Bondage 101: Tie a Karada with a Built-In Dildo Harness

In this tutorial, you'll find instructions for how to tie a rope harness that includes an integrated dildo harness. You can use this tie to create a quick strap-on harness for all sorts of sexy strap-on play, and it's quick, cheap, and easy.

This tie is secure enough for the same sort of use that you might put a regular strap-on harness to, and has the added benefit of including a lovely karada as well.

The karada shown here can be made with about 25' of rope. You can use more, if you like, and then integrate the karada with a frog tie as is shown here.

Starting out

The first thing you'll need is a suitable dildo. Choose one that has a flat, round base like the one shown here. Dildos with a suction-cup base, a rounded end, or no base at all won't work; the rope holds the dildo flat against the pubic bone by the base.

This particular karada is a little bit different from the one shown in the other karada tutorial. This variant involves making knots along the rope first, before the karada is finished, and the final result looks different. You can make a dildo harness using either type of karada; I've used the knotted karada in this tutorial simply to show a slightly different way to make it.

This harness can also be used on men, minus the dildo. If you're wondering how to tie a karada on a male partner, and you fancy the idea of a little bit of cock bondage, this might be something you'll like. I've demonstrated it on a woman here, but it can be adapted for use on a man easily enough.

As usual, you're going to start by locating the center of your rope. And, as usual, I recommend tying a small piece of thread around the center of your rope so you'll only ever have to look for it once. Make a loop at the middle of the rope and drape it over your partner's shoulders so that the loop hangs down just below the level of your partner's butt. Then tie three knots in the part of the rope that's hanging down, as shown in the second part of the picture. In the front, tie three knots down the front of the rope as shown in the third part of the picture.

How to make a karada with a strap-on

When you tie the knots, be sure there's a loop of rope about an inch long or so in the back. The bottom of the knot in the front should be just above the place where you want the dildo to be. Make sure the bottom part of the knot is just at the level of your partner's pubic bone; this knot will determine where the dildo sits.

Put the dildo in place and tie another knot below it to hold it there, as shown in these two pictures. Of course, if you're doing this on a man, you won't need the bottom knot.

Now take the ends of the rope that are hanging down below the dildo, and bring them up between your partner's legs, Pass them through the loop in the back, as shown here.

Now take the part of the rope hanging down and pass it between your partner's legs again. Bring the rope up on each side of the dildo, and cross the two pieces of rope over the top of the dildo like so:

Pass the rope around your partner's body and through the parts of the rope hanging down your partner's back, between the bottom two knots. Then bring it around your partner's body again and through the rope hanging down the front of her body between the bottom two knots. This is one of those things that's easier to show than to explain.

And just keep doing this. Pass the rope around your partner's body, loop it between the knots, and bring it back around. When you reach the top, pass it above the top knot like what you see here.

Finishing the karada

If you're using a 25' length of rope, you've probably run out of rope about here and you can just tie off the ends. If you're using a longer rope, you can easily use up any extra rope you may have by bringing the ends straight down and then wrapping them around and around the lower part of the karada like what you see in this picture. The finished karada should hold the dildo securely in place.

And that's all there is to it!

What you'll need

Ordinary soft cotton or nylon rope is easy to find; you can get it at any hardware or home improvement store. I usually go with rope about .25" in diameter. I've found that 10', 25', and 40' lengths are convenient and versatile.

Acute Silicone Dildo
6" x 1.25"
This is an excellent basic dildo, designed for use with a harness or a rope harness. Nice length, easy to clean, awesome for G-spot or prostate stimulation.

Basic Nylon Rope
25' lengths, available in
white or black
Standard, straightforward nylon rope, which is inexpensive, soft, and strong. 25' is a good working length for rope, and this rope is available in black or white. It's good for basic bondage, and for tying rope harnesses as described in the other sections of this Web site.

Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook
by Jay Wiseman

If you're interested in going farther with this style of bondage, this is an excellent learner's guide. Written for the beginning to intermediate rope bondage enthusiast, this book covers many types of ties, plus basics about rope, safety, and even use of chains and spreader bars.

Hemp Rope Starter Kit
One 30' length and two
10' lengths of 6mm organic
hemp rope, available
in three colors, plus
EMT scissors.
Hemp rope is the gold standard for BDSM play. Hemp rope is made from an entirely organic fiber. When properly cared for, it is soft and supple and has a "feel" unlike any other kind of rope, and the sensation of a hemp rope harness is like nothing else.

In the past, hemp rope has been relatively difficult to find when compared with nylon or cotton rope. However, you can now get hemp rope "starter kits" online at a remarkably reasonable price. Each kit contains one 30' length of hemp rope, two 10' lengths, and a pair of bandage scissors, and the rope is available either naturally colored or in blue or red.

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage
by Midori

This book is intended for intermediate to advanced rope enthusiasts. Each chapter is illustrated with full-color photographs and describes, in detail, a different form of shibari, or Japanese bondage. A number of different techniques nd ties are presented in step-by-step detail.


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