Interrogation Scenes

Interrogation scenes are role-playing scenarios where one person takes on the role of an interrogator, such as a military officer, and attempts to extract information from the other person. This kind of scene is both physically and psychologically challenging, and definitely isn't for everyone. Nevertheless, they can be fun and extremely exciting for people who like resistance and intense power exchange in their role-playing.

The type of role-playing scenario described here is not everyone's cup of tea, This kind of scenario can be psychologically triggering for some people. Therefore, it's very, very important that the person playing the dominant role be alert not only to the physical safety but also to the emotional state of the person playing the submissive role. It's vital that you be alert to any sudden and unwanted panic or other emotional reaction, and that you be ready to end the scene if it should occur.

It's wise to establish a "safeword" before you begin, which the person playing the submissive role can use to end the scene. It's also important to keep a pair of bandage scissors or some other means to free the submissive person quickly, and to be prepared to help deal with any unexpected emotional response that may occur.

Secret Knowledge

In any kind of interrogation role-playing scenario in which one person is attempting to extract information from the other, the first and most necessary component is the information to extract. This can be something very simple; you can shuffle a deck of cards, for example, and have your partner look at the top card on the deck, then place the cards back in the box. Don't look at the card yourself; after all, it's no fun trying to extract information if you already know what it is! If you like, you can play this kind of scene as a sort of contest of wills between you and your partner; your partner's goal is to try to conceal the card for a set amount of time, or to convince you that the card is something other than what it is; your goal is to try to get your partner to tell you the truth about what the top card is. At the end of the scene, check the card on top of the deck; if it's what you believed it was, then you "win," otherwise your partner "wins."

Setting the stage

Your partner should begin this role-play by wearing clothing that you don't mind losing. Cheap clothes from a thrift store work nicely.

Have your partner look at the top card on the deck. Explain to your partner that this information is vital to the underground resistance movement (or whatever group your partner may "belong" to for the purpose of the role-play) or is vital information that your partner, the spy, must smuggle out of the country. At this point, you're playing the role of your partner's confederate. It's fun to then go out to lunch or watch a movie or something to create a psychological space between when your partner initially acquires the information and the interrogation.

When you get back from lunch (or whatever), signal the start of the role-play by assuming the role of the interrogator. Grab your partner by the hair and push him or her against the wall. Announce that you are placing your partner under arrest on suspicion of treason, and demand to know his or her name and what he or she was doing when you made the arrest. If information is not immediately forthcoming, you will need to bring your partner back to headquarters for further interrogation.

The scene

Once you've made the arrest, you'll need to bring your prisoner in for questioning. Pin your partner's arm behind his or her back and drag your partner over to the place you have set up for the interrogation. Force your partner down into a chair, then secure your partner there with cuffs, rope, or bondage tape. Tie your partner in a position that allows maximum access--arms at the sides or behind the back and legs apart is a good choice. (Optionally, if you have thigh cuffs and a short spreader bar, these could be used as well.)

When the prisoner is secured, explain that he or she has been arrested on suspicion of carrying information for the resistance, a very serious offense. Demand to know your prisoner's name and what he or she was doing at the time of the arrest. If your partner doesn't immediately confess (and what fun would that be?), explain that you don't believe whatever alibi you were given, and you will have to resort to more extreme measures to get the truth.

Take all the various toys and implements out of the box and arrange them on a table or stand in front of your partner. Explain that you don't trust the prisoner to tell the truth right now, but that by the time you're finished using these things, you're quite convinced that he or she will tell you everything. Pick up a pair of scissors, turn back to your partner nonchalantly, and ask again "What is your name, and what were you doing when I arrested you?"

Are you a member of the resistance?

If you still don't get the confession you're looking for, run the edge of the scissors very gently down your partner's neck and down the front of your partner's body. Cut a small hole in your partner's shirt, then set the scissors down and explain that you're very disappointed in this refusal to cooperate. Using both hands, rip the front of your partner's shirt open violently. If your partner is wearing a bra, cut that open as well.

Grip the prisoner's nipples or (if your partner is female) grab her breasts tightly, and say "Are you a member of the resistance?" Keep tightening your grip and twisting until your partner either confesses to being part of the resistance or yelps. If your partner does not confess, release him or her and pick up a set of nipple clamps or clothespins.

Explain calmly that you will continue to torture his or her breasts and nipples until you get a confession. Clamp your partner's nipples, and then ask again "Are you a member of the resistance?" Keep pressing, twisting, pinching, pulling, and claiming your partner's nipples and breasts until your partner confesses to being a part of the resistance movement.

Are you carrying information for the resistance?

