How to Tie a Star-Shaped Body Harness

This fun and unusual rope harness is quite lovely to look at. It's also surprisingly easy to make, and works well on both men and women. Like other body harnesses, it doesnot restrict movement by itself, but it can be used to attach other ropes to if you want tokeep your partner from moving around too much.

This harness can be made with just about any kind of rope. For this tutorial, I used cheap cottom/poly clothesline from a dollar store. You'll have to experiment to find out how much you'll need; with thin rope like this, 35' or so is usually enough, but with thicker rope you'll need more.

There aren't any knots in this harness, except at the very end, so it's perfect for folks who don't know how to tie knots. It's also quite comfortable to wear under clothes.

Like other harnesses, you'll start this harness by finding the center of the rope. To make this easier, once you've found the midpoint of your rope, tie a small piece of thread or string around it or mark it with a Sharpie; that way, you never have to search for it again.

This harness starts out with a simple shinju, even simpler than the one that I talk about here. So if breast bondage is your thing and you'd like to learn to make a quick and easy shinju (breast harness), just follow the first few steps of these instructions.

How to make a karada rope harness: step 1

First, find the center point of the rope. TLoop the rope around your partner's chest, just below the breasts (if your partner is female) or just above the bottom of the sternum (if your partner is male). Then, bring the rope back around the front of your partner's body, above the breasts or high up on the torso.

Bring the rope back around behind your partner's back, under your partner's arm...

...and pass it through the loop you've already made.

From there, it goes up over one shoulder and back down between the breasts or the center of the chest.

Loop it underneath the bottom rope, right between the breasts, then bring it back up over the other shoulder. Then bring it down the back and through the loop again.

If you want to make a shinju, that's it, you're done. Just tie the rope right there and that's all there is to it.

If you want to keep going to make the star, after you pass the rope through the loop in the back, bring it back up over the same shoulder again, like you see in the second picture above. Then...

...bring it across the front of your partner's body and under your partner's arm, right where the upper rope goes around your partner's torso. Bring it behind your partner's back, through the loop again, then back up your partner's other shoulder.

Finally, do the same thing again. Across your partner's body, behind your partner's back, and tie it to the loop in the middle of your partner's back. That's it! you're done.

If you still have a lot of rope left and you want to, you can use it to tie your partner's wrists together behind his or her back, which is kind of fun.

What you'll need

Ordinary soft cotton or nylon rope is easy to find; you can get it at any hardware or home improvement store. I usually go with rope about .25" in diameter. I've found that 10', 25', and 40' lengths are convenient and versatile.

Basic Nylon Rope
25' lengths, available in
white or black
Standard, straightforward nylon rope, which is inexpensive, soft, and strong. 25' is a good working length for rope, and this rope is available in black or white. It's good for basic bondage, and for tying rope harnesses as described in the other sections of this Web site.

Hemp Rope Starter Kit
One 30' length and two
10' lengths of 6mm organic
hemp rope, available
in three colors, plus
EMT scissors.
Hemp rope is the gold standard for BDSM play. Hemp rope is made from an entirely organic fiber. When properly cared for, it is soft and supple and has a "feel" unlike any other kind of rope, and the sensation of a hemp rope harness is like nothing else.

In the past, hemp rope has been relatively difficult to find when compared with nylon or cotton rope. However, you can now get hemp rope "starter kits" online at a remarkably reasonable price. Each kit contains one 30' length of hemp rope, two 10' lengths, and a pair of bandage scissors, and the rope is available either naturally colored or in blue or red.


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