Using Temperature Play for Sexy Sensation

"Temperature play" is an expression that describes a wide variety of different forms of sensation play involving creation of hot or cold sensations. It might mean stroking your lover's body with an ice cube, or dripping hot candle wax on your partner's bare body. There are more possibilities beyond these, though, that offer all kinds of potential.

Basic Temperature play

The simplest way to begin exploring temperature play is to bring some ice cubes or paraffin wax candles into the bedroom. I talk about wax play here, so this page will focus on temperature play using ice or heated or cooled objects.

Using ice is very easy. Ice cubes may be drawn slowly over your lover's bare skin; parts of the body that are especially sensitive to cold include the breasts and nipples, the hollow of the throat, and the inner thighs. As with many other forms of sensation play, blindfolding your partner before you begin is a great way to intensify the sensations.

Some people enjoy the sensation of penetration, particularly vaginal penetration, with ice. If you do this, be sure to use an ice cube that is already partially melted and has no sharp corners or edges. Run the ice cube under cold water before using it, to remove any frost from its surface and prevent it from freezing to your partner's skin.

Any time you experiment with temperature play, particularly temperature play involving warmth or heat (such as paraffin or candle wax), it's very important to pay close attention both to the degree of heat you're using and to the responses of your partner.

Temperature play with Pyrex dildos

Glass and Pyrex sex toys are becoming extremely popular these days. These sex toys are very rigid and silky smooth, and many people love the feel. One of the things that makes these toys popular is the way they retain heat. Glass and Pyrex sex toys warm to body temperature readily.

Glass and Pyrex aren't the same thing. Plain glass is made largely of silicon dioxide (SiO2), or common sand, with calcium carbonate added. Pyrex is "borosilicate glass," glass made with the addition of the element boron. It was originally invented for the purpose of making stronger, heat-resistant glass.

Pyrex is very hard and very strong, much stronger than regular glass, and has high resistance to heat. Sex toys made of Pyrex are typically more expensive than sex toys made of glass, but the thermal properties and heat resistance of Pyrex offer all sorts of fun and kinky things to do.

Pyrex can be chilled by placing it in a refrigerator for about half an hour or so, or heated by submerging it in hot water for about the same amount of time. It retains temperature very well for a long time, which make it perfect for temperature play.

One particularly fun thing to do with Pyrex dildos or butt plugs is to get a pair of toys of similar shape and size, and heat one and chill the other. When they are both at the temperature you like, you can use them on your partner in succession, alternating between the hot and cold toy. For greater effect, restrain your partner before you begin.

Pyrex is stronger and more heat-resistant than glass, but it is not immune to the effects of rapid temperature change. Do not freeze Pyrex sex toys in the freezer; moving a Pyrex sex toy from the freezer to a warm environment may cause it to crack. The refrigerator is fine, but avoid freezing the toy.

Pyrex retains heat very well for a long time. Therefore, take care when you warm it. If the water you're heating it in is too warm for comfort, the sex toy will be too.

Do not use plain glass sex toys for temperature play. Plain glass is not resistant to sudden changes in temperature, and may crack or shatter unexpectedly, especially if it is chilled and then warmed.

Temperature play with metal and stone dildos

If greater extremes in temperature, particularly very cold temperature, is your thing, dildos and other sex toys made of metal or stone might strike your fancy. Like glass, these sex toys are very smooth and very rigid; unlike glass or Pyrex, they can be frozen before use, for more extreme sensation.

These toys also hold temperature well. You can stroke your partner's skin with a chilled sex toy, running it slowly down your lover's body before penetrating your lover with it. As with Pyrex toys, you can use a heated and a chilled toy in succession to create an interesting reaction.

Be careful when using any frozen object as a sex toy, especially for penetration. Run the toy under water if it has any sign of frost on it, to prevent your partner's skin from freezing to the toy. Take care that the toy is not so cold it causes freezing or unintentional distress to your partner, especially if you use it for penetration.

Temperature play with beaded floggers

A delightful way to play with temperature is to use special "floggers" made from beaded metal chain. While you can't use these floggers the same way you use normal floggers (you can't strike your partner with them the same way you can with a leather or rope flogger), they are wonderful if you cool or warm them and then draw them lightly over your partner's skin. The lashes of these floggers are made of beaded metal chain, which retains heat and cold. The sensation is not as intense as it is with ice cubes or denser objects such as Pyrex dildos.

You can heat the lashes in warm water, or cool them in the freezer. Then, lightly brush and stroke the ends of the lashes over your partner's skin. These feel especially nice on the back, over the chest and breasts, and along the thighs.

What you'll need

The definitive book on temperature play is The Toybag Guide to Hot Wax and Temperature Play. As its name suggests, this compact reference guide is intended to fit in a toy bag and be carried with you easily, and it covers everything from basic safety to advanced wax techniques.

Here are some toys ideal for
warming or cooling as a way to explore temperature play.

NJoy Eleven Steel Wand
stainless steel
This unusual toy has more uses than Krazy Glue. It can be used as an insertable sex toy; it can be heated, cooled, or frozen; and it can even be used as a massage tool. For temperature play, it can be used hot or cold with or without penetration; draw the smooth ball over your partner's skin or penetrate your partner with it. It's quite heavy, and can even be used for doing Kegel exercises. Indestructible stainless steel will last a lifetime. This is one of my personal favorite toys.

NJoy Plug
Stainless steel anal plug, available in three different sizes
A new take on the traditional butt plug, these stainless steel plugs can be heated or chilled and provide an unforgettable feel. Ideal for temperature play, they can be used with or without penetration. Indestructible stainless steel will last a lifetime.

Beaded Floggers
Beaded chain floggers, lashes
approx. 10" long, available in
two colors
These metal floggers are designed for electrical play, but make wonderful temperature play toys. The light beaded metal chains hold heat and cold and are quite mild and sensual when stroked lightly and slowly over your partner's skin.


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