When you have finally extracted your confession, let go of your partner. Tell him or her that you are very pleased about the decision to tell the truth, and that things will go much easier from here if telling the truth continues. Grab your prisoner by the hair and ask "Are you carrying information for the resistance?"

If your partner doesn't admit to carrying secret information, shake your head and express your disappointment. Pick up the scissors again and run the points up and down along your partner's inner thigh while you explain that surely by now your partner would have learned the consequences of not telling the truth. Cut small holes in your partner's pants, one on each leg. If you like, pull on a pair of latex gloves. Set down the scissors, cup your hand firmly between your partner's legs, and tell your partner that the interrogation will continue until you get a complete confession. Then ask again, "Are you carrying information for the resistance?"

If your partner still won't spill the beans, poke your fingers through the holes you've made and tear your partner's pants to shreds (or, if they're too heavy, cut them off with the scissors). Cut off your partner's underwear. Explain that you're very disappointed with this reluctance to cooperate, and now you will need to take more drastic measures.

If your partner is male:

Begin the second phase of the interrogation by caressing your prisoner's penis with one hand while you cup his balls with the other. Explain that you are going to get the information you need, whether he wants you to or not, and that you are authorized to use any kind of interrogation technique necessary to get a confession. Slowly apply pressure, squeezing both the shaft and testicles, as you ask your partner, "Are you carrying information for the resistance?"

Apply moderate but slowly increasing pressure as you stroke your partner, using a tight grip. If you don't get a confession, tell your partner that you've been given no choice but to use some implements to aid in the interrogation. You can take a Wartenberg wheel and run it with moderate pressure along the sensitive underside of your prisoner's cock, or use a series of clamps or clothespins along it. Grip and twist the head as you pull the clamps off in rapid succession.

If your prisoner still refuses to talk, you may have to go to more drastic means still. Lubricate the prisoner's ass thoroughly, then, beginning with a very small butt plug or similar toy, start increasing the intensity of the interrogation by penetrating him anally. You can use a succession of toys of increasing size, penetrating him with each one, increasing from a very slow to a more vigorous thrusting, then going on to the next larger size.

You might also use a crop or similar implement (such as a small, narrow paddle) to try to encourage your prisoner to speak. Crop or paddle his inner thighs, working your way up as you slowly increase the force and speed of the cropping. You might find it necessary to combine this technique with squeezing the prisoner's testicles or shaft, or with fingernails, a Wartenberg wheel, or other pointy objects on the head or shaft of your partner's penis. Keep gradually ramping up the intensity until your partner confesses to carrying secret information.

If your partner is female:

Penetrate your partner with your fingers. Explain you are permitted to do anything that will obtain information from prisoners who are suspected of aiding the resistance, and that this really does mean "anything." Spread your fingers apart and spread your prisoner open, and then ask again, "Are you carrying information for the resistance?"

If you still don't get a confession, choose some implements you believe might be useful in prompting your prisoner to talk. A good place to start is with a long, moderately-sized dildo. Hold it up so she can see it, and carefully lube it up; then thrust it deeply inside of her. Tell her that she will crack eventually, it's simply a matter of time, and that the sooner she confesses, the better.

Work the dildo vigorously as you ask if your prisoner is carrying information for the resistance. If she holds out, move up to a larger dildo. Keep increasing in size and vigorousness as you use a series of objects to interrogate your prisoner.

Should your prisoner still be reluctant to talk, you may be forced to use more extreme measures still. Lube a butt plug or similar item while your partner watches, and penetrate your partner anally with it. Then, begin using a crop or similar impact item (small, thin paddles work well) on your partner's sensitive inner thighs. Gradually increase the intensity and speed of the cropping, and move up your partner's inner thighs as you go. Should a confession still not be forthcoming, it might be necessary to apply the tip of the crop or paddle (carefully) directly to your partner's clitoris.

You can combine these techniques, for example by working a large dildo vigorously while using a crop or paddle on your partner's thighs. Keep gradually ramping up the intensity until your partner confesses to carrying secret information.

Of course, these suggestions are just guidelines; feel free to modify them according to your tastes and limits.

Once your partner has confessed to carrying secret information for the resistance, it's time to find out what that secret information is. Continue the interrogation by demanding to know the nature of the secret information. If your prisoner refuses to divulge the information, examine him or her closely for signs of arousal.

Explain that in addition to being cruel, you can also provide your partner with great pleasure, but it will only happen if he or she is forthcoming with information for you. Using a vibrator, your hands, your mouth and tongue, or whatever else you prefer, try to make your partner absolutely frantic, but do not allow orgasm. Each time your partner appears to be nearing orgasm, stop, and demand to know what information he or she is carrying for the resistance.

