Webmasters! Make Money with the SymToys Affiliate Program

How It Works
Becoming a SymToys affiliate is simple. Fill out an online application; when you're approved, you will have access to the affiliate management and tracking system, and you'll receive a unique online affiliate URL.

Promote the URL on yur Web site or blog to start referring traffic to Symtoys.com. Each time someone clicks on your link, a cookie is set in that person's browser and a record is made of their IP address. Any time someone makes a purchase from the Web site (for example, registers Onyx), the purchase is tracked and credited to you.

You can create your own buttons or banners, or you can choose from the banners we have available here.

What you get
Affiliates receive 20% of the gross sale, excluding shipping, from products purchased directly through Symtoys.com. That includes Onyx registrations and posters. (Note that purchases made from a third-party Web site are excluded.)

Each month, if your affiliate earnings are $50 or more, you will be mailed a check for the amount of your earnings. If your affiliate earnings have not reached $50, they will roll over into the following month, and you'll be paid as soon as the accumulated total reaches $50 or more.

Terms and Conditions
You may promote your Affiliate URL via your Web site, blog, podcast, or any other way you choose, provided you do not engage in any form of spamming (including email spamming, UseNet spamming, instant messenger spam, and any other form of mass-broadcast unsolicited commercial communication). For a full list of terms and conditions, click here.

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The SymToys affiliate program respects the privacy of all affiliates absolutely. The SymToys affiliate list is never sold, rented, or otherwise given to any other people for any reason whatsoever.


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