyx, you will receive a serial number in a separate email. This email will typically arrive in a couple of business days; it may be a few days longer for some out of country orders. I apologize for this delay, but attempts at credit card fraud have made it necessary to wait for the information to clear before the serial numbers are sent.

Can I use an Onyx serial number on more than one computer?

Yes. Unlike most software, Onyx is registered to you as a person and not to a specific computer. Provided you do not give your serial number to other people, you may use it on more than one computer you own--for example, on a laptop and a desktop.

I am changing from one operating system to another. Will my serial number still work?

Yes. The serial number is not tied to a particular operating system. You may use your serial number on any OS.

I have registered Onyx but lost my serial number. Can you help?

Yes. Send an email to sales (at) symtoys (dot) com and I can look up your serial number. Please let me know either the name or the email address you registered with!

Why doesn't the Onyx serial number arrive immediately?

In the past, I've had problems with people attempting to commit fraud by ordering a copy of Onyx, getting the serial number, then immediately canceling the order with their credit card company. As a result, I have been forced to go to a manual system, where I wait for the payment to reach my bank, then generate the serial number. I apologize for having to do this, but a few bad apples have spoiled things for everyone.

I have registered Onyx but do not see the email with my serial number.

I have had some problems in the past with some email service providers, especially Yahoo and Hotmail, falsely flagging the Onyx regisration emails as "spam." If you don't see your registration email, check your spam folder. Still not there? Send an email to sales (at) symtoys (dot) com. In some cases, especially with Hotmail, it may be necessary to create another email address to send the registration to. I have not had many problems with Gmail.

I want to sell Onyx through my Web site. Can I do that?

Yes. See the affiliate page for information.

I'm trying to run Onyx in macOS Sierra and I see an error message saying the card deck files can't be found. What do I do?

I have discovered that Onyx 3.6.4 sometimes shows this error message on some macOS Sierra systems. This problem is resolved in Onyx 3.6.5. If you have encountered this problem, please download Onyx again.

I'd really like to play Onyx on my iPad or Android tablet. Is a mobile version in the works?

Apple does not permit any sexually explicit content in the App Store. There are sex games for iOS, but they aren't really apps; they are actually Web apps running through a customized browser. I've considered a mobile Web app or Android version, but unfortunately, it would require completely re-coding Onyx. I'm not ruling it out, but it won't happen soon, sorry!

I am trying to run Onyx 3.1 in Mac OS X 10.8, and I get an error message that says Onyx can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. What do I do?

The easiest thing to do is download Onyx 3.1.2 or later from the Downloads page. Starting with version 3.1.2, Onyx is code-signed and complies with all of Apple's security guidelines, so it will not produce this error. The current version of Onyx does not produce this error. If you wish to use Onyx 3.1 and earlier on OS X "Mountain Lion," you will need to change a system setting on your computer. This page walks you through the steps.

I'm running Onyx in Ubuntu 12.04 (or later) and the menus aren't showing up!

Ubuntu 12 introduced a change; menus are hidden and appear when you move the mouse pointer all the way to the top edge of the screen (not the window).

I am trying to run Onyx on Linux and it's not working. What's up?

Onyx requires GTK 2.0 or later, glib2, glibc and libsdtdc++5. Most Linux distros include these by default, but they may not be installed on some systems. Also, some systems include libsdtdc++6 but not libsdtdc++5. If Onyx refuses to launch, or complains about a missing library, make sure that these libraries are installed

Those libraries are installed but it's still not running!

Onyx on Linux is a 32-bit application. If you are running 64-bit Linux, you'll need to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries as well.

OK, I installed the necessary libraries on my Linux box and still no dice. What else can I do?

Onyx isn't tested with every Linux distro, as that would take a dozen lifetimes. I test it on the popular desktop distros (like Ubuntu and Fedora), but there's so much variability between distros and systems that it might not always work. Worst case scenario, the Windows version does work under WINE. If you get a Linux serial number, that same serial number will work on the Windows version running in WINE.

Onyx is working fine on Linux, but I don't hear any sounds. Now what?

You may need to install the GStreamer or Xine library, if your distro doesn't include these by default. You don't need to install both; Onyx can use either one.

Posters FAQ

I want to sell posters through my Web site. Can I do that?

Yes. See the affiliate page for information.

I represent an organization that offers sexuality education or counseling, or I am a sex educator/sex therapist. Can I get a discount on posters? Can I get a quantity discount for my organization?