If you don't get it, mix some pain with the teasing. Pinch, twist, thrust, or squeeze sharply, or smack your partner's thighs with your bare hands, then begin the process of teasing again. Keep it up, making the punishments for refusal to answer your questions stronger and stronger, until your prisoner tells you the secret information.

Whether or not you will keep your word and grant your partner ecstasy after the confession depends on you, of course. Since your partner has confessed to illegal activities, you're not obligated to keep your word, if you don't want to...

Once your prisoner has confessed and has told you the secret information, then explain that as a confessed courier for the resistance, he or she as no legal rights, and you can therefore do as you please. At this point, you should feel free to amuse yourself by using your partner's body for your own gratification in any way you please.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to stick to this script exactly. Feel free to alter it if you like, or to add new elements or subtract any elements you don't like.

What you'll need

A deck of cards is the first thing you'll need to find. You'll also need cuffs, rope, or bondage tape with which to restrain your partner, a chair or table on which to restrain your partner, and whatever various implements you plan to use while you're questioning your partner. The sky's the limit on the implements you can use during the questioning; things like dildos of various sizes, clips or clamps, impact toys such as a crop or a cane, a pair of scissors (for cutting off clothing); a dull knife (for psychological effect); and so on can all be useful.

You can increase the "realism" and the psychological feel of the role-play by keeping the items you'll be using for the "questioning" in something like a wooden or steel box; an old army surplus ammo box makes an appropriately realistic and intimidating-looking container. You may also find that clothing such as a military-style uniform, a lab coat, or something along those lines is fun as well, though that's strictly optional.

A standing, directional floor light can be a good way to add psychological drama. You can do this scene in a darkened room, and keep the light shining on your partner's face during the interrogation.

Some props and implements you might find useful for an interrogation scene:

Vinyl Bondage Tape
65' roll of 2" wide vinyl
bondage tape; available
in black, red, or pink
Bondage tape is available in several different colors from a number of places. It comes in rolls that are 2" wide, and is handy in interrogation scenes for quickly tying your "prisoner" to a chair.

Gripper Clothespins
Black with rubber lining
Set of 25
These clothespins offer an improvement over the ordinary wooden variety in that the gripping surface is lined with rubber. This helps prevent the clothespins from slipping off accidentally, which can be somewhat startling, and not in a good way. They're also quite a bit more attractive, I think.

Japanese Clover Clamps
Rubber-tipped clamps
on a heavy chain
Japanese clover clamps are prized by people who really like heavy nipple play. These clamps start out with a very firm, hard bite, and it gets firmer when the chain is tugged on. These clamps definitely belong in the collection of anyone fond of rough nipple play; I have several pairs of these as well.

Wartenberg Wheel
Stainless steel neurological

One of the most basic sensation toys, the classic Wartenberg wheel is a must-have for anyone who likes playing with sensation. You can find a specially fitted carrying sheath for it here, which will prevent it from snagging anything you store it with.

Double Pinwheel
Stainless steel, 1" wide at tips,
5" long overall
The double pinwheel is a high-tech variant on the basic Wartenberg pinwheel, for people who really like prickly sensations. The needles are quite sharp, and are spaced close enough together than when it's used on low-sensitivity areas like the back, it feels like a single sensation rather than two discrete wheels. It's very well constructed; the handle is woven metal mesh and is nicely textured.

Narrow Crop
28" long, rubber handle,
3" long by .75" wide keeper
This crop is very similar to the basic crop shown above, but it has a very narrow leather keeper (see the photograph of the keepers above for a size comparison). All other things being equal, a crop with a wider keeper is a bit less intense than a crop with a narrow keeper; this crop is somewhat more stingy than the ones above.

For some variants on the basic scene outlined above, here are some optional items you might use to intensify an interrogation scene.

Inflatable Dildo with Pump
Minimum diameter 1"
Maximum diameter 6"
Length 7.5"
"Now answer the question or I will squeeze the bulb even more! Soon you will talk!" This inflatable dildo allows you to increase or decrease the girth of the dildo after it's been inserted. This item might be quite helpful in persuading your prisoner to open up...

Anal Stretcher Set
Three aluminum anal
probes, in different sizes
Laugh maniacally when you take these bad boys out. Rub your hands together gleefully and say "Soon we will make you confess! Let's see how much you can take!" You might find that just seeing it alone is enough to frighten a confession out of your partner!

Urethral Sounds Set
Eight stainless steel
sounds, in different sizes
Your partner still won't betray the Resistance? This should do the trick! Scary-looking urethral probes in eight sizes will make even the most hardcore person crack and give you whatever you want!


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