How to Make Latex Thigh-High Boots

This fun project takes little time and the result is wonderful. Liquid latex can be used to make a pair of very sexy thigh-high boots in much the same way as it can be used to make the catsuit I described earlier. This project is only slightly more challenging than the catsuit, and can be made in just a couple of hours.

Making a Pair of Boots

Throughout this page, I'll assume you've already read the description of how to make a latex catsuit here. The tools and techniques you'll use are mostly the same, and this project is done in largely the same way.

For this project, you'll need a pair of Spandex tights, some low-topped shoes, a pair of scissors, and an X-Acto knife. You'll also want a tarp and some foam brushes, just like for the latex catsuit.

You'll start by wrapping your partners legs in Saran wrap. The latex tends to soak through Spandex and stick to skin, and when you're working with items of clothing that have shoes built into them, this can make removing the boots extraordinarily frustrating and difficult by the time you get down to the ankles.

Put on a pair of shoes, then pull the tights on over the shoes. Using an X-Acto knife, carefully cut the spandex at the heel of the shoe so that the heel pokes through. Try to cut cleanly and evenly all the way around the heel.

Then start covering the tights with the latex. Work carefully around the heel and shoe; you want to make sure to cover the heel of the shoe evenly with latex. For this project, I started at the bottom and worked up, using a foam roller brush.

Strongly colored liquid latex, like the red that you see here, tends to change color and darken as it cures. Red liquid latex, for example, looks pink before it cures (as shown in the photograph above), but darkens and turns red when it's cured (as shown in the photographs below). So don't be surprised if the color you see when you're working isn't the color you expect; that's normal.

When you're choosing a pair of shoes for this project, go for shoes that have a low top. The latex shrinks as it cures, so these boots will be very tight-fitting, especially around the ankle. If you choose high-top shoes, removing the boots will be very difficult.

As with the cat suit, when you're working on these boots, you'll want to build up several thin layers of latex rather than a single thick layer. You can wait for the latex to cure between applications, or use a hair dryer to speed curing.

It's not necessary to cover the tights with latex all the way to the top. Decide how tall you want the boots to be, then paint the tights with latex to slightly higher than that point.

When you're satisfied that the tights have been covered evenly with several layers of latex and the latex has cured to the point where it is no longer tacky or wet to the touch, you'll need to cut off the tops of the boots. It's important to do this evenly on both sides. Make sure that your partner is standing straight with his or her weight evenly distributed on both feet, and then carefully mark a straight line across both boots with a pencil. A yardstick or a long level can help make sure the line is even and straight.

Then, use a piece of masking tape to carefully tape a circle around the top of the boots, just above the line you've drawn. Take care that the tape lines up with itself when it goes completely around your partner's leg. You will use this tape to mark where to cut the tights.

With a small pair of scissors (bandage scissors work well for this), carefully cut around the tights, following the bottom edge of the masking tape. Again, take care to ensure that you cut evenly in a straight line, and that you cut both sides at the same level. When you've done this, cut off the top of the tights entirely and discard it.

At this point, you're almost finished. Rub down the latex boots with silicone lube, just as you did with the cat suit. This will prevent the latex from sticking to itself when you remove the boots.

Taking the boots off can be a bit tricky, because they will be very tight. One technique I've found that works well is to wrap saran wrap loosely around the boots from top to bottom, then peel off the boots by pulling the top edge straight down, turning the boots inside out as you go. The saran wrap will prevent the latex from "grabbing" itself if you missed any spots with the lube. When you reach the ankles, hold your partner's foot in one hand and the back of the shoe with your other. Have your partner point his or her foot downward, then pull the shoe off from the heel.

Unless your partner has very slender legs, putting on and taking off the boots can be something of a struggle. An optional technique you can use to help prevent this problem is to put some kind of closure into the back of the boot before you begin.

Two options for doing this are to use what's called a "hidden zipper," or to make a lace-up closure. If you use a zipper, cut a slit in the tights from the heel of the shoe straight up the back of the calves to about mid-thigh while your partner is wearing the tights, before you begin to cover the tights with liquid latex. Then sew in a hidden zipper (you can find these at craft stores). Zip up the zipper and paint on the latex, taking care not to get the latex into the zipper's teeth. It's not necessary to run the zipper all the way up to the top of the boot, but depending on the shape of your partner's leg, this might be the easiest thing to do.

Another option is to cut straight up the back of the boot from heel to top after you cover the boot in latex. Remove the boots, then place a row of grommets down each side of the cut, spaced an inch or two apart. Use a long boot lace or a corset lace to lace up the back of the boot.

When you've removed the boots, turn them rightside out again and remove the saran wrap. Keep them stored in a place where they won't be lying on top of each other; as with the cat suit, you may find that you need to coat them with silicone lube every few months, to keep them shiny and prevent them from drying out and cracking.

What you'll need

Most of the supplies you will need for this project can be picked up at any hardware or home-improvement store. Get a number of foam brushes, a tarp, and a small painter's tray. Of course, you'll also need the Spandex body suit that will form the basis of the latex catsuit.

The only other supplies you'll need are liquid latex and some silicone sex lube. You'll probably need about 2 containers of latex.

Liquid Latex
Starter Kit.
A 16-oz container of liquid latex goes a long way. It can be used on fabric or painted directly on skin, though it should not be used by anyone with a latex allergy.

WET Platinum Silicone lube
High-quality silicone-based lube that works well with do-it-yourself latex clothing and fetish wear. For the project shown here, a small container is plenty to coat the latex and prevent it from sticking to itself. And, of course, it makes great sex lube, too!


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