Fun with Nipple (and other!) Clamps Part 3

If you really like using clamps (and you must, or you wouldn't be here, right?) then this page has some ideas that might appeal to you. In Part II, I talked about some evil variants on ways to use clamps; here, I'll get all James Bond villain and talk about some ways to use clamps that'll curl the toes of any but the most hardened fans.

Making (and Using) a Zip Strip

A zip strip is a good introduction to serious clamp villainy. It's simple to construct; all you need are some wooden clothespins, some twine, and a drill.

Begin by drilling a small hole in the end of each of the clothespins. You can use as many clothespins as you like for each strip; five or six might be a nice starting point, or if your fiendishness runs deeper, try eight or ten. When you've drilled a hole in one end of each clothespin, string them together on a long piece of twine.

The length of twine that you use depends on how many clothespins you want to use in your zip strip. I generally space the clothespins about 2" or 3" apart, and you'll want to leave an extra foot or so (or possibly more) on the end of the strip. Tie each clothespin in place along the twine, like so:

Once you have a zip strip (or two; I think they're more fun to use in pairs), there's all sorts of fun things you can do with it.

The most basic thing you can do is to attach all the clothespins in a row along some strategic part of your partner's body. You can run them along arms or inner thighs, for example; or, if the mood strikes, run them in a spiral around your partner's breast, with the last clothespin on your partner's nipple. Then, since they're all connected by a piece of twine, you need only pull on the twine to create all manner of interesting reactions in your partner. If you pull slowly, you can yank the clothespins off one by one and draw out the sensation; or, for greater impact, pull them off all at once very quickly.

Another thing you can do is to attach the end of the twine to a fixed object, like a bedpost or some part of the wall, and have your partner move away from the wall, pulling off the clothespins as he or she does. Or you can tie your partner to a chair with wheels on it, and attach one end of the twine to a fixed object, so that by wheeling your partner away from the object, the clothespins are pulled off.

If you really like drawing things out, a large bag of marbles will serve you well. Tie your partner down and attach the zip strip. Then run the end of the twine up over a pulley or overhead fixture of some sort, and fasten a small bucket or bag to the free end. Then, one by one, drop marbles into the bag, until the weight of the marbles is high enough to begin pulling the clothespins off. You can make a game of it; play "one frog, two eyes, four legs," for example, and add a marble for each incorrect answer; or use this in an interrogation scene and add marbles if your partner does not answer your questions to your satisfaction.

And finally, one especially delicious bit of evil you can do with a zip strip is to tie your partner down on his or her back, attach the clothespins to strategic places, run the end of the twine up through a pulley or other overhead point, and attach a very heavy weight to the other end. Have your partner hold the twine in his or her teeth, so that the weight will fall and yank off all the clothespins if your partner opens his or her mouth. Your job at this point is to try to get your partner to open his or her mouth. I like using a crop or a cane, but tickling, using a vibrator or dildo, having sex, dripping hot wax on your partner's body, or any other manner of things should work just as well.

Predicament Bondage

Predicament bondage is a type of bondage where the bondage itself creates a challenge for the person who's bound. Adding clamps to the mix can really make this fun.

One way to get started with predicament bondage is to take two clothespins or nipple clamps and attach them by long (about 2' or so) pieces of twine to a flat, heavy weight. A large paperback book works well for this. Tie or cuff your partner's hands behind his or her back, and clip the clamps to your partner's nipples. Then lead your lover over to a wall. Have your partner stand about a foot from the wall. Put the book against the wall and have your partner hold it there with his or her head, so that if your partner moves away from the wall, the book will fall and yank off the clothespins.

It's not easy to hold this precarious position; any movement runs the risk of causing the book to fall. So this is just the position for you to administer a sound thwacking on your partner's behind with a paddle or a crop, or even with your hand. Or, as always, you can try tickling, biting, stroking, or any manner of other forms of stimulation to try to make your partner squirm, and in so doing drop the book and yank off the clamps.

This is especially fun if you set an egg timer or stopwatch. If your partner can remain still and not drop the book despite your best efforts to the contrary, your partner wins; otherwise, if the book falls, you win.

Another fun variant on this idea is to tie your partner down face-up with back arched. Attach clamps to your partner's nipples, and run a piece of twine from the nipples to a fixed point overhead. Pull the twine tight, so that if your partner tries to relax and lie down flat, the tension on the twine increases, pulling harder on the nipples. You can see how long your partner can remain this way, or spank or tickle your partner; squirming makes the clamps pull harder...

What you'll need

Clothespins and twine will take you pretty far in exploring these techniques. With those and a few odds and ends you can find around the house--marbles, a book, that sort of thing--you're pretty much ready to go.

If you want to get a bit more sophisticated in your exploration, here are some things that might come in handy:

"Bully" Clamps
Silver clamps with black vinyl
tips and 1.5" diameter
metal rings; come in pairs.
"Bully" clamps are alligator clamps which are each connected to a large diameter steel ring. The clamps are fully adjustable from light sensation to a very firm grip, and you can pull or tug on the rings to create greater sensation.

For predicament bondage, these have all sorts of uses. The rings make convenient attachment points for string or twine, which you can then hang weights from, use to pull off the clamps, run over pulleys, attach to books, and that kind of thing. You can even make a zip strip with clothespins along its length and these clamps (for nipples, of course!) on the end.

Double-Locking Handcuffs
Standard police-issue double-
locking handcuffs, with two keys.
These standard police-issue handcuffs include two keys, and double-lock for safety. (Double-locking handcuffs can be locked to prevent them from closing more tightly, which can cause injury.)

Handcuffs are a quick and easy way to secure your partner's hands behind the back, making them especially well suited to predicament bondage, where your partner won't be pulling or struggling against the cuffs.

Steel Tie Ring
Large steel tie ring permanently
mounted to a steel base with
four bolt holes (screws/bolts
not included)
Tie rings are such massively useful pieces of hardware that it's hard to cover everything you can do with them. They can be bolted to a wall, fastened to the bed, attached to all sorts of bondage furniture...the list goes on and on.

If you put one of these in the ceiling, it makes a convenient connection point for a pulley; the ring is smooth enough that you can even loop a piece of twine directly over it without using a pulley at all, so as to attach weights or a small bucket to the end of the twine.


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