Impact Play: Paddling, Spanking, and Whipping for Sex

"Impact play" is anything involving spanking or striking a partner during sex.

Impact play covers the gamut from spanking to paddling to flogging and beyond. It's fun, it's easy, and there's all kinds of fun things you can do with it. Impact play can also cover a number of more imaginative techniques; for example, many people I know enjoy using implements such as ordinary wooden meat tenderizers, ice breakers, wooden spoons, and even Koosh balls as impact toys.

There are several ways you can explore impact play that are safe, fun, and non-threatening. These things are quick and easy to lean, and offer all kinds of ways to spice up your sex life.


Paddling--spanking using a paddle--is a good basic form of impact play suitable for exploration. There's a psychological charge in a good old-fashioned over-the-knee paddling, and this kind of activity finds itself in many roleplay scenarios.


It sometimes looks intimidating from the outside, but flogging is arguably the most versatile, most sensuous form of impact play. A very, very wide range of sensation, from gentle caress to sharp sting, can be produced by flogging. This guide offers a complete how-to on choosing a flogger, and explains how to use a flogger, and even offers some advanced flogging techniques.

If you decide that impact play is definitely your thing, you have all kinds of options available for exploration. Many people find they like a stronger sensation than what they get from paddles or floggers; these sections will talk about ideas involving impact play using such things as straps, canes, and crops.


A good crop is a fun and inexpensive way to bring impact play up to the next level. A crop can be used in many ways, some soft and sensual and others that leave welts. Crops are easy to use and easy to care for.


For those who like intense sensation, little can compare to a cane. Rattan and wood canes are popular and inexpensive, but require special care and feeding; canes made from nylon, fiberglass, and other materials are easier to care for.


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