Bondage 101: Fun with Bondage Tape 2

Bondage tape is extremely versatile; it stretches and bends to accommodate just about any fixture or part of the body. By way of example, in this section, I'll show how it can be used to secure a person to a ladder that's built into a loft.

You can use it almost anywhere a fixed point or two are available; posts, ladders, table legs, or just about any other object can become part of a kinky bondage scene with bondage tape.


Just about anything, including something like a ladder, can be used for bondage with bondage tape. The same is true of rope bondage as well, though doing something like this with rope requires a bit more effort and skill.

Tying your partner standing up is a good way to begin a spanking, flogging, or cropping scene; or can be used as part of sensation play, or for many types of roleplaying. A person who is bound while standing can often take a heavier flogging or cropping, because the muscles of the legs and butt are not extended, but are in their relaxed positions. You can tie your partner face out (as I've done here) or face in (for cropping or flogging the backside).

You need not necessarily use a ladder; any two fixed upright posts will work. In fact, this should give you an idea of just how versatile bondage tape is; look around your house and you'll probably find all sorts of things you can tie your partner to!

If you spank or flog or crop your partner while he or she is bound standing, be aware that once the endorphin rush starts, your partner may not be able to stand easily once you untie him or her. Be prepared to support your partner and to lower him or her to a chair if necessary.

Keep alert to signs of fatigue or dizziness, and make sure your partner's arms and legs have good circulation and do not go numb or cold; This may indicate that the bondage tape is wrapped too tightly, impeding blood flow.

Start by having your partner stand against the ladder (face in or face out) or, if you're tying your partner between two upright fixtures, standing between the fixtures. If you're using a ladder, have your partner place his or her arms through the ladder as shown below.

Wrap one turn of bondage tape around your partner's wrist, then have your partner hold the upright part of the fixture and wrap several turns of bondage tape around his or her wrist and the fixture, as you see here:

Repeat the same process with the ankles. Wrapping a turn of tape around the wrist or ankle first keeps the bondage tape from sliding and coming loose as you're binding the limb to the fixture.

When you bind your partner standing up rather than lying down, you have access to parts of the body you may not be able to reach otherwise. Tying your partner standing up between two posts, or even as shown here, lets you reach the front and back of the body, which opens up all kinds of opportunities, especially if your partner is blindfolded. Try alternating front and back with different sensations, such as heat or cold or prickly things; or alternate between spanking your partner and playing with nipples or breasts. You can also combine things like nipple clamps with spanking, cropping, or other forms of impact play.

What you'll need

Vinyl Bondage Tape
65' roll of 2" wide vinyl
bondage tape; available
in black, red, or pink

Bondage tape is available in several different colors from a number of places. It comes in rolls that are 2" wide, which is a handy width both for tying people up and for making interesting clothing; I've seen other widths available occasionally, but I prefer the 2" width. You can sometimes find it in sex toy stores, though it's often hard to find and usually overpriced.


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