The Map of Human Sexuality poster

The Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality is a fun, whimsical exploration of the range of the human sexual experience. The range of human sexuality is vast; there's a lot of weird and wild stuff going on in people's bedrooms (and living rooms and cars and elevators and...). The Map tries to help express all that.

It started kind of as a lark, and has become quite a sensation--it's been blogged about, written about, and talked about all over the Internet.

It's also a poster you can hang on your wall!

You can click and drag on the picture below to scroll around the Map.

The poster version is big (24"x32") and features a glossary of a lot of different sex terms used in some of the more unusual areas of the map.

I've had folks tell me that they use it as a game, that they put stickers on it to show the places they've been, that they use it to talk to their lovers...all kinds of neat stuff.

It also makes a really fun gift. And it's just plain pretty hanging on the wall, where it will get a lot of attention, believe me. And best of all, it's cheap! Only $19.95 plus shipping. If you have a blank wall that's begging to be a conversation piece, order one yourself! (I can't actually guarantee that it will get you laid, but it sure will get the conversation started.)


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