Sensation and Temperature Play: How to Make an Ice Dildo

Some people really, really like the sensation of cold. In fact, I've known many people who enjoy bringing ice cubes into the bedroom; the next logical step up, I think, is to make sex toys out of ice.

This is actually very easy to do. With only a few supplies you probably already have lying around, you can make a simple dildo from ice. You can use it the way one would normally use a dildo; being penetrated by ice offers an intense sensation that some people really like. Or, you can use it the way you'd use a more conventional ice cube, running it over and across your body (or your partner's).

I've heard of people making frozen sex toys out of things like Kool-Aide or fruit juice. Generally speaking, it's wise not to use anything containing sugar internally; in some women, this can lead to rather unpleasant yeast infections. Sticking with plain water for this sort of thing is best.

Always run an ice cube or ice dildo under cool tap water before you use it for penetration. Make sure the surface of the ice has started to melt. This prevents it from freezing any moisture on any part of your body it may touch; you don't want the "tongue frozen to a cold metal bar" effect, particularly in parts of your body more sensitive than your tongue!

Moving beyond the basics: How to make an ice dildo

If you and your lover like using ice, you can create your own sex toys made of ice just by using a condom, water, and some ingenuity.

Start with the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. With a pair of scissors, cut the tube lengthwise all the way down its length. Roll the tube to the diameter you'd like the finished dildo to be, and wrap tape around it to hold it at that size. Take a condom and put it into the top of the cardboard tube, and then overlap the top half inch or so of the condom around the edge of the tube as shown:

Sex ideas: Make an ice dildo

You can use a lubricated or unlubricated condom. If you use a lubricated condom, avoid spermicidally lubricated ones, because the spermicidal lubricant can get funky when it freezes.

Carefully fill the condom to the top with water. Stand the tube upright in the freezer, and wait a few hours. You can probably find all kinds of things to do to entertain yourself while you're waiting; if not, you can always visit this fine Web site.

In a few hours, the water will freeze. Remove the tube from the freezer. Carefully lift the top edge of the condom from around the tube and tie it in a knot to keep the water from leaking out as the ice melts. Then cut the tape holding the tube closed and remove the ice dildo.

Sex ideas: Make an ice dildo

When you're finished, the ice dildo should look like the one shown below. If you like, you can take extra steps to make a fancier dildo by doing things to the cardboard tube before you place the condom in it. For example, if you take thick cord and wrap it in a spiral on the inside of the tube, the finished ice dildo will have a spiral ridge in it. If you take a small sheet of bubble wrap cut to the same width as the inside circumference of the tube and slide it into the tube before you put the condom in it, the finished ice dildo will have a dimpled, textured surface.

Sex ideas: Make an ice dildo

Use the dildo without removing it from the condom; as the ice melts, it will create a layer of water inside the condom that creates a very interesting sensation.

Remember, always run the ice dildo under cool water before you use it. This removes any frost from its surface and starts the outer edge of the ice melting. You don't want to use ice internally until it has started to melt and has a thin layer of water on its surface, or the ice may freeze to your skin.

If you want to get more fancy still, you can use a dildo-shaped ice mold to create frozen dildos. For the greatest level of personalization, the same kits that let you create a dildo from a person's penis can also be used to create an ice dildo; simply fill the mold, once it's made, with water instead of the provided rubber material. (Depending on your partner's shape, it may be necessary to modify the mold after it's made by carving out any undercuts to help the ice dildo slide out more easily.)

Want your ice cubes or ice dildos to look better? If you boil water and then let it cool before freezing it, the ice will be transparent rather than cloudy.

Cloudiness in ice cubes is the result of dissolved air in the water, which is displaced and forms thousands of tiny bubbles when the water freezes. Boiling the water drives out the dissolved air, which produces ice that is transparent when it freezes.

What you'll need

A condom, a cardboard tube, a pair of scissors, and a freezer, and you're set!

If you want to move beyond the basic dildo explained here and make more realistic sex toys out of ice, here's something that can help.

Complete molding kit including mold material, rubber, vibrating bullet, and instructions.

Originally intended to create a vibrating rubber dildo from your penis or your partner's, it can be put to use for temperature play by allowing you to create a mold in any shape or size you like for making ice dildos to whatever specification you may desire.


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