Yes. Please email franklin (at) franklinveaux (dot) com for more information.

I would like to sell posters through my store, but I do not want to be an affiliate. Do you offer wholesale pricing? What are your terms?

I offer wholesale pricing for poster orders in quantities of 10 posters at a time or more. For more information, email sales (at) symtoys (dot) com. Additional discounts for larger orders are available.

May I use the Poster as part of a sex education program or a human sexuality counseling, therapy, or advocacy course?


I want to talk about the Map of Human Sexuality on my sex education, counseling, or advocacy Web site. May I use graphics of the Poster on my site?

In most cases, the answer is "yes," provided that you give credit and a return link. I do ask that if you choose to do this, you download the images and then place them on your own server rather than hot-linking from my server. I can also help with images or graphics that are customized to the size you need for your Web site. Please contact me at franklin (at) franklinveaux (dot) com for more information, or to ask for images or graphics in the sizes you need.

May I use the Poster as part of a lecture or panel on human sexuality, or as part of a conference?


Do you make high-resolution downloadable versions of the Map available?

Generally, no. However, if you have a particular need for one, especially as part of a program, academic presentation, or lecture dealing with human sexuality, email me at franklin (at) franklinveaux (dot) com and we can probably work something out.

eBooks FAQ

I want to order an eBook. How long will it take for me to get it?

eBooks are available in two ways: from the Web site here, or directly from Amazon if you have a Kindle or a Kindle software reader.

FOR ORDERS FROM THIS WEB SITE: You can download your eBook instantly. There will be a download link on the Checkout page of the shopping cart. You can also download the eBook again later by logging in to the My Account section of the shopping cart and clicking the View button next to your order.

FOR ORDERS FROM AMAZON.COM: Your eBook will be sent to your Kindle directly.

I downloaded an eBook. How do I copy it to my Nook reader?

Connect your Nook to your computer with a USB cable. It will appear on your computer as a new hard drive.

Open the Nook hard drive. You'll find a folder called My Documents. Open the My Documents folder and find the folder called Books. Copy the downloaded file into the Books folder.

I downloaded an eBook. How do I copy it to my Kindle reader?

Connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable. It will appear on your computer as a hard drive. Open the Kindle and copy the downloaded file into the Kindle directory.

PDF files don't look good on an eReader like a Kindle or a Nook. What formats do your eBooks come in?

The eBooks are available as true "native" Kindle files, ePub files for Nook or iOS, and PDF. You can choose the format you prefer when you order. A PDF can be read on anything, but if you have a Kindle or a Nook, we recommend you choose the Kindle or Nook version. All eBooks ordered directly from Amazon are Kindle versions only.

I am using the iBook reader on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Can I get your books from the Apple store? What format do I use? How do I get it on my device?

The eBooks are not available from the Apple store. But fear not! You can still read them on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

To do so, download the ePub (Nook/iPad/iPod) format. When you have downloaded the eBook, drag it to your iTunes window. Then sync to your device, making sure you have turned on the "Sync Books" option. Your book will appear in your Apple iBook reader.


Can you accept any payment other than credit cards?

Sadly, no. PayPal and similar services do not permit "adult" businesses. At the moment, I am limited to credit card orders.

Do you ship to countries other than the US?

Yes. Shipping to Canada or Mexico is usually about $6.50; shipping to European countries is a bit more. Non-US orders do have to go through customs. In a couple of cases, I have heard this can take a week or longer, though that is rare. Customs delays are not the responsibility of Symtoys. Canada and Australia are the places I've seen customs delays happen.

There are some countries in which the Poster violates laws regarding human sexuality, such as most Middle Eastern countries. I don't ship to the Middle East.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?


How are posters shipped?

Posters are shipped first class or regular airmail (to overseas locations) in rugged cardboard mailing tubes. They are sent rolled, not flat. The return address is "620 SE 146 Av, Portland, OR." There are no markings on the outside of the package describing the contents.

Can you ship to an address other than the billing address?


I have a conference coming up and want to use a poster as part of a presentation. Can you ship it to my hotel directly?

Yes. Please use the address of the hotel as the shipping address and indicate in the "Comments" section of the order form what you're doing. Make sure to note that you need it sent to a hotel or other location.

How will orders appear on my credit card statement?

They will appear from "Tacit Assumptions LLC," the parent company of Symtoys.